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Yup, this is my new SBC literature. This will be a "what if" story, but this will be very different from past SBC works of mine. This will be half comedy and half serious. If you miss SBC Falls, this will be tonally like that, but without the parody angle.

Synopsis: In the not so distant future, the world has been torn apart. A mysterious computer virus has infected and taken over 97.5% of the world (OUR WORLD!). Now, evil robots and rogue biker gangs rule the wastelands! However, parts of the world are able to protect themselves from these threats. One place in particular is a protected city called "The SpongeBob Community", containing the website's remnants. A group of ragtag SBC users are assembled by Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick to stop this threat once and for all, still with the classic SBC humor and antics you're used to.

And don't worry, the chapters won't be as long as some of my other works lmao.


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Here we go. I consider this to be a much, much better version of SBC Parallel Universe, but with a bit of SBC Falls-esque humor in there for fans of that. Enjoy. 

1. Road to SBC

"In the not so distant future, our world has been torn apart. A dangerous computer virus named "Infinex" has infected and taken over 97.5% of the world. Now, evil robots and rogue biker gangs rule the wastelands! However, parts of the world are able to protect themselves from these threats. One place in particular is a well-protected city called "The SpongeBob Community", containing the website's remnants. Let us see what they've up to, shall we?


One Year Ago

Outside The SpongeBob Community dome, a battlefield is shown. Multiple creepy ass Terminator-like robots are trying to attack the SBC dome, but the defense force ain't having that shit. Pew pew pew, lots of cool lasers and explosions! Colonel Metal Snake is seen with several soldiers watching the battle with binoculars, when Trophy approaches him.

"Uhhh Colonel Snake, the robots broke through that perimeter, and we lost contact with Insert Name Here Squadron, so unless they're having a harem with robot waifus, yeaaahhh, I don't think this is looking good....." Trophy reported.

"None of this is good, Trophy. That's why it's called war." Steel replied in a badass voice.

"lol why would they name themselves Insert Name Here," JCM wondered.

"Hey, I don't think this situation calls for nitpicking names, that's my job. (d) " Trophy replied.

"well someone has to provide comedic relief," JCM replied.

"That's also my job. (d) " Trophy replied.

"lol since when, I thought you just liked to ramble about sports with me in the shout lounge," JCM replied.

"...Okay, um, what should we do now, colonel?" RDSP asked Metal.

"Blow 'em all up. Leave none of those unholy machines alive." Metal Snake replied.

"Hell yeah! :D " Trophy replied, as he grabs a machine gun and immediately fires at the robots. "DEATH TO ALL ROBOTS, MOTHERFUCKERS!" 

The robots get blown up, as their forces are reduced. Suddenly, a bus goes driving through the debris of robots, and it comes to a screeching halt near the gates. The door opens, as a wrecked robot is thrown out of it.

"Out you go, you piece of garbage. :) " WhoBob said, wearing an Iron Man costume, revealing himself to be the driver.

"There you are, WhoBob." Metal said.

"What crazy adventure did you get into?" OWM asked.

"Found as many survivors as I could. Welcome to new SBC guys. <3" WhoBob said to the passengers, as they look at the dome.

"Get them inside, fast. The gates are about to close." Metal ordered, as WhoBob drives the bus inside the dome, and lets the passengers off.

"Hey guys, guys, this is just like Power Rangers RPM so far. :funny: " Renegade said.

"dude, what did we tell you about breaking the fourth wall," Burgerpants replied.

"Sup, I'll be bringing the freshest and dankest memes even into the apocalypse." Conehead said.

"Get that cone off your head, son." Hawkbit said.

"I'm scared. :( " Wendy the Witch said.

"If these robots dare to mess with me, they will get a swift kick in the ass." Jackie Chan said, doing karate moves, who was the last passenger. 

"Wait, where's Cha? She still hasn't returned." Steel said.

"Omg, she better hurry, there's not much time before the gates close. :( " WhoBob said concerned, looking out into the deserts for her.

Suddenly, a motorbike comes speeding their way. Cha quickly speeds it right into the dome just in time, as the gates close.

"Yay, I made it! :plankton2: Sowwy I was late." Cha said.

"Colonel...what if there's still people out there?" RDSP asked Metal.

"Then may Celestia help them. Because we can't." Metal replied, looking out into the wasteland from the dome windows. 

Present Day

The desert wasteland is seen. Suddenly, a pretty cool rusty black car named the "Dramatic Static" comes riding up into this dreary scene. It stops, as someone dressed in black gets out of the car, wearing a gas mask and other cool Fallout gear. They read a fancy gizmo, showing the atmosphere is stable. They take off their mask, to reveal it's Hayden. 

