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Seymour Skinner

A new rom hack

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So I have decided to make yet another rom hack. It's one of the original SMB on NES, and it started out as just me screwing with the graphics and crudely redrawing everything, but now it's got a backstory and future plans and everything.

Anyway, here is the basic backstory:

You are Mario. Well, you were Mario. But not anymore. After a drunk fight at a New Donk City bar, you lost your reputation as a hero. The police took your money and threw you out in the streets. To protect your identity, you changed your name to Mayro, a bit sad for a name disguising one's identity. Fast forward a few years later, and you're a drug addict roaming the multiple kingdoms trying to avoid their local law enforcements. But today is special. Why? You made it back to the Mushroom Kingdom. But some things aren't as they seemed all those years ago.

Everything and everyone hates you now. It goes as far as the actual game throwing swears in your face. Things are disorienting and distorted from all the alcohol consumed on your way. But you know your main goal here: Get your reputation back. The princess (now being a prostitute) was kidnapped by Bowser again, and it's your job to save her.

So go on. Save the princess. Earn back your reputation. Become a hero.

But all things aside, this hack is supposed to change the music to a darker tone, make the level design harder, and most importantly, give off that madman accent. I'm trying to make it so that practically every sprite has an angry face. But yeah, this hack will be released soon. Maybe you people could send harder level designs and music changes in the replies. So I should get moving, I will post updates later.

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