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Guest hilaryfan80

SWYAD: Spin-Off/Lit Character Edition '18!

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Guest hilaryfan80

Stop What You Are Doing: Spin-Off/Lit Character '18 Edition!

For those who do not know what a SWYAD is, it's a special time where
SBC members change their names and avatars to match a category.
This time, the category is spin-off/literature characters!

e.g. hilaryfan80 => Mr. Dr. Xat Time Traveler

Any character is acceptable, by the way.

To sign up, go here:

What will happen is Karen, our server, will now automatically change your name
at the beginning and the end of the SWYAD so you do not have to
worry about changing it back!

This is a free event - it does not require any doubloons to participate!

Name changes will be allowed up to the SWYAD event. During the event,
name changes will not be allowed. Please take note of this!

The SWYAD will begin on May 25th and will end on June 1st! You will also get free 25 SOF Tickets for signing up!

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Guest hilaryfan80
16 minutes ago, Powdered Toast JCM said:

it has a nice ring to it

Or maybe hilaryfan80 the Xat Time Traveler. :P

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