"Just more and more sand, great. Still no sign of that legendary SBC dome anywhere. I'm starting to think it doesn't exist at all. >_>" Hayden said angrily, looking at a map.

Hayden looks around, and sees a dying flower in the sand. He takes out his water bottle, and pours the last drop of it onto the flower. 

"Welp if I die, maybe something will live on." Hayden said hopefully, as he is about to get back into the Dramatic Static.

Suddenly, he hears odd noises. Several robots rush to him and attack.

"You ugly fuckers again? Wrong time to mess with me." Hayden said, as he dodges one and punches its head off.

He hops into the car, and drives it right over another one, crushing it. The other robots fire pew pew lasers, but Hayden just runs right through 'em, all while the flower remains unharmed. As the Dramatic Static makes it way onward, Hayden double checks his map and compass. Suddenly, someone is seen up ahead waving, as Hayden makes the car come to a complete stop. 

"Please don't tell me I'm hallucinating." Hayden said.

"nope, pretty sure i real...can I please has ride?" the person asked.

"I normally don't allow free rides to any random loon, but since the world is shit now...sure, I suppose. Even though I have no idea where I'm going, so don't expect me to take you anywhere." Hayden said, as the person gets into the passenger seat.

"thank guy...hey wait a min...hayden? :o"  the person asked, surprised to see him.

"...SOF? :o SOF MY OLD CHUM! I never thought I'd see a human being again!" Hayden said surprised, as he realized it was in fact, SOF himself.

"your alive? we thot u died..." SOF said.

"That's nice. Do you know where this supposed SBC dome is, or is it just bullshit and we're the last SBCers?" Hayden asked.

"yah i can gets you in, trust me...there wont be an issue, they will be glad to see you again..." SOF replied, somewhat nervous.

"If you say so. But are you doing out in the desert if you know where the city is?" Hayden asked.

"uh....looking for survivors, yup," SOF replied, trying to hide something.

"Atta boy SOF, you've become a brave man. Now then, is jjs in the city?" Hayden asked.

SOF has a sad expression on his face, unsure how to answer.

"...nobody seen him in years. nobody nose where he went or if alive at all. soz dude." SOF explained.

"I see...well, that's about a 50/50 shot to me, and 50/50 shots are what I live by. I'm sure he's out there somewhere." Hayden replied.

"keep going weast...sorry, *west*, and you get to new SBC," SOF said to Hayden, as the Dramatic Static keeps on going.

They drive for quite some time, as they keep heading west. Suddenly, several robots appear on motorbikes in Hayden's mirror, as they chase after the car.

"ruh roh, it's those dangeroos robits!" SOF said nervously.

"If you want to get out of danger, I'm the guy to be with. SOF, look around in my junk and get a lollipop." Hayden said.

"...wat?" SOF asked, confused.

"Do it now." Hayden replied, as the robots fire at them.

SOF finds a Poke Ball lollipop in the backseat, and hands it to Hayden. Hayden takes a bite out of it, and attaches it to a metal disc.

"Catch this, you robot scum." Hayden said, throwing the disc out the window at the robots.

It detonates and explodes, destroying the robots.

"that was badass," SOF said.

"Yes it was. (smirk) " Hayden replied.

However, the Dramatic Static runs out of gas, as the car stops in the middle of nowhere.

"...Dammit." Hayden said, sighing.

"you gots extra gas, right?" SOF asked.

"Yeah, but it's my last tank. We better find this place before I run out, because Hayster is not walking." Hayden said, as he gets out and goes to the trunk.

Suddenly, a bunch of motorbike sounds are heard again.

"Don't tell me it's more of those fodder robots." Hayden said annoyed.

A group of bikers head for the car again, but these are not robots. This biker gang has the Christian cross on their helmets and outfits. They circle around the Dramatic Static, taunting Hayden and SOF.

"uh oh, its a biker gang!" SOF said worried, locking his door.

Hayden looks at them, seeing the Christian crosses.

"Oh god...my worst enemy, a Christian biker gang. Well bring it on, I have nothing left to fear!" Hayden yelled

A biker holds out a cross, swinging it at Hayden as they zoom by, but miss. Another biker charges to Hayden, but he punches them off the bike. The biker gang leader then zooms up to Hayden from behind and hits him in the head with a 3DS. Another biker then throws chains at him, wrapping Hayden in them. Another biker then pulls out their cross and scrapes it across the right side of the Dramatic Static, angering Hayden.

"When I get out of here, you Christian nutjobs are gonna get it, mark my words." Hayden said, trying to break free from the chains.

