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[1st] The Fry Cook Games VI Round

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Alright, the sign-ups are closed. Here is who will be playing:

Band Geeks:

1.) JCM

2.) Fred Rechid

3.) Trophy

4.) NegiSpongie


1.) Homie

2.) Hayden

3.) Cream

4.) OBAB


1.) 4EverGreen

The first round will be tonight at 8 PM EST, in 10 minutes. As I mentioned in the sign-ups, this will work like a tournament. A user from each side will face another user from another side in the challenge. Whichever team has the most members win it will win the round overall. It's okay if you can't attend, but it may make it easier for a team to win the round if few people show, to say the least.

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It's time.

Challenge #1: 

Name The Episodes

For the first round of The Fry Cook Games VI, we'll start off simple. I have randomly generated each player against another from the opposing side to do this challenge. I will give you pictures from SpongeBob sports episodes, and you will race with your opponent to see who identifies all five first. You can use the internet, or ask teammates for assistance. Only do the one I put your name for, don't answer ones that don't have your name. If any teammate does not show, then the person they face pretty much gets a freebie. If neither show, that one will be null and void. Whichever team wins 3-1 or 4-0 will win this round overall, gaining a point. 

1.) Cream vs. NegiSpongie:


1.) pYMzUmf.jpg?1


2.) aXaf2wi.jpg 


3.) k53qFyF.jpg 


4.) o6VubTT.jpg?1


5.) yJ0T5DZ.jpg

2.) OBAB vs. Trophy:


1.) 08FmAJe.jpg?1


2.) QhpIzVl.png?1


3.) 9wrFu3O.png


4.) 2qQ2ZdU.png


5.) q7HXg5G.jpg

3.) Hayden vs. JCM:


1.) 2m5VhtL.jpg?1


2.) vnjMdXa.jpg?1


3.) UoYtRHd.jpg 


4.) r6CRZF6.jpg


5.) RqxGT51.jpg?1

4.) Homie vs. Fred vs. 4EverGreen:


1.) XoIYevh.png


2.) i9tzfXK.jpg


3.) rM3bjc7.png?1


4.) gsb7mMM.png?1


5.) IoS5qkb.jpg?1

Good luck. PM/Cometchat me the answers, do not post them in this topic. Once again, only do the match I put your name for, but you can help your teammates with their matches after you finish yours, if you want.

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Cream vs. Negi: Cream won (DS)

OBAB vs. Trophy: Trophy won (BG)

Hayden vs JCM: Hayden won (DS)

Fred vs. Homie vs. 4Ever: Fred won (BG)

We have a tie! In order to break this, we'll have a tiebreaker question that anyone can answer. I will post it at 8:13.

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BAH GAWD! Perch Perkins here live on the scene, and @Cream broke the tie for the Drasticals, giving them a victory! The Drasticals are safe from elimination tonight.

Now, for the Basketball Ceremony, the Band Geeks and @4EverGreen, the lone independent, must vote someone off since both sides lost! Send @jjsthekid your votes!

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Thanks Perch for the commentary. Now, here are the vote results.

Basketball Ceremony:

*dribbles* Welcome, Band Geeks and lone Independent. Here is who is safe.

*hurls basketballs at Trophy, Negi and JCM*

The bottom two are Fred and 4EverGreen. The last ball goes to...


Fred. Sorry 4EverGreen, but you're out, sinking on the lone Independent ship. :( You will have to take the Bus of Shame all the way home. Safe travels. Maybe someday you'll get to show everyone your true power in one of these games. Farewell for now, true believer. 

Round 2 will be Sunday, March 11th at 8pm EST after D&D. An Immunity Idol will be hidden that day, so stay tuned!

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