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1 minute ago, Ano Cha-san♡ said:

do u think lime and old's relationship is healthy or Not because of their off and on again arguments that are usually caused by that Old toupee man himself?

if were gonna be real in like healthy terms, its better than olds previous relationship at least. old hated and killed preg in cadet micha i think? so rip her

in conclusion, prob not but we still love them.

Just now, SOF said:

how are ya?

pretty good

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1 minute ago, Ano Cha-san♡ said:

have u found a survivor persian dub?

i dont have proof this would exist

it prob doesnt bc most of the girls are in bikinis and stuff and i know from sandy cheeks persian dubbing doesnt like that

but damn that would be amazing if a persian dub of survivor existed.

...and weird bc id prob find more stuff of it if it did exist than i currently can find for the spanish dub(at least of all-stars)

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Just now, SOF said:

maybe @Cha suggest it for you to help both of us to get on topic?

huh? i dont recall cha suggesting me anything.

anyways i just get worried of saying something embarrassing or too weird to you.

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On 11/9/2019 at 2:18 PM, Majesty Yuka said:

favorite movie?

deadass i dont KNOW but there are some good wrestling documentaries out there. for example, cheating death stealing life is prob my favorite wrestling documentary even though it BREAKS my fucking heart.(also due to the fact that the videos online of that movie have the upn logo on it i always associate that channel with this movie lol)

also i saw detective pikachu in theatres in may??? i think??? and it was good too and pretty fun

also haven't seen it in ages but mean girls rocks i should rewatch it at some point. heard it got a musical and apparently the girl whos veronica in the heathers musical is janice?

also.... its not really a favorite but i wanna talk about it... that ONE documentary we watched about the prostitute religion in india was a fun watch. but then again documentaries are always fun to watch idk why.

also the lion king 2. well it does have problems but i love listening to the dubbed versions of not one of us, its such a cool song. i think thats what got me back into dubs to be honest(well not sure if i ever lost my love for dubs but it reignited it). im STILL hoping the tagalog dub is real tho even tho theres a 99.999% chance that was a false memory.

also,(take a drink every time i say also) not sure if it counts since its a musical, romeo et juliette! ive seen the og french, the revival, hungarian, austrian, and russian productions.(also listened to a london bootleg which is... Bad to say the least). the songs(except for le poete and le pouvoir and the revivals tu dois te marrier I HATE THOSE ONES) are bops and my favorite productions are hungarian and austrian(bad costume decisions on the latter's behalf aside).

but yeah i dont have a favorite i dont watch movies all that often and in general my taste is both diverse but limited.

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