"donut worry hay, stay put, i will sav you...hopefully!" SOF said nervously, as he gets out of the car.

He is quickly grabbed by a biker, and wrapped in chains as well.

"nvm..." SOF said.

Hayden and SOF are both next to each other on the sand, as the bikers look at them.

"soz hay, i tired at least," SOF replied.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired as well of this shit." Hayden replied, sighing.

"Well well well, if it isn't SOF and that silly atheist from SBC, Hayden?" the leader taunted.

"Am I supposed to know you, freako?" Hayden asked back.

"You should. It's me...DS Guy. I'm the leader of the Christian Ravagers, the last Christians left on the planet. I serve my Lord in order to keep Christianity alive in these dark times." DS Guy revealed, taking off his helmet.

"Oh, I remember you, that nutty Christian who got banned from a SpongeBob site, haha. Good luck trying to keep your dead religion alive, especially with the robots taking over the world. Did your god plan for that? (smirk) " Hayden asked.

"Such uneducated words from a foolish atheist. Robots will not be the next stage of evolution. God himself said so, and we shall make sure his decree is carried out." DS Guy said.

"stfu bs guy," SOF said.

"You heard him "BS Guy", stop with your nonsense." Hayden said.

"Silence, non-believers. Both of you still have a chance to change, as He taught me. We roam the wasteland to convert people to Christianity, and that's what we're gonna do to you two! You will read the sacred texts and become newborn Christians! " DS Guy said.

"Holy shit, this has to be my worst desert adventure, ever. You can show me your stupid texts all you want, but you ain't converting us, we have wills of iron." Hayden replied back.

DS Guy opens a holy Bible, and flashes it right before Hayden and SOF's eyes. They try to look away, but the other bikers grab them and force them to look at it ("I WANT YOU TO LOOK AT IT!"). Hayden regrettably looks at the Bible, but...something is wrong. He sees no words on the pages. There is nothing written on them at all. They are completely blank.

"Huh, nice book you got there, really represents your religion." Hayden said snidely.

"What are you talking about, you non-believer?" DS Guy asked.

"I think you need to actually read it my man, there's literally nothing written in it at all. Maybe you've been out in the desert too long. :troll: " Hayden said.

DS Guy and the bikers look at the Bible, shocked to see nothing is in it at all.

"WHAT!? But...how? I've seen the Lord's words many times, how are they gone!? Is this a trick by you two!? Did you pull some magic atheist mind game on me!?" DS Guy asked, unhinged. 

Hayden then throws himself forward, knocking down DS Guy and another biker.

"No, the sacred texts!" DS Guy yelled, as his Bible falls in the sand, getting nasty ass sand over it.

Hayden and SOF get up, as a biker strikes their cross at Hayden, but break his chains instead. Hayden punches the biker, and frees SOF. SOF kicks sand in the air, as some flies in a biker's face.

"I hate sand!" one biker yelled, flailing around.

DS Guy gets back up, but Hayden punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

"That's for my car!" Hayden said.

SOF grabs an old pipe from Hayden's car and whacks it at an incoming biker, knocking them off to the bike.

"yay, i badass too!" SOF said.

Hayden punches another, as all of the bikers are knocked out.

"My Lord, please forgive me..." DS Guy said in pain, and holding the tainted Bible.

Hayden quickly grabs the fuel tank, and puts it in. The car is fueled up, as Hayden looks at the scratch from the cross on his car angrily.

"Your "Lord" forgive you, but I sure as hell won't." Hayden replied, getting in and grabbing another metal disc.

Hayden tosses it out the window, as the bikers get up. The Dramatic Static zooms off, and the bikers look at the disc confused. It beeps, as they run, and it explodes, with sand flying everywhere. The bikers get up angrily, looking at the Dramatic Static in the distance.

"FUCK YOU HAYDEN AND SOF YOU GOD HATING HEATHENS, WE SHALL GET OUR REVENGE! CHRISTIANS WILL RISE AGAIN!" DS Guy yelled from the distance, as the bikers shake their fists at them like angry old men.

"their crusing doesnt sound very chrustian," SOF noted.

They keep going west, when they see a giant machine barricade wall up ahead, ready to attack.

"The fuck is that?" Hayden asked.

"that is guard wall for bad guys, were doomed..." SOF said, panicking, as several more of Infinex's robots appear.

"Not on my watch." Hayden said, swerving the car, running over robots.

He throws out another metal disc, exploding it at those robots (damn we're really blowing our budget with all these explosions, so let's hope we don't pass Michael Bay's count).

