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Danganronpa Series

Minty Car

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The visual novel series about a demonic anime bear who orchestrates elaborate killing games. I played Trigger Happy Havoc back in April and loved it. Finished Goodbye Despair back in late May and got through V3 about two weeks ago. You and several other students are trapped in a school and the only way to escape to successfully murder another student and get away with it. Gameplay is similar to Ace Attorney in that it's up to you to investigate these murders and reveal the culprit in a class trial to avoid your own death.

So, has anyone else played the Danganronpa games?

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DR is really odd to talk about as a whole, I definitely like it overall but a ton of things in the writing is really iffy, especially with the ending reveals and a certain amount of the characters. It's a fun albeit very flawed series, so you have to take the good with the bad in some instances, such as mostly alright gameplay and then Hangman's Gambit being literal hellspawn. "Improved" in SDR2 my ass.

also the awful anime do not exist I swear to GOD

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