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Webby Over-Analyzes Music

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We all have songs we love. We have songs we loathe more than anything. Heck, we even have songs that we have trouble forming a concrete opinion on. But WHY do we feel this way about a particular song, or even a particular artist/band? Does it have to do with an emotional connection between the artist and their subject matter? Or the listener to both or either of those things? Or does it have more to do with the theoretical composition, or even the sound production? 

The answer? Any and all of the above.

In this essay, I will

I created this thread in the hopes that maybe hearing my thoughts and opinions on songs I love/hate/etc. will help answer this question, or maybe it will inspire you to listen a bit harder to what your ears consume.

I will try to apply different perspectives (music theory, emotional response, etc.) to each entry so as to hopefully make good arguments? Idk I sound real pretentious I just really like music lol

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