"you know, it's not too late to turn back...srsly, it not to latte to turn back!" SOF said nervously, looking around.

"No turning back now, we made it this far." Hayden said, running through more robots.

At Infinex's central base, a red screen shows the Dramatic Static heading for the wall. Infinex reveals itself, showing it to be a creepy as fuck metal pod with a large red glowing eye, connected to the center of the base.

"I tell you hwhat boss, we have someone trying to break through our SBC wall. That ain't happening on my watch." a Hank Hill robot said, who was one of Infinex's elite henchmen.

"Indeed it will not. Activate the defense cannon and annihilate them." Infinex ordered.

"Ooh, it's been a while since we've had a gruesome annihilation! I'm excited, Overlord Infinex!" a Hugh Neutron robot said, another one of Infinex's elite henchmen. 

Back at the wall, the central cannon is ready to fire at the car, as it locks on. 

"Give me more discs." Hayden said to SOF, who digs around the car.

SOF picks up one, but accidentally activates.

"tats no good..." SOF said, panicking, as the disc beeps.

Hayden sees this, and swerves the car, as the disc goes flying out of SOF's hands into the backseat, still beeping. They get closer to the wall, as the cannon is about to fire. Infinex is seen at his base, counting down.




"welp heyden, it was nice knowing you..." SOF said.

"Oh, we're not done yet SOF my boy. Hang on tight." Hayden warned.


Hayden makes the car come to a complete stop near the wall, and the metal disc goes flying out of the car at the central cannon in the barricade. It explodes, opening a hole for them.

"HOLY SHIT WERE ALIVE!" SOF yelled happily, as the car makes its way to the SBC dome.

"Uh, great Overlord Infinex, our wall just went boom!" Hugh Neutron reported.

"No matter. Now SBC will have to open its gates, allowing one of our robots to be sent. Activate the Generation 4 Spambot." Infinex ordered.

At SBC's central tower, Governor Cream is seen in the command room with several users.

"Leader, we have an incoming vehicle carrying a human and a half human." Metal reported, scanning the Dramatic Static.

"...um, a half human? So...there's a cyborg in that car?" Cream asked, confused.

"Governor, I have double checked this vehicle. Let them in, trust me." Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick said through a communicator, confusing her.

Cream hits a switch anyways, as the gates to the SBC dome open. The Dramatic Static drives in, as they see the SBC city.

"So this is SBC now. At least it survived after everything." Hayden said, proud.

However, several of Infinex's robots, along with the Spambot, were able to follow the car in through the gate. They begin to terrorize the city, as the SBCers panic. The gates automatically close, as an alarm goes off.

"Governor, we have a breach!" OWM said to Cream in the command room.

"Warning to civilians: Robots have made it in, be on high alert. Do not panic, or try not to." Cream announced through a speaker to the city, as several users scream and run around in circles.

"Well fuck me, we get to SBC and unintentionally bring in these things to kill them." Hayden said, sighing.

"it sokay hay :) " SOF reassured.

Hayden rams two of them over, but the Spambot shoots spam at the Dramatic Static, which Hayden barely avoids. 

"I already got this baby scratched today fuckwad, I don't need this crap on it either!" Hayden said angrily.

Suddenly, Cha, Trophy and WhoBob appear in badass armor.

"We're the Protectors of SBC!" Cha, WhoBob and Trophy said, as they beat the robots the fuck up with cool ass technology.

"whoa, go go protecters!" SOF said, looking at them in amazement, as the two get out of the car.

"The what now?" Hayden asked.

"cha, trophy and whoboob became the "Protecteers of SBC", they are like badass mods but irl," SOF explained.

"So Trophy actually did get far in life, nice." Hayden said, impressed.

The normal robots are destroyed, as the three rip them apart like Samurai Jack. The Spambot remains, firing spam at the three. They break through it like it's peanut butter, and attack it. Before the three destroy it, it quickly flees, running and jumping away into the city.

"Damn, that's one fast and bouncy mofo." Cha said.

"And it's on the loose. :( " WhoBob said, disappointed.

"Meh, we'll get it next time, it's not like it can get far. Cream, we got a runner, it's a spammy pile of junk." Trophy reported to Cream through a communicator.

"I'll order all guards to search for it, but I'm not happy we have a robot on the loose here. >_>" Cream replied.

"Blame whatever car led them here, which reminds me, who tf was in that car." Trophy asked.

"it was us, hi guys," SOF said, as him and Hayden approach the three, surprising them.

"Yeah, it's really the one and only Hayden, and his partner in crime SOF. We survived the wasteland, baby!" Hayden said.

