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Plankton's Anecdote

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Greetings, benefactors! No, I did not steal the lobster's drink. And I had a chocolate ice cream, not a cherry, so it can't be me! Now then, go ahead and ask me your idiotic questions.

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On 7/17/2018 at 10:43 AM, Wintermelon43 said:

Why were you at the beach? Were you trying to be assertive again?

I was trying to advertise the Chum Bucket, good sir!

23 hours ago, sbl said:

What else were you doing at the beach?

In addition to advertising the Chum Bucket (which had...mixed results), I was also looking around for dropped money or other goodies in the sand.

18 hours ago, NegiSpongie said:

Did you see anyone else get a specific flavor of ice-cream?

I saw the dumb starfish get cherry.

15 hours ago, Hayden said:

How do we know you didn't steal a cherry ice cream?

Also, are you upset that an ice cream cone is taller than you?

I'm not tall enough to steal anyone's ice cream, and I was too busy treasure hunting anyways.

Yes! It is an INSULT! 

5 hours ago, LocalAquatic said:

Did you come into contact with anyone while you were at the beach?

I had an interaction with Larry, trying to get him to visit the Chum Bucket, but he ignored me. Same goes for Craig, Don, Sandy and Patrick.

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