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Greetings, do kids still say “greetings”?

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yello. complete newbie here but I’m sure I’ll get the gist of it, maybe not. we’ll see.

the name’s Anja, which is pronounced ah-nyah. It’s greek, germanic and scandinavian—and I’m from the Europe. although, a lot of people for some reason tell me that I “look like a dani” (it’s the strangest thing) which explains my username on here as well as some other sites. also, I’ve created the username “Frozo” (which I used on SBM) based on my intense childhood love for The Incredibles character Frozone. feel free to call me any one of those. you likely don’t know me from SBM, as I’ve only posted there about....5ish times? I planned on engaging but somehow ended up merely lurking the first few months and quickly went on to only go there for my nerdy DMs with WhoBob. then he left SBM and thus I also left SBM. he physically dragged me here btw, and not to put him on the spot but he’s the BEST so I hope you lot forever respecc him!! whether or not I end up being active here unlike SBM is yet to be determimed but I shall give it a shot

uh yeah

anyway, long story short I’m super gay what

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2 hours ago, kev said:

greetings comrade! if i were u i’d steer clear of that @Master WhoBruh dude. he’s nothing but trouble . 

what part of “he’s the BEST” do you not understand?!

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