"OMG the kings have returned! :krabsshocked:" Cha said, excited.

"...Hay and SOF? YAAAAY, you guys are alive! :o " WhoBob said.

"...How the hell did you two make it past the robot wall, and where have you two been, and don't say "the desert, duh Trophy"? o_O" Trophy asked.

"We had some mad skill on our side. Also, the desert, duh Trophy. (smirk)  " Hayden replied.

"lel some things never change, but why did u leave us SOF?" WhoBob asked.

"uh...it long story also i tink we acciduntally (sp?) let robutts in, soz," SOF said.

"it's fine dude, at least you two are here <3" Cha replied.

""robutts", glad to see SOF still has it :D " Trophy said.

"I've been looking everywhere for this place. Happy to see humans instead of sand for a change. Now, I've got about 9,000 questions-" Hayden was saying.

"There they are!" someone yelled, confusing them.

Suddenly, several SBC officers and guards surround Hayden and SOF. Cha, Trophy and WhoBob are confused.

"hey guys, what's goin' on?" Cha asked.

"Hayden and SOF, you're both under arrest." Fred Rechid said to the two, handcuffing them.

"th-that's all folks!?" SOF said nervously.

To Be Continued...

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2. Prisoners and Protectors

SOF and Hayden are seen in a jail cell together.

"welp hay, we dun fucked up. :( " SOF said sadly. 

"Indeed we did boy, and I don't even know what I did wrong. >_> I guess existing is a crime now. Glad to get such a warm welcome upon my return." Hayden said, annoyed.

Suddenly, Fred approaches their cell.

"Fredward. (d) " Hayden greeted coldly.

"Hayden. (d) " Fred replied coldly.

"SOF!" SOF chimed in. "but srsly, why fred!?"

"Sorry guys, it's nothing personal, but Cream gave the orders to arrest both of you. I'm not so sure on why Hay got arrested though, but SOF knows what he did wrong, sorry dude." Fred explained, confusing SOF.

"...SOF? Is there something you're not telling me? o.o " Hayden asked. 

"i plead the fith," SOF replied, as Hayden facepalms.

"A few years ago, SOF was a worker for one of SBC's most notorious crime lords, Slam Lord BBBB. He runs the Underpants Slam Cartel and SOF willingly took part in his shady missions until one day SOF fled the dome with $3 million worth of supplies. We've had an arrest out for him ever since." Fred explained.

"So that's why you were wandering around the deserts like a weirdo, running away from your shady past. Damn SOF, when did you become such a criminal?" Hayden asked.

"uh.....i can explain, looks, i did not mean anythings bad by doing it..." SOF replied sadly.

"Save it for later. Colonel Metal Snake will be here shortly to interrogate Hayden." Fred explained, as he walks away.

"Joy. >_> As for you SOF, you sure have some explaining to do..." Hayden said to him, making SOF sweat.

"i dont wanna took about it right now. :/" SOF replied.

"Yeah, took just like you took 3 million dollars. (smirk) " Hayden replied.

"just forget it, i never meants harm, times were hard." SOF replied.

"I'm not mad at you bud, regardless of whatever ya really did. At this point you may be all I have, so we'll have to work together my dude. Truce?" Hayden replied, holding out his hand.

"fair, twuce," SOF replied, shaking hands with Hayden.

Suddenly, Metal Snake approaches the cell.

"Hayden. Interrogation. Now." Metal said sternly, as he opens the cell, and escorts Hayden out.

"good luck dude...remember, when in debt, pinky out," SOF said to Hayden, as the cell closes, giving him this pose:


Hayden is seen in the interrogation room with Metal, as they are at the table. Trophy, WhoBob, Cha and Cream watch and overhear their conversation from the glass on the other side.

"Is Hayd going to be in jail forever?" Cha asked to Cream.

"maybe not, depends what he reveals." Cream replied.

"This is nice." Hayden said, looking around at the small and dreary room.

"Don't try your "jokes" on me. Listen pal. hilaryfan80 did an analysis and discovered...you are part cyborg. This means you're either one of the robots or there's something you don't know." Metal said sternly, surprising Hayden and the others.

"What? Me, part robot? I'd never become one of those pieces of trash. Sounds like hilaryfan80 made an error again, wouldn't be the first time....WAIT A BURGER FLIPPIN' MINUTE...I remember now..." Hayden said, as a faint flashback comes to him.

A while ago, Hayden is seen in a laboratory, strapped to a table. His vision is blurred, but a strange light appears over him. Mechanical noises are heard, as he screams, ending the flashback.

