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Bee Shrek Test in the House

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Basically, this lit takes the meme-tastic concept of Bee Shrek Test in the House and combines it with my penchant for tokusatsu-based crossovers and play it for laughs. In other words, a random-as-hell, meme and pop-culture-filled action comedy.

The basic plotline is...relatively simple: the Internet's greatest and memiest villain, Robbie Rotten, seeks to prove that HE IS NUMBER ONEby recruiting the Big Four (Jack Frost, Merida, Hiccup Haddock III, and Rapunzel) and taking over the world. Naturally, it falls to Grand Dad (yes, that Grand Dad) to recruit the Internet's greatest heroes, ones who represent dankness and irony of the memescape...Shrek, Barry Benson, Cory Baxter, and Johnny Test. Can they defeat Robbie and his army of weekly monsters?

...Probably not, but these guys are the closest thing the internet has to heroes. May Pepe have mercy on our souls.




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