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spongebob gets a fry cook job (extended version of help wanted)

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chapter 1

one day a sponge named Sponge-Bob woke up and look at his calender and sees today is the day he will get a job at the Krusty Krab. so he said to gary that todays the big day.

then he put his pants on and gone outside.

he then talked to patrick about the job.

the talk:

SpongeBob: todays the big day!

patrick: what?

spongebob: todays the day i get a job from the Krusty Krab!

patrick: ok

spongebob: *runs outside house to go to the Krusty Krab*

patrick: Go SpongeBob!

after the talk. SpongeBob goes trough the forests, and the neghborhoods, and more dangorus places untill he reached the Krusty Krab.


if everyone loves it then chapter 2!

sorry for the errors.

Edited by Harold Claude
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chapter 2

once SpongeBob reached the Krusty Krab. he went inside.

SpongeBob: Good day sir! for years i have been training for this moment to join the Krusty Krew.

SpongeBob: and now im ready.

SpongeBob: *trips* AHHHH! *hits floor*

SpongeBob: So when do i start?

Mr Krabs: well lad it looks like you seem to not be good enough.

SpongeBob: Please! i will prove i am Fry Cook material. ask Squidward he can vouch for me.

*Squidward and Mr Krabs run away from spongebob*

Squidward: No.

*Squidward and Mr Krabs run back to spongebob*

Mr Krabs: well lad. we'll give you a test. and if you pass. you will join the Krusty Krew.

Mr Krabs: buy me a... hydrodymatic Spatula... with port and starboard attachments.... and turbo drive.

Mr Krabs: and dont come back till you get one.

Spongebob: Aye Aye Captin! one hydrodymatic Spatula with port and starboard attachments and turbo drive. Coming right up sir!

*spongebob goes to bargin mart*

MR Krabs: we'll never see that luber again.

Squidward: your terable. a hydro what?

*both laugh*


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