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Dracula Phineas

SBC's Top 20 Best Spin-Offs/Lits Ever: 10 Years Edition

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Yup, since we did one last year, let's do another to celebrate 10 years folks! :D 

This will work just like our Best/Worst SpongeBob Episode lists. PM me your Top 10 favorite SBC creations of all time. It can be any spin-off or literature from now or even from the good old days of tv.com. When I get a good amount, I will compile a list on what the best creations ever posted on SBC are. As a community, we'll be deciding the best SBC creations of all time. Anybody who participates in this will get 20 SOF Tickets. And like last year, if any of your works end up on this list, you will get 500 SOF Tickets

Notice: Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000 is not eligible for the list, soz. According to jjs, it's not fair for riffing on people's work to be on the list rather than works themselves. Also, no listing your own works.

That's about it, anything else can be submitted. It seems honorable to another list honoring people's works across the 10 years of tv.com and SBC writings.

There is no deadline just yet so don't worry, but you only need to send 10 creations.

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Welp, thanks for participating folks! Special thanks to Renegade, teenj, JCM, Clappy, SB's #1 Fan, jjs and myself for submitting. If your work ended up on the list, you get 500 SOF Tickets. Now, I present...


SBC's Top 20 Best Spin-Offs & Literatures Ever: 10 Years Edition

1.) Skodwarde

Author: Old Man Jenkins (+ past and present staff)

2.) Mystic Guardians

Author: jjsthekid

3.) And Then There Were Less 2

Author: Clappy

4.) Team SpongeBob

Authors: teenj12

5.) SBCinema

Author: Clappy

6.) Rusty's Raping Rampage

Authors: Elastic Dog & jjsthekid

7.) JCMovies

Author: JCM

8.) SpongeCraft

Author: terminoob

9.) Doody Era

Author: Aquatic Nuggets

10.) Xat Time Travelers

Author: JCM

11.) Storm Racers

Author: jjsthekid

12.) Squid

Author: tvguy

13.) Spin-Off Action

Author: Clappy

14.) Community Deathmatch

Author: Old Man Jenkins

15.) Star City

Author: PokeSponge123

16.) Adventures in the Underground City

Author: Sabre

17.) Miss Appear

Author: teenj12

18.) One-Time SpongeBob Characters: Where Are They Now?

Author: Wumbology

19.) Underwater Survivor: SBC Style

Author: Steel Sponge

20.) Post Fiction

Author: Old Man Jenkins

Thanks to the people who submitted lists. This is a heartwarming way to celebrate 10 years, and even if your work didn't make the list, everyone's writing is still special in its own way. You can post your thoughts on the list, such as surprises, or if you're happy a work made it on the list. Here's to another 10 years of SBC spin-offs and lits! 

Edited by jjsthekid
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