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5th Year SBC Anniversary of SB_DW_Fan/WhoBob/Dr. WhoBob/Dr. WhoBruh/Master WhoBruh (nice derivative names)

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Ladies and gentlemen. This is my first post. Yes, I didn't make an introduction topic because I was so naive and stupid back then... oh wait, I'm still naive and stupid...

And here we are. Today marks the fifth year anniversary of me joining SBC and oh boy, that was quite a ride. I joined this site to talk about SpongeBob but it became so much more than that. I remember how I was a newbie and this site was shut down and I had to go to SBM, only to realize SBC is back again, later I started to spend more time on SBM than SBC for like one year, sadly I had to take a hiatus from both sites because I was preparing for university exams. Luckily I managed to get one and I got back to SBM and SBC. During 2015, my true love for SBC began when I got to know more and more about the members here. Even with our worst times, I had so much great memories from place. From awesome ask me questions to two amazing overlord days. My admiration for people like Chris Evans effected this community in a godly way (not really, you egotistical fuck, he's still awesome tho). I became a more superhero and comic book fan because of SBC. I remember staying up so late to join SBC games, thanks timezones. But every single minute of it was worth it. I even became more connected to this place than I ever before because all of you guys are so amazing and you guys know how to make me smile. First of all, thank you @tigerdude22 for introducing me to this glorious site. I know you don't visit this place anymore but thanks for letting me know it exists, you are cool. Thanks to admins, mods and everyone else for being my friend and making this site run for almost 10 years. Special shoutout to @Cha♡ for sharing same birthday with my anniversary, happy birthday <3. I got a good journey here but it's not over yet! Maybe in 5 or 10 years, I'll truly leave this site, not because of you guys, again you guys are awesome. It's because life keeps moving and I have to make a future of my own in real life but I will never forget this place. Right now I'm still here and I'm celebrating this great day. Thanks for giving me 5 years, SBC!

chris evans gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu

zac efron gif ile ilgili görsel sonucu

yes, there was a 9 month hiatus. STILL 5 YEARS.

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