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My god, this cartoon. My childhood show and to this day, it stays as one of my favorite cartoons of all-time.

It had a bit of everything really.

Star Wars, Power Rangers, Star Trek. just a perfect combination... with monkeys of course. The show may used a lot from those material but mixing up without ripping off made the show so unique to me. Aside from 90s Marvel shows, this was my first introduction to serialized cartoons and it has a special place in my heart because of it. It still holds up to today after rewatching it a year ago. Characters were so much fun, the story arcs were epic and really complex, the animation was mostly sweet and the humor and the seriousness was so balanced. Yeah, sure it was cheesy with monkeys and it had some really bizarre situations like an alien gut turning people into food with using fast food but the show was amazingly weird on every single level. The cast was so stellar. You have voice actors of Beast Boy, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs. What else can you want? Especially motherfucking Mark Hamill voicing Skeleton King and it was so fitting. Not because he voiced Joker, because this show is a bit like Star Wars and voicing a discount Darth Vader must have been amazing for him. (don't mind me saying discount cuz Skeleton King is a scary and menacing villain.) 

I personally prefer season 4 for expanding the worldbuilding and monkeys' origins being revealed as well as Skeleton King's but season 3 was also amazing for being the most cosmic of all seasons and season 1-2 were really good as solid Earth adventures. I'm so saddened by the cliffhanger of the show because after four seasons of build, we should have gotten a more fitting finale. Nevertheless, the final shot was epic.

Bless this show for existing, even if it's forgotten or overlooked by many. Please watch this criminally underappreciated masterpiece.

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I was pretty much raised on Jetix before it went away. This show, among a few others from that block, still holds its own place in the back of my mind. It kinda kick-started my love for sci-fi cartoons.

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I rewatched this show with @jjsthekid and I can tell you all that the show really holds up to this day, even though some reused scenes bothered me. and season 3 is the best season, not season 4 but season 4 is also great. So I'm just gonna make a top 5 worst and top 10 best episodes of this show. Not gonna explain why these episodes are great or just weak (not bad though) but I wanted to make a list anyways, here we go:

Top 5 Worst

1. The Skeleton King Threat

2. Girl Trouble

3. The Hills Have Five

4. World of Giants

5. Thingy

Top 10 Best

(worth nothing that there are no ties, back to back episodes are basically two part episodes)

1. Wormhole/Belly of the Beast

2. Golden Age

3. Object of Hate/Soul of Evil

4. In the Grip of Evil

5. Prototype

6. Antauri's Masters/I, Chiro

7. Snowbound

8. A Ghost in the Machinder

9. Night of Fear

10. The Secret of the Sixth Monkey

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