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Greetings, SBC, Renegade here with my first meta literature, based on our own Club Penguin server. A slice of life comedy, this series follows the adventures of three friends: Renegade, a new arrival to the island of Club SBC, Greyknight, a somewhat cynical bookworm of a penguin, and TrixieTheUsherette (or Trixie for short), a hyperactive, coffee-addicted fangirl. This trio will navigate the ups and downs of everyday life on their little corner of the South Pole, all the while learning valuable moral lessons along the way.

In short, it's basically every sitcom ever, though with a heavy amount of humor and (at times) self-awareness.

I plan for it to last 26 episodes for now, with the first, "Welcome to Our Club", coming soon.

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Guest hilaryfan80

:funny: Too bad it died due to lack of interest. I'll have to check out ep 1 when it comes out!

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