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i mix shit!

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I've actually been planning to do so for a while now. It's just that now I decided to finally do something about it

kinda funny i named myself scratchead since i didn't do a lot of good scratching on this mix BUT I'M STILL NEW TO THIS so oh well :I


tracklist below!

Return To Margin (intro) - Coldcut [Ninja Tune]

Spiral - DJ Food [Ninja Tune]

Fix Up, Look Sharp - Dizzee Rascal [XL Recordings]

We Have Explosive - The Future Sound of London [Virgin]

Out There Somewhere? (Part One) - Orbital [Internal/FFFR]

Tied Up - LFO [Warp]

Dare (Soulwax Remix) - Gorillaz [Parlophone]

Parisian Goldfish - Flying Lotus [Warp]

Waiting List - Dr. Octagon [Bulk/Dreamworks]

Music - LTJ Bukem [Good Looking Records]

A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Centre of the Ultraworld - The Orb [Big Life]

Second Bad Vilbel - Autechre [Warp]

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun - Beastie Boys [Capitol]

Rhythm And Blues Angus Steakhouse - Cabbageboy [Ntone]

Phantom - Justice [Ed Banger]

Extra - Ken Ishii [R+S]

Bingo Bango - Basement Jaxx [XL Recordings]

Twice The First Time (flute intro)  - Saul Williams [Big Dada]

Ain't It Funny - Danny Brown [Warp]

Hey! - MF Doom [Fondle Em']

Fender Bender - Kid Koala [Ninja Tune]

The Hidden Camera - Photek [Science]

Deep Space 9mm - El-P [Definitive Jux]

Super Zen State (Power Chant No.3)  - Emergency Broadcast Network [TVT/Wax Trax!]

Money (Reese Revamp) (AHHHH-capella) - Cameo [Reprise]

kind of made this one unfocused, but whatever

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do you have a program where you do scratches or is this like a real turntable 

been trying to figure out how to scratches on beats for a minute now

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23 minutes ago, Young Nug said:

do you have a program where you do scratches or is this like a real turntable 

been trying to figure out how to scratches on beats for a minute now

To me, it sounds like he's using VirtualDJ, which I actually had for a while until the program ran slow as shit on my computer.

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this time i experimented with glitching up tracks and playing the tunes at the right time (a lot of the tunes i played last time weren't). not to say this all worked out well, i still can't keep my standing while glitching vocals and there's a half-minute stretch of silence halfway through this, and i also don't go nearly as hard as last time. but i'm still... happy, to an extent?

tracks below


Allergy - Howie B. [Polydor]

I Left My Wallet In El Segundo - A Tribe Called Quest [Jive]

Space People - DJ Wally [Home Entertainment]

Rock Unorthodox - Peanut Butter Wolf ft. Pablo [Stones Throw]

One Day In My Garden - Amon Tobin [Ninja Tune]

Scratch Yer Head (Squarepusher Remix) - DJ Food [Ninja Tune]

Future Dub - Mouse on Mars [Too Pure]

Showtime - Big Dada Sound [Big Dada]

Rotar - Autechre [Warp]

Shove Piggy Shove - LFO [Warp]

Timber - Coldcut [Ninja Tune]

36'' Chain - Run The Jewels [Fool's Gold]

Jump n' Shout - Basement Jaxx [XL Recordings]

Can U Feel It - C.L.S [Strictly Rhythm] 

Are You There? - Josh Wink [Ovum]

Hear The Music - Paul Johnson [Peacefrog]

Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Remix) - i:Cube [Versatile]

Push Upstairs - Underworld [JBO]

Tried By 12 (Squarepusher Remix) - East Flatbush Project [Ninja Tune]


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did this one a bit early since cousins are gonna be here

silence near the end since dad talked to me as i was about to put in a track

speaking of tracks!


