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Ask me about my spin-offs/lits

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5 hours ago, SOF said:

what got you into making SO/Lits?

It was when I realized how significant spin-offs were to the activity of the tv.com SpongeBob forums at the time. I thought it would be fun to share what ideas I could make for a spin-off of SpongeBob and so I then went with an idea for a spin-off starring an underrated one-off character from the otherwise underrated "Jellyfish Hunter." And the rest was history.

2 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

Do you recall any scrapped ideas you had from UWS Seasons 1 and 2, if any?

-Interestingly enough for episode 13, which you guest wrote, I had planned for Dragiiin to last longer in the game and the episode in question would've resulted into a double elimination with Queen Malie and PokeSponge. Of course, PokeSponge would end up lasting long enough until the top 5 before losing a sudden-death elimination type of game.

-Clearly enough, 4EverGreen could've truly been the Heather of the season, but after I found the opportunity to make Sbs1fan the main villain, I thought nah...not worth it. Then again, he probably wouldn't ever had lasted longer in that season because I did plan for Team Algae to be the Team Victory of UWS.

While LizAndCelineRules was planned to last until the first merge challenge, SignoraFeline (yea I'm misspelling their names on purpose) was planned to last until the alien hunting challenge before my guilt complex decided to eliminate her right after RAAR and introduce a pair of OCs (which give you the idea that I would've also just focused more on Goosey and Nathan's roles, but once again, 2013 guilt complex) that were all planned to have a backstory in a spin-off within a spin-off (Secret of the Hidden Underwater Triad. Ideas for the scrapped miniseries can be found in Oh Yeah! Collections) before I wrote them all off in S3. Looking back at that, I can only wonder what the heck I was on when I devised those characters.

One idea that I had since shelved for S2 is a very interesting one. The special for S1 had an It's a Mad (x4) World / Total Drama (x4) Island type of storyline, but it also had that weird plot element where some members would touch the briefcase that would transport them to an unspecified place. It was pretty out of place when I left that plot element in the special, but it could've made sense if I went along with my first idea of a theme for S2. Instead of the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple, all the unaffected members could've been taken into space and the transported members would be taken into random locations. The first few episodes would've revolved around finding the missing members, and they would either assist Jjs with the challenges or they would just be assigned to the peanut gallery, but most importantly, the theme for S2 could've been similar to Star Trek. I pretty much abandoned that idea since I've gotten a newer idea that I thought would be better suited for UWS...and because I never seen anything of Star Trek in full (...and to this day, I still haven't!). iirc, I conceived that idea before ACS was around.

1 hour ago, tvrepairman said:

what's ur fave spin-off you've done

do you feel like your writing's improved as a result of writing these fics

In terms of Spin-Offs or Lits that I had finished: Pisces Moon. I thought I wrote for it a very well-fleshed out story, interesting OCs, creative action scenes, and interesting characterizations for the core SpongeBob characters. I'll admit that it has some weird moments, but I'm proud of most of every episode I wrote for that spin-off.

In terms of Spin-Offs or Lits that still aren't finished, it's one of the newer ones that I'm working on right now (and no, it's not SS:LiT): Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm. I really grew to hate what the original Z-Storm story resulted into to the point where I decided to discontinue it. I felt guilty about sleeping on that spin-off for so long, but gathering as much time that I could get to focus on a newer vision of the spin-off really proved to be worth it for my enhanced writing skills and techniques.

I wrote the villains, specifically the Thunder Troopers, to be terrifying while they were originally written as if they were evil for the sake of being evil. I didn't write Monique to be as extremely hotheaded as she was Z-Storm, while also writing her as the type of character who doesn't always get worked up over things such as Z-Storm (and like how Bruce got his own supernatural powers in the original, Monique will eventually have her own as well). I gave Shazza more background and depth while abandoning whatever elements I wrote for her in "Razzle Shazzle" ('cause Christ, screw that episode so much). Arthur wasn't written to be as overpowered as he was in the original. Kiyoko's character will have more background compared to how I had to keep writing her to be really vague in the original. I didn't try so hard to make Zack feel so tough and arrogant compared to the original. I didn't write Marina to just be totally all over Strezz, as she will have a legit, minor character arc later on. Zowe's character is the same, but I still made her out to be interesting and I will be giving her a character arc at some later point. Lastly, I gave the main character, Strezz, a little more depth and made him a little more prone to lose fights considering that he would still feel inexperienced in piloting Z-Storm.

Most of all, the humor from Z-Storm is almost completely phased out in the retelling, since Z-Storm was meant to be mostly story-driven in the first place. All those bizarre moments from the original Z-Storm, they're all gone in Rebirth of a Storm. I have since thought on so many more good ideas that'll be present for the rest of the spin-off, and trust me, it'll definitely be worth reading. The spin-off had since went from having a 5,000+ word long episode to having 7,500-9,000+ word long episodes, but I knew I was better off not to condense as much from the original or to try and condense future storylines as story is an important factor to my retelling of Z-Storm. So yeah, I can definitely say that I feel like my writing has improved since even 2014.

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