"Yes...when I got kidnapped and sent to that psycho's experiment lab, they must have done something to my beautiful body! :o " Hayden realized. "That's all I know, I swear. I won't deny me being half robot is sort of cool, but I did not know! I did not commit any crime!"

"I see. Very well then. I'll report this to hilaryfan80." Metal replied.

"Hey, Hayden actually didn't something wrong on his own for a change, I'm impressed. Also he's part robot now, boy I could make a lot of jokes out of that, but I don't have the time right now." Trophy said smugly.

"so hayden is the real Cyborg (smirk) jk but at least he's not evil like other robots. " WhoBob said.

"Trophy, WhoBob and Cha, it turns out that missing spambot has appeared. We need you to destroy that thing once and for all." Cream said to the three.

"woo finally, I can finally counter my ramblings with real spam!" Trophy said.

"Alright, but what about Hayden and SOF? :( " WhoBob asked. 

"They will be left here for now." Cream replied.

Two guards, crushingmayhem and Patty Sponge, then grab Hayden from out of his chair.

"Hey wait, I'm innocent, let me out!" Hayden replied.

"Sorry, you're going to have to stay here a little while longer." Metal replied, as Hayden is thrown back into the cell by the two.

"Don't worry chap, lunch is coming up soon." Patty promised, as the two walk away.

"soz hay," SOF said.

"It's okay, but I learned a terrible secret about myself. I am...a cyborg, and not the cool one from Teen Titans. :( " Hayden said sadly.

"meh, robo or not, you still same hay to me," SOF replied.

"Thanks dude. I just hope this robot stuff doesn't become a problem with them rampant everywhere. >_>" Hayden said.

"Lunch time!" a guard called, as the cell opens.

"lez hope lunch does nut suck," SOF said, as the two head to the cafeteria.

The two grab their trays, and get served mediocre as fuck food.

"Meh." Hayden said, looking at it.

"meh" SOF also replied, as they head to a table to eat their mediocre as fuck food.

Hayden notices mold in his mashed potatoes.

"...I'm not very hungry anymore. o.o " Hayden said, pushing his tray away.

Suddenly, the two hear some obnoxious laughter, as someone approaches their table.

"Well well well, if it isn't GAYDEN and SpongeDorkFan! XDD Sup dicks?" Bl4zeTMG taunted, snorting.

"Gayden, haha how clever, I hope you give yourself a medal for that. :) " Hayden replied, not put off by him.

"go away blaze, im trying to eat medicore food," SOF replied.

"Too bad, I want that food!" Bl4ze said, picking SOF up by the shirt.

"hey now wets tak this out-heep!" SOF yelled, as Bl4ze is about to punch him.

Several of Bl4ze's goons swarm around the table, laughing.

"Nobody hurts my friend!" Hayden said, as he punches Bl4ze in the face, and he falls to the ground.

His goons gasp, as they charge at the two.

"Hey, no fighting in the cafeteria!" a guard yelled, as some guards intervene.

Hayden and SOF both push the lunch table in their way, stopping both the goons and guards, as they fall down comedically.

"I think we've had enough jail time." Hayden said, as SOF agrees, and the two run out of the cafeteria.

The two make their way down the hall, seeing a steel door guarded by Patty and crushing.

"Not so fast, you aren't going past here." crushing said.

"gays we need help, there is BIG fight in there!" SOF said, pointing to the cafeteria, as the goons get up and begin fighting with the guards, having an ol' tussle.

"Alright, but don't go anywhere." crushing replied, as him and Patty run off.

Before they run off, Hayden swipes Patty's ID card. He uses it to open the door, as SOF and Hayden escape the SBC prison.

"FREEDOM, FREEDOM!" Hayden yelled, as they step outside, seeing SBC city. 

"YES! YES! YES!" SOF yelled like Daniel Bryan, as the two run off, and an alarm goes off in the prison.

Meanwhile, Trophy, Cha and WhoBob are seen hunting for the rascally spambot.

"Maybe this will lure that silly bot out. :doglaugh: " Cha said, holding out a can of spam, and opening it, as the scent goes through the air.

"HELP!" someone yelled.

They run off to the scene of the crime, seeing Wendy the Witch being attacked by the spambot outside of the Xat Paradise building. 

"Stop! In the name of SBC, we'll punish you!" Cha spoke like Sailor Moon to the robot.

"Thank you!" Wendy said, as he escapes, and the spambot focuses its sights on the three.

"Want some free deals on belly fat?" the spambot asked, confusing the heroes.

"WTF?" WhoBob replied.

The spambot fires belly fat from its machine gun everywhere, as it covers the heroes.

