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Ghost Rider

[1st] Ticket Hunt

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Here we go. Here's how this works. Somewhere in the Spin-Offs/Lits and even Davy Jones' Locker forums, I've hidden 6 SOF tickets. You can either PM me on the forums, CometChat me, or PC me on xat the location (the name of the spin-off/lit or just a link to its topic) of them, NOT the images.

 Hint #1: This ticket can be found in a 45 page theater of lulziness.

Hint #2: This ticket is in a famous literature, known as “The ECW of SBC lits”.

Hint #3: This ticket awaits you in an old spin-off about certain one-off characters.

Hint #4: This ticket can be found at an apartment.

Hint #5: This ticket can be found in a parody of The Walking Dead by Nuggets made in 2015.

Hint #6: This ticket can be found in an old Patrick spin-off made by dragiiin123. 

If these are too vague, you may ask for up to 2 additional hints from me, but that's it.

Each ticket is worth 50. If you find all six, you can get a total of 300 tickets. However, there's a catch. There are only 3 spots to find all 6. The three users that find all 6 first before anyone else win this hunt, but if you found let's say, 4 out of 6 tickets, you'd still get the 120 tickets. The first 3 finders however are the main winners.

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