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Whack a Character

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This mini-game from SOF7 returns. Several faces of spin-off/lit characters will pop out, and if you successfully hit one, you may get either Tickets, Doubloons, or jack shit. Here are possible characters that may appear, you may choose up to three to hit




Shin Fu

Miss Appear

Rusty Wilkerson




Bryan Errin


Austin Layers


Waiter (ATTWL 3)

Mr. N


All you have to do is reply "*whacks name here*", or something along those lines, you can get creative with it. However, unlike other games, you will get to hit up to three characters in one post, but after that, you must wait 24 hours. Each character will give a different prize for each hit, person, and day. Note: Be sure to specify all the characters you're hitting; you can hit either one, two or three characters.

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20 minutes ago, Ultra Instinct Sonic said:

*Whacks WhaleBlubber, SpongeBob, and Austin Layers*

WhaleBlubber: Miss!

SpongeBob: Nothing!

Austin Layers: 50 Doubloons!

Try again in 24 hours!

19 minutes ago, Patty Sponge said:

Whack me a Skodwarde, JCM and LAT pls.

Skodwarde: 100 Tickets!

JCM: Miss!

LAT: A burnt bagel!

Try again in 24 hours!

14 minutes ago, Cream said:

whack spongebob, jcm, shin

SpongeBob: 25 Doubloons!

JCM: Miss!

Shin: 75 Doubloons!

Try again in 24 hours!

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