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SpongeBob Crew Member Karl Hadrika responded to my email!

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this is old news but i never posted the topic on sbc so here you go


Okay if you've been living under a rock, a few months ago I wrote a fan email to Karl Hadrika, a guy who wrote and storyboarded for Bunnicula (ya'll know that's one of my Squidward crossovers :sbfunny:) and now storyboards for SpongeBob. I love the work he's done on both shows, and other projects of his (and his art in general!). Here's the email I wrote to him (I asked him about drawing tips since I suck at art and if he did requests): 



A month passed by, and I saw Karl was gonna be in a livestream for a project he storyboards on called Long Gone Gulch (created by friends of his Zach Bellissimo and Tara Billinger, who are also awesome artists!). I was nervous about if I should ask him if he saw my email, I was worried I scared him off or something, but people on there encouraged me to ask him it, and he was super nice about the question and said he was gonna get to it soon. April 1st is when I started the hype on here, counting the days and everything. :P I knew I was gonna get a response eventually since I know he's super busy and told me he easily forgets at times.

And now, the response is here!

...and I'm happy with it! I'm sorry guys for overhyping you for something that was obviously not likely to happen. xD I knew requesting crossover art from the two shows he worked/works on is way too much, especially from a busy professional. :P I mainly wanted drawing tips from an artist I admire so I can get inspired and eventually improve! I'm super happy to get a response! Thank you so much, Karl. I once emailed another cartoonist I admire, and I never got a response and it's been almost a year, so I really appreciate this!


If you're curious to see what this guy does, check out his Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

He's also made a short called Roadkill Redemption and a test pilot called Becky Prim, which are on his 
Youtube. Go check them out sometime, they're great! I can't wait to see what else he does in the future. :D 



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