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[4th] The Fry Cook Games VII Round

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Last time, the 14 contestants competed in a game of "7-Eleven Day" to celebrate a glorious day. After a mix of hunting and trivia, Fred won for the Band Geeks. CakeCup and NegiSpongie were eliminated due to inactivity on both sides. Here are our remaining 12 contestants:

Band Geeks:

1.) @Halibut

2.) @Wintermelon43

3.) @Patty Sponge

4.) @RDSP

5.) @Bieber Tentacles

6.) @The Boulder


1.) @glitter cartoon

2.) @TJ12

3.) @RaichuFace

4.) @Homie ?

5.) @Hayden

6.) @OWM

The fourth round will be tonight at 7pm EST. Who will win tonight? Be sure to report to this topic when it's time!

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Here's our fourth round:

ROUND #4: Writer Mania

Answer 10 questions about writers of SpongeBob episodes. PM ME YOUR ANSWERS. I will not accept CometChat or Discord DMs. You can use internet to answer the questions:

(NOTE: If an episode has more than one writer, list all of them.)

1.) Who wrote “Sportz”?

2.) Who wrote “Extreme Spots”? (name all)

3.) Who wrote “The Fry Cook Games”?  (name all)

4.) Who wrote “Band Geeks”?  (name all)

5.) Who wrote “Jellyfishing”?  (name all)

6.) Who wrote “Karate Choppers”?  (name all)

7.) Who wrote “Karate Island”?  (name all)

8.) Who wrote “A Friendly Game”?  (name all)

9.) Who wrote “A Life in a Day”?  (name all)

10.) Who wrote “Prehibernation Week”?  (name all)

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OWM wins for the Drasticals! The Drasticals celebrate victory once more.

Soccer Ball Ceremony:

An unanimous decision has been made: Every Band Geek has voted Trophy off, including himself. He was a true soldier, sacrificing himself. Farewell, Trophy.

Round 5 will be Tuesday, July 17th at 8pm EST, after the 3rd Weekly Surprise.

Band Geeks:

1.) Halibut

2.) Wintermelon

3.) Patty

4.) RDSP

5.) Bieber Technicals


1.) Magic

2.) Teenj

3.) OBAB

4.) Homie

5.) Hayden

6.) OWM

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