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Seymour Skinner

Shooting at CMU earlier today

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So earlier this morning, while I was in my art class (somewhere around 9-10 AM), a gunman (James Eric Davis Jr., a 19 year old black male) had reportedly shot and killed both of his parents on the fourth floor of a residence hall in Central Michigan University, has retreated and is now rummaging through the woods. He has not been found as of this post. Most schools near CMU (Vowles, Fancher, West Intermediate, MPHS) had to go into an "outdoor lockdown".

Here is a picture of the man (credit to Fox News): 1520024138158.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

So what do you think of this shooting? I remember during art class, an announcement came on talking about a shooting and saying the school has went into an outdoor lockdown. The rest of class went fine except for the last period, when I had to stay for half an hour because my parents had to call me down to the office to pick me up.

Source: me, because I go to a school close to CMU, and also this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/03/02/2-shot-central-michigan-university-gunman-still-large/388570002/

EDIT 3/2/18 7:40 PM: The gunman has still not been found as of this edit. We have recently got a call from the local police department stating to keep the doors and windows locked and to call 911 if we witness any suspicious behavior or if we find the criminal. And I'm scared.

EDIT 3/2/18 10:00 PM: There is a helicopter circling our house. Want to know something scary? This criminal could be right in our BACKYARD. I am very creeped out right now.

EDIT 3/3/18 12:56 AM: The criminal has been caught and has been sent to jail awaiting his court case, according to a recent phone call sent out to residents of the neighborhood.

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Just now, Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick said:

:( What has the world come to...

I don't know. There is a lot of hatred in the world, and I don't think anyone will be able to stop it.

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Both sides need to shut up and come together that there's more than one main issue with this country, as much as I'd prefer to be able to blame it all on just mental health or guns it feels like nobody is seeing that every case is different and that there's far more than one gigantic issue given that the United States is the only developed country where the surprising part is that it seems more like a targeted attack rather than a mass shooting.

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