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[3rd] The Fry Cook Games VI Round

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Band Geeks:

1.) JCM

2.) Fred Rechid

3.) Trophy


1.) Homie

2.) Hayden

3.) Cream

4.) OBAB

The third round will be tonight at 8 PM EDT. As I mentioned in the sign-ups, this will work like a tournament. A user from each side will face another user from another side in the challenge. Whichever team has the most members win it will win the round overall. It's okay if you can't attend, but it may make it easier for a team to win the round if few people show, to say the least.

Last time, the Drasticals won again, and Cream found an immunity idol before the round started. Negi was eliminated from the Band Geeks. How will things go tonight? Stay tuned!

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Challenge #3 

Pie Day

For the third round of The Fry Cook Games VI, we have a special Pi Day themed game split in two parts. Part One: Answer a question about Pi Day. You will race with your opponent. You can ask teammates for assistance. If any teammate does not show, then the person they face pretty much gets a freebie. If neither show, that one will be null and void. Whichever team wins 2-1 or 3-0 will win this round overall.

1.) Homie & OBAB vs. Fred:


Q: In what year was the earliest known official or large-scale celebration of Pi Day organized?

2.) Cream vs. JCM:


Q: In what year did the US House of Representatives support the designation of Pi Day?

3.) Hayden vs. Trophy:


Q: In what year did Pi Day have special significance at 9:26:53 a.m. and also at p.m.?

(after you complete this I will send you part two, which involves hunting for pie)

Good luck. PM/Cometchat/Xat me the answers, do not post them in this topic. Once again, only do the match I put your name for, but you can help your teammates with their matches after you finish yours, if you want.

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Perch here live with the results!

In Homie & OBAB vs. Fred, Homie won for the Drasticals!

In Cream vs. JCM, Cream won for the Drasticals!

In Hayden vs. Trophy, Hayden won for the Drasticals! 

The Drasticals win yet again giving them a 3 in a row streak! :o Job well done! Thankfully for the Band Geeks, tonight is a reward challenge, so everyone gets to dig in and eat the pies they found as the prize. That being said, the boss tells me tomorrow night is 100% an elimination, so the Band Geeks could have to off one of their top three tomorrow night or hope they can climb back up the mountain! 

Round 4 will be March 15th (tomorrow night) at 8pm EDT, the last pre-merge round! Perch out!

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