"Eww." all three said, as they fire their fancy hilaryfan80 made anti-robot guns (guys look this lit is shoving guns in your face holy fuck it's clearly CONSERVATIVE PROPAGANDA :o ) at the spambot.

That spambot is one fast mofo though, as it avoids their blasts. Trophy gets out a high-tech baseball bat, holding it like this:


The spambot fires another belly fat blast at Trophy, who bats it back at the robot, damaging it. Cha shoots her Guano shaped gun at the robot, and WhoBob uses a Captain America shield to block some belly fat shit. Hayden and SOF keep running, as they see this epic fight transpiring.

"kick him in younger ass!" SOF cheered on to them.

"Never change SOF." Hayden replied, proud of him.

The spambot keeps rabid firing that belly fat like a champ, but the three are not deterred, as they keep on striking that son of a bitch. However, the spambot is not deterred either, activating its last resort! It traps the three in cybernetic cans of spam! :o Hayden and SOF gasp upon seeing this, deciding they must save the three. They jump out into the action, avoiding more belly fat from the spambot.

"yum," SOF said, eating it. 

"OMG, SOF and Hay are here to save us?! :o " WhoBob said, shocked, as he tries to break out of dat spam can.

"I thought they were in jail. (d) " Trophy said.

"We were, but we got out!" Hayden replied, as he punches the spambot.

SOF picks up a trash can, and throws it at the spambot, cracking its spam tube on the back. Hayden punches his arm right through the robot's head, damaging it, before he gets coated in belly fat along with SOF. Due to the falcon punch though, the spambot's head sparks, and it causes the cans of spam to go away around the three.

"FREEDOM!" Trophy yelled, as he runs up and begins beating the shit out of the spambot with his baseball bat, as it keeps flailing around.

WhoBob throws his Captain America shield around like a boomerang, cutting off the spambot's legs.

"DIE!!!" Cha yelled, firing her Guano gun multiple times at the spambot, as it falls to the ground overheating.

"zoinks!" SOF yelled, as he quickly gets up, slipping.

The spambot explodes, as spam covers the entire area.

" :) " Cha said.  

"Great, I JUST had this outfit washed. >_>" Trophy said, pissed.

"Sucks tho dude, but anyways, thanks so much Hay and SOF, you guys helped save us. :D " WhoBob said.

"Yeah, I knew you guys weren't bad! :krabsdance:" Cha said, happy.

Suddenly, several prison guards approach them.

"There they are!" Patty said, mad at SOF and Hayden.

"Hold on, do not take them in. hilaryfan80 wants to see the two." Cream ordered, appearing.

"Understood, ma'am." crushing replied, as the guards back off.

Trophy, Cha, WhoBob, SOF, Hayden and Cream head to the Protectors' base.

"Welcome to our super hot and sexy superhero base." WhoBob said.

"nice digs" SOF said, as they walk in.

"You two will get your own personal rooms in here, we have vacancy! I can tell you my room is lit af." Cha said.

Hayden sees the Dramatic Static is safe and sound in the base's garage area.

"Thank fuck, my ride lives." Hayden said, noticing it got repairs.

"Yah, hilaryfan80 salvaged and fixed it up for you." WhoBob replied.

"hilaryfan80 would like to speak with you two, he has an important offer." Cream explained, making the two curious.

"Herro." hilaryfan80 said, walking out of another room, in a fancy ass professor outfit. "I am the chief of technology for the Protectors. Hayden, my apologies for the arrest. I know you have Infinex technology in you, and we had no clue whose side you were on. This is not your fault, but it has helped increase your strength. I can help you control it so he doesn't try to take you over or some fucked up shit like that. You'd make a great asset to our team. ^_^ "

"Thanks, doc." Hayden replied.

"As for SOF, I'm not particularly happy about your past with Slam Lord, especially with fleeing from the dome like that." hilaryfan80 said.

"soz, it was tough time," SOF replied.

"...But, you did help them against that spambot. I will see how the other teammates feel about letting SOF join us." hilaryfan80 replied.

"I think SOF should join, even if he did something bad in the past, he helped us today. <3" Cha said.

"yeah SOF changed ways," WhoBob said.

"Meh I guess, at least I could take him under my wing. (smirk) " Trophy said.

"what does that mean, trop? (d) " SOF asked.

"Well then SOF, do you join?" hilaryfan80 asked.

"YES! YES! YES!" SOF replied, yelling like Daniel Bryan again. "finelly, i has purpose in life..."

"Fine, but I am keeping my eyes on him. So that brings us to Hayden, I ask you: Will you join the Protectors of SBC?" hilaryfan80 asked him.

