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Hello! Welcome to "ask sbl"! I've made ask topics before, but they usually didn't result in any questions AND I couldn't keep up with them*.

So, without further ado, ask me stuff!


*I probably won't keep up with this one also lol

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8 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

What are your favorite tv shows?

SpongeBob (obviously), Family Guy, Halt and Catch Fire (R.I.P but I'm rewatching it), SVU (even though every single episode is about literally the same thing), anddd one of my favourites of all time is Fringe, but that's also gone too :(. I usually just watch whatever's on Netflix or just watch YouTube.

8 hours ago, Cha♡ said:

fav sb parody vid?

It's so tough to decide but one of them is definitely that one with Mr. Krabs just wanting money and doing human trafficking.

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