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In this new minigame for SOF8, can you prove you're tough enough to ring the bell!? Using Impostor SOF's trusty mallet, you'll be slamming against a target and seeing how far the bar goes (here's a visual if you have no clue what this is). Here are the level options and their rewards, which are represented by a spin-off:

Weak!: Sponge's Atlantis - 5 SOF Tickets

Getting There...:  Storm Racers - 10 SOF Tickets

Midway Point: Team SpongeBob - 15 SOF Tickets

Tough Guy: JCMovies - 25 SOF Tickets

MuscleBob BuffPants: Post Fiction - 30 SOF Tickets

To play, just simply say "I'll strike the mallet!" (or something else witty/creative) and the generator will randomly calculate what level you get. Like the other games, you can only do this once every 24 hours.

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1 minute ago, Patty Sponge said:

I'll have a go.

*accidently whacks jjs*

Uhh yeah... "accidently"... anyways.


You reached the JCMovies level, meaning you're a tough guy! You've earned 25 Tickets! Try again in 24 hours!

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59 minutes ago, Wendy the Witch said:


You hit the bell at Post Fiction, getting 30 SOF Tickets! Wendy is MuscleBob BuffPants! Try again in 24 hours!

43 minutes ago, Waiter said:

me wanna hit

You reached the Storm Racers level, getting 10 Tickets! Try again in 24 hours!

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