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The Patient

Six Degrees of SpongeBob

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So, here's an interesting kind of game that I thought I could experiment on. For those who don't know, six degrees of separation is the idea that every living thing is connected in one to six steps. This is a game that requires quite a lot of thought, research, and googling, or not so much at all, depending on the request. While this isn't a simple and quick game, I still think it can be fun.

How this game works is that you name any person, place, or thing, then someone else will have to see how the particular thing connects to SpongeBob.

Example: Poster 1: "Kevin Bacon"

Poster 2: 1. Kevin Bacon was in "Murder in the First"

2. with R. Lee Ermey who was in Season 5, episode 95a. "Inmates of Summer."

"Tommy Wiseau" (which will repeat the process)

Even if someone names the same person, place, or thing, there are more possibilities in making a connection. If this game still sounds complicated to you, I'll try to explain more of it.

Anyways, I'll start: James Corden

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