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Ghost Rider

Soccer Ball Hunt

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Yup, here's a hunt for Sponge Cup! Whoever finds all seven soccer balls will get:

1.) A point for their team on the scoreboard.

2.) 500 Doubloons

3.) Squidward Soccer icon:


It doesn't matter how many people find them, but the deadline to find them is Tuesday, July 31st at 9:00 PM EDT. 

Now then, here are the clues:

Ball #1: You can find me in a very sad iTunes giveaway.

Ball #2: You can find me on page 15 on one of a horse's ask me.

Ball #3: You can find me in a club for this console.

Ball #4: You can find me in a blog's humble beginning.

Ball#5: You can find me in the signatures of George Zimmerman.

Ball #6: You can find me in a thread announcing the first ever large, forum wide teams event on SBC.

Ball #7: For the final ball, I can be found with an old user who has moved on, yet is still a great friend to one with a healthy heart.

You can ask for additional three hints per ball, but only ask in private for them.

Good luck! PM/Discord/Cometchat me the images of the balls when you find them. You can help other team members out as well.

Finders (so far):

Homie (7 out of 7)

OWM (7 out of 7)

OBAB (7 out of 7)

magic (7 out of 7)

DarknessDG (7 out of 7)

SOF (7 out of 7)

Hayden (7 out of 7)

Leedles (7 out of 7)

Zaid (7 out of 7)

teenj (7 out of 7)

Cake (7 out of 7)

Fred (7 out of 7)

Patty (7 out of 7)

sbl (7 out of 7)

RDSP (7 out of 7)

Halibut (7 out of 7)

Trophy (7 out of 7)

Negi (7 out of 7)

Slug (7 out of 7)

Winter (7 out of 7)

JCM (7 out of 7)

WhoBob (7 out of 7)

LocalAquatic (7 out of 7)

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