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Ghost Rider

[5th] The Fry Cook Games VI Round

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Final Six:

1.) JCM

2.) Trophy

3.) Homie

4.) Hayden

5.) Cream

6.) OBAB

The fifth round will be tonight at 8 PM EDT, which will be the first round of the merge. From here on out, whoever comes in first is the winner, and we'll do a combined elimination ceremony. Best of luck to our finalists.

Last time, the Drasticals won for the fourth time in a row, and Fred was eliminated. How will things go tonight? Stay tuned!

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Here's our first round of the merge, and no more tournament format for the merge:

Challenge #5:

Avatar Match

Below are 25 avatars of SBC users. Figure out who they belong to. You may use the site itself for help or ask me for hints. Everyone does this one, whoever finishes first wins:


1. 01-1-.thumb.gif.9be678e763f5f6c763cb7c35 

2. iaaa11w.thumb.png.70121339a3444cdfca3732 

3. 5aaa145dbaa22_ezgif.com-resize(6).thumb.

4. 5a47db4d9be61_9Savatar.thumb.png.bfd106b

5. avengers-infinity-war-thanos-poster-1002

6. tumblr_oo7w306y2K1w9nbdmo1_250.thumb.jpg

7. jt-new.thumb.jpg.bbd1131e38c1c0a74a35362

8. vlcsnap-2018-01-27-08h15m20s242.thumb.pn

9. ezgif-2-7e1508fe46.thumb.gif.3b1769e5c1e

10. Screenshot_4033.thumb.png.5da4e8318efb71

11. 2D0F71CA-4C69-40E9-BA55-DB65A4CC3D6A.thu

12. mEv6aRS.png?1

13. photo-thumb-1321.jpg

14. 5a03b3b56edfc_tumblr_n7m8jjLejb1qlnxazo1

15. 5a9a2eac0d838_legendarygodzilla.thumb.pn

16. yg6QMvM.png?1

17. hi_how_are_you_1291.thumb.jpg.2b3940658b

18. avatar.thumb.png.dedc41890fceada80bb11cb

19. 5a7a58777f7e7_ScreenShot2018-02-06at8_26

20. Imotekh_the_Stormlord.thumb.png.732f161d

21. ezgif-4-6a68a29637.thumb.gif.2bcf85edf3a

22. a-shot-in-the-dark.thumb.jpg.0c074dac537

23. SMSI04V.png?1 

24. photo-2673.gif

25. True_Alba.thumb.gif.10cabaad8d5408d674fd

Good luck. PM/Cometchat me the answers, do not post them in this topic.

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Perch here live with the Basketball Ceremony! Jjs has received the votes. 

Cream, Hayden and JCM are safe. The last basketball goes to...


Homie. Alas, Trophy has met his end. In addition, OBAB is being eliminated due to multiple absences. Good luck on your journey, Trophy. JCM is now the sole surviving Band Geek.

Our final four is: Cream,  Hayden, Homie and JCM! How will it all end!? I don't know, but find out for Round 6 on March 22nd at 8pm EDT! After that, the last two rounds will be next week! Perch out!

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