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Everyone's favorite gambling game-I mean, minigame is back for SOF8! If you weren't here the previous years, here's how this works. I'll spin a wheel which has 12 outcomes, which are as follows...

1. 25 SOF Tickets

2. GOSH DARNIT, DALE! (Nothing)

3. 25 Doubloons

4. 50 SOF Tickets

5. D'oh! (Nothing)

6. 50 Doubloons

7. 75 SOF Tickets


9. 75 Doubloons

10. 100 SOF Tickets

11. Extra Spin 

12. 10 Doubloons

Basically, you can earn doubloons, tickets or jack diddly squat, depending on what the wheel spins. Basically, all you have to do is just say in this topic "I'd like to spin, jjs" or something to that extent that tells me you are spinning, and I'll spin the wheel I custom made, which will tell you what you earned. However, here is the catch: You can only spin once every 24 hours (hence the title "Daily"). Once the 24 hours are up, you can spin again.

Here is this year's wheel. And like past years, this wheel is another cousin of the Wheel of Fortune wheel. 

Anyways, spin away! But don't rage quit if it lands on nothing, you'll have plenty of chances. Also, if it isn't clear, you must tell me if you are spinning in the topic, and I'll spin from there (the image link is just to show people what it looks like).

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6 minutes ago, Ultra Instinct Sonic said:

Spin the wheel!

It landed on 75 Tickets! Try again in 24 hours!

5 minutes ago, Patty Sponge said:

Spin me like a bowling pin jjs.

It landed on 25 Tickets! Try again in 24 hours!

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