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[1st] The Fry Cook Games VII Round

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Welp, sign-ups are done. Here are our 16 contestants:

Band Geeks:

1.) @Halibut

2.) @Wintermelon43

3.) @Patty Sponge

4.) @RDSP

5.) @Bieber Tentacles

6.) @NegiSpongie

7.) @The Boulder


1.) @glitter cartoon

2.) @TJ12

3.) @RaichuFace

4.) @CakeCup

5.) @Homie ?

6.) @Hayden

7.) @OWM


1.) @Yuri

2.) @4EverGreen

The first round will be tonight at 7pm EST. Be sure to report to this topic when it's time!

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Here we go. May the 7th Fry Cook Games commence! Here's our first round:

ROUND #1: Episode Identifier 

Below I will post screenshots of 15 SpongeBob episodes. Identify which episodes they are from. PM ME YOUR ANSWERS. I will not accept CometChat or Discord DMs. You may use internet to figure these out:

1.) X7ITb3R.png?1


2.) 83K0a6S.jpg?1 


3.) yjxv7oi.png?1

4.) TYt9l0Z.jpg?1 

5.) qrx74oD.png?1

6.) 5jIZUty.png

7.) qnrUZno.png?1

8.) DpmTNe4.jpg?1

9.) zXOaEg6.jpg?1

10.) 8ePyOUn.png

11.) c34Lz3z.jpg?1

12.) 2gENznG.jpg?1

13.) UrtIhI0.jpg?1

14.) 19TA4Oj.jpg?1

15.) 4aJ43ZJ.jpg

Whoever is first to win wins for their team. The other two teams will face elimination at the Soccer Ball Ceremony.


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Halibut came in 1st place for the Band Geeks, getting all 15 right! The Band Geeks claim victory for the first round and may relax.

Now, the Drasticals and Independents will see me at the Soccer Ball Ceremony. Contact me somehow on who you want to vote off from either side.

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Soccer Ball Ceremony:

Welp, the Drasticals and Independents are first up for elimination. The votes are in.

Hayden, OBAB, Homie, teenj and OWM are all safe. *throws soccer balls at*

4EverGreen and Cake are safe. *throws soccer balls at*

The bottom two are Magic and Fa.

The last ball goes to...


Magic! Sorry Fa boy, but it's over for ye! You will take a walk down the Soccer Field of Shame! :( 4EverGreen is now the sole independent user.

Round 2 will be Tuesday, July 10th at 8pm EST (after the second Weekly Surprise). Stay tuned!

Band Geeks:

1.) Halibut

2.) Wintermelon

3.) Patty

4.) RDSP

5.) Bieber Technicals

6.) NegiSpongie

7.) Trophy


1.) Magic

2.) Teenj

3.) OBAB

4.) CakeCup

5.) Homie

6.) Hayden

7.) OWM


1.) 4EverGreen

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