The Motorcade Sped On - Steinski & Mass Media [Tommy Boy]

I Know You Got Soul - Eric B. & Rakim [4th & Broadway]

Strut Hear - Kid Koala [Ninja Tune]

Eutow - Autechre [Warp]

Styles, Crew, Flows, Beats - Peanut Butter Wolf ft. Lootpack [Stone's Throw]

Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb [Big Life]

Twice the First Time - Saul Williams [Big Dada]

Mindgames - DJ Crystl [Good Looking Records]

Polyesterday - Gusgus [4AD]

Magnesium Flares - We™ [Asphodel]

Help Me - Remarc [Dollar Records]

R.I.P. - Remarc [Suburban Base]

Ice Cream And Syrup (Hard Mix) - Remarc [Suburban Base]

This Sound Is For The Underground - Krome and Time [Suburban Base]

Far Out - Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era [Suburban Base]

No U.F.O.'s - Model 500 [Metroplex]

None Shall Pass - Aesop Rock [Definitive Jux]

Sugar is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden's Drum 'n' Bass Remix) - CJ Bolland [Internal/FFFR]

Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude [WEA]

Psychoactive Drugs - Emergency Broadcast Network [TVT/Wax Trax!]

Pearl's Girl - Underworld [Junior Boy's Own]

So Much Love To Give - Together [Roule]

Spinal Scratch - Thomas Bangalter [Roule]

Box Energy - DJ Pierre [Trax]

Acid Thunder - Fast Eddie [D.J. International]

Santa Claus - Le Knight Club [Crydamoure]

Technicolor - Channel 1 [Metroplex]

Gabriel (Live Garage Mix) - Roy Davis Jr. [XL Recordings]

More Beats + Pieces - Coldcut [Ninja Tune]


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he did it again?????

attempted a live stream but wasn't happy with my first draft of this

tracks shit


Sit Down Shut Up - Peanut Butter Wolf [Stones Throw]

A Different Tomorrow - Dan the Automator [75 Ark]

Bass City Roller - DJ Food [Ninja Tune]

Do While - Oval [Thrill Jockey]

Technova (La Em Copacabana) - Towa Tei [Elektra]

Musical Selection (The River of Action Remix) - DJ Soul Slinger [Liquid Sky]

Chomp Samba - Amon Tobin [Ninja Tune]

Urban Style Music - Lemon D [Metalheadz]

The Unofficial Ghost - Doc Scott [Metalheadz]

Lonely - D'Cruze [Suburban Base]

Yokozuna Beach Chillin' - Soichi Terada [Far East]

Don't Need Your Love - DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer [Slammin' Vinyl]

Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) - Omni Trio [Moving Shadow]

Impolite to Refuse - Claude Young [Astralwerks]

Colossus - Thomas Bangalter [Roule]

Feel Real Good - Manix [Reinforced]

I Feel This Way - M&M [Suburban Base]

No Way Back - Adonis [Trax]

Baby Wants To Ride - Frankie Knuckles [Trax]

We're Rocking Down The House - Adonis [Trax]

R U Hot Enough - Virgo [Trax]

Teachers - Soulwax [PIAS]

Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Soulwax Shibuya Mix) - LCD Soundsystem [DFA]

I Sit On Acid (Soulwax Remix) - Lords of Acid [PIAS]

Freak - LFO [Warp]

Non Lateral Hypothesis - DJ Vadim [Ninja Tune]

We Are Ninja - Fink [Ntone]

Hawaii 5000 - Peanut Butter Wolf [Stones Throw]


Edited by Burgerpants

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okay i can't tell if i'm actually getting better at this or not

here the tracks, again:


Bonus Speech - Remarc [Suburban Base]

The Nine - Bad Company UK [BC Recordings]

Dub Plate Style - Marvellous Cain [Suburban Base]

Limb by Limb (DJ SS Remix) - Cutty Ranks [Suburban Base]

The Crash - Sponge [Suburban Base]

What Can I Do - Solution [Suburban Base]

Original Nuttah - Shy FX / UK Apachi [SOUR]

Drum 'N' Base Wise (Remix) - Remarc [White House]

Fuckin' Hardcore - DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer [Slammin' Vinyl]

Code Red - Conquering Lion [X Project]

Friday - Capone [Hardleaders]

Trip To The Moon (Part 1) - Acen [Production House]

Gunman - 187 Lockdown [EastWest]

Move Your Body - Marshall Jefferson [D.J. International Records]

Dum Dum Cry - Masters at Work [Fourth Floor]

Ripgroove - Double 99 [Satellite]

Let Me Bang - DJ Deeon [Databass]

Anytime - Nu-Birth [Locked On]

Saved My Life - Todd Edwards [i!]

