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The Fry Cook Games VII (Sign-Ups)

Jjs Goodman

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It's back (to the lab) again, for the seventh time.

These are our rebooted version of Xat Games, but on the forums. It works similarly to past forum games, but with a a Survivor/Total Drama twist to them. 2014's grand winner was CNF, 2015's grand winner was Trophy, MM 2016's grand winner was Hayden, The Super Spongy Square Games 2016's winner was Halibut, MM 2017's winner was Fred, and MM 2018's winner was Homie. Who will reign supreme this time? This Fry Cook Games will be a mix of: showing who knows how to do trivia, hunting, critical thinking (uh oh), some new challenges, and a mix of all of the above.

It's okay if you cannot make it to every game, but I'll give you a firm warning in advance that your teammates could boot you off due to inactivity. Whoever wins overall will receive four cool prizes (see below).

Now, say below if you want to sign up. There is no set limit of how many people can sign-up right now, as long as we get an even amount of people on all sides. If nobody from the Independents plays, then whatever. 

The first round will be July 5th at 7:00pm ESTThe deadline is to sign-up by July 5th at 5:00pm EST.

Band Geeks:

1.) Halibut

2.) Wintermelon

3.) Patty

4.) RDSP

5.) Bieber Technicals

6.) NegiSpongie

7.) Trophy


1.) Magic

2.) Teenj

3.) OBAB

4.) CakeCup

5.) Homie

6.) Hayden

7.) OWM


1.) Fa

2.) 4EverGreen

Grand Prizes:

1.) 10,000 Doubloons

2.) Badge

3.) Point for your team on the scoreboard (per round)

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