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Forza Horizon 4

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As for my Opinion on this game, i'm not too excited, It's Taking place in the UK, sure.

But Remember this: Horizon 2 Took Place in France and Italy, which is Europe, and Technically the UK is a Part of Europe, so they are just being lazy this year on selecting a location, in a way it kind of feels like Horizon 2 Remastered, They Got other places to choose from, and they went the Lazy Route with Europe again?

That would be like Horizon 5 Taking Place in Colorado again with the Same Map and the Same Barriers as Horizon 1, it just won't work, I Really hope they can clean up their act by Horizon 5, Maybe the Middle East (Dubai/Abu Dhabi, Syria, Pakistan) or Asia (Japan, Russia, China, Taiwan, etc.).

I Don't know honestly, i'm just very disappointed that Turn 10/Playground Games were too pre-occupied with making the UK the Next Game's Location despite the fact the region it's in has already been Done in Horizon 2, might have been more comfortable to See it in like Horizon 7, but not Horizon 4.

And yes i know, "WELL ATLEAST WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER HORIZON YOU GREEDY BASTARD", it's just my personal opinion, it's perfectly normal to express yours.

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