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Guest hilaryfan80

New Updates!

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Guest hilaryfan80

We now have new updates on SBC! :plankton2:

  1. Emojis are updated to use the emojis that your device uses. Hooray!
  2. Emoticons are now considered emojis.
  3. Emoji autocomplete!
  4. You can now report a post as "Spam" or "Offensive / Abusive" and if 3 or more people report the same post, it will automatically be removed. Disclaimer: mods have the final say and can bring back the post.
  5. The search is actually good now. For real. It sucked before. (smirk)
  6. Registration is easier than ever! While this doesn't affect anyone on SBC currently, it makes registering easier for new people.
  7. Clubs can now be invite only AND be seen by everyone. Yippee!
  8. You can now ignore a club invite.
  9. New blog views! Yay now it actually looks like a blog. :funny:
  10. Twitch links are now supported!
  11. The Karen bot on Discord now plays music.

:plankton: Yay for updates.

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