Phylyps Trak II/II - Basic Channel [Basic Channel]

Octagon - Basic Channel [Basic Channel]

Inversion - Cyrus [Basic Channel]

Enforcement - Cyrus [Basic Channel]

Wardance - Rebel MC [Congo Natty]

King In My Empire - Rhythm & Sound [Rhythm & Sound]

Run Into Flowers (Jackson Remix) - M83 [Mute]

Easy Lee - Ricardo Villalobos [Playhouse]

Dancehall Malfunction - Sub Dub [Asphodel]


Edited by Burgerpants

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he did it again??????

okay boi


some ambience i found on surgeon's fabric entry - a chorus of a dozen ghosts for all i know [Fabric]

Antacid - Link & E621 [Warp]

Off to Battle - Model 500 [Metroplex]

Acroyear2 - Autechre [Warp]

Shimmy Shimmy Ya - Ol' Dirty Bastard [Elektra]

Into The 90's - Photek [Metalheadz]

Spangle - Seefeel [Warp]

Lesson #3 - Double Dee & Steinski [Tommy Boy]

LFO - LFO [Warp]

Aftermath - Nightmares on Wax [Warp]

Substance Abuse - F.U.S.E. [Warp]

Orange Minus (1/1) - Richie Hawtin [Minus]

Orange Minus (2/2) - Richie Hawtin [Minus]

Get Your Snack On - Amon Tobin [Ninja Tune]

Song To The Siren - Chemical Brothers [Junior Boy's Own]

Break - DJ Food [Ninja Tune]

Links - Chameleon [Good Looking Records]

Microphone Mathematics - Quasimoto [Stones Throw]

Your Sound - J Majik [Metalheadz]

Solar Feelings - Jacob's Optical Stairway [R+S]

Universal Love - 4hero [Reinforced]

Circles - Adam F [F-Jams]

Atmospheric Funk - Wax Doctor [Metalheadz]

Stars - Nightmares on Wax [Warp]

Rhubarb - Aphex Twin [Warp]

Long Road - Funki Porcini [Ninja Tune]


Edited by Burgerpants

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i don't have drum and bass this time



spank rock's fabriclive intro - spank rock and other peeps [Fabric]

Work On You - MSTRKRFT [Last Gang]

Poney Pt. 1 - Vitalic [International Deejay Gigolo]

New Process - Akufen [Perlon]

Destination Overdrive (DFA Remix) - Chromeo [Last Gang]

The Bells - Jeff Mills [Purpose Maker]

Ready For The Floor (Soulwax Remix) - Hot Chip [Parlophone]

What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral) - The KLF [KLF Communications]

Hey! Hey! Can U Relate? - DJ Mink [Warp]

Al-Naafiyish (The Soul) - Hashim [Cutting]

Acid Tracks - Phuture [Trax]

Right Thing (Z-Trip 'Set the Party Off Mix' in Three Parts) - DJ Shadow [Island]

Beats and Pieces - Coldcut [Ahead Of Our Time]

The End of Biters - Prefuse 73 [Warp]

Mutescreamer - Beans [Warp]

Holy Calamity (Bear Witness Part 2) - Handsome Modeling Boy School [Tommy Boy]

Casio - Peanut Butter Wolf [Stones Throw]

Saboteur (Roots Manuva Version) - Amon Tobin [Ninja Tune]

Get Your Head Down - Luke Vibert [Ninja Tune]

Junkies Bad Trip - London Funk Allstars [Ninja Tune]

Watching Windows - Roni Size / Reprazent [Talkin' Loud]

London Mind State - DJ Vadim [Ninja Tune]

Reprise (A Splash of Debussy) - DJ Food [Ninja Tune]


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