Hayden thinks it over.

"Hmm...yeah, sure, I'll join your team. I have nowhere else to go anymore. My only question is, can I get a Shellder uniform? (smirk) " Hayden asked.

"I don't see why not. It's a deal. :D " hilaryfan80 replied.

“Welcome to the crew, dudes! :D ” WhoBob said to SOF and Hayden, as they all have a group pose photo.


At Infinex's super evil lair, him, Hank Hill and Hugh Neutron see footage of the spambot's demise.

"Welp, that sure sucks! Better luck next time!" Hugh said.

"These SBC folk sure are tussling with the monkey in the cage now." Hank said.

"Do not worry. I have a new creation to help combat this insurgence. Meet...Spongetron Gen 7." Infinex said.

Out of the shadows, Spongetron Robotpants appears wearing cybernetic implants.

"I'll defeat those assholes for ya, master. :3" Spongetron said ominously.

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3. Propane

Hayden, SOF, Cha, Trophy and WhoBob are chillin' at the base. Cha is drawing a new beautiful artwork. 

"what'cha drawin?" SOF asked, looking over her shoulder.

"My new OTP, Katsuo and Shinuigi. <3" Cha said, showing SOF her drawing of the two:


"cha...you have given birtf...TO ART!" SOF said, praising the holy image.

"thanks bubu <3" Cha replied.

WhoBob is reading old Marvel comics, while Trophy is playing a baseball game on an old PS4. Hayden is in the garage, washing scratches off the Dramatic Static.

"Lazy hilaryfan80 forgot to check these. >_>" Hayden said, as he looks at it again. "Ah, now it's perfect. ^_^

Hayden then walks outside for a bit, looking at SBC city in the distance, feeling uncertain. Suddenly, he then smells as if something is cooking, and he walks around. He sees hilaryfan80 wearing a chef hat cooking up some nice steaks on a grill, using a propane tank from Strickland Propane.

"I didn't know you were a chef too." Hayden said.

"When times are hard, sometimes doing random things like this helps cool my nerves. I rarely get outside anymore thanks to all of my research. Anyways, these steaks are for you guys, you'll all get them as rewards for your hard work. ^_^ " hilaryfan80 said, as more smoke rises up and makes Hayden cough.

Hayden looks at hilaryfan80's Strickland Propane tank further, and he has a flashback to long before the world went to shit...

Hayden and Jjs are at toonzone forums, who have just overthrown the corrupt staff using lots of manipulation, finally freeing the site from years of idiocy and lazy staffing. They have a celebration to commence this victory. Jjs is cooking some steamed hams on a purple Spyro colored grill, using a propane tank from Strickland Propane. 

"Boy, we've got some great steamed hams coming up fresh off the grill." Jjs said to Hayden and some other sane toonzoners who helped them in the coup. 

"To a better future for the internet!" Hayden said, having a steamed ham.


"...That was one of the last times I ever saw Jjs. :/ And those steamed hams were pretty good. What a day that was." Hayden reminisced, as he stares off into space.

"Yo Hay, are you alright? You're just staring off into space like you had a Vietnam flashback. o.o " Trophy pointed out, startling Hayden.

"Sorry, I was just having a nice flashback before the world went to trash. Do any of you have any idea what happened to jjs?" Hayden asked.

"Nope, none of us do. :( " WhoBob replied.

"I wish I knew, but that is one answer I cannot give you, sorry. =/ " hilaryfan80 replied.

"I'm worried about him too, but I'm sure he's fine if he's still out there." Cha reassured Hayden.

"dats big if tho..." SOF replied worried.

"Don't worry Hayden, at least you have us now. (smirk) " Trophy said.

"I can deal with you guys, except for when Trophy bugs me. (d) " Hayden replied.

"Oh believe me, I will, but not today." Trophy replied.

"Steaks are done! :plankton2: Eat up!" hilaryfan80 said, handing the five fresh steaks.

"Yum, nice work doc." WhoBob replied, digging in.

"this...is...GREAT!" SOF yelled, eating it.

:thumbsup: " Cha said, giving it the Cha Seal of Approval.

"This steak was fine and all, but what about the robot junk in my body, doc?" Hayden asked, finishing his.

"Funny you ask, I was just about to get to that. :funny: Follow me." hilaryfan80 said, escorting Hayden to his laboratory.

As the other four finish up their steaks, JCM approaches them, making his obligatory cameo.

"hey guys can i have a steak too" JCM asked.

"Sorreh JCM, these were only for us, and hilaryfan80 didn't make anymore. :( " Cha said.

"gosh darnit to heck, i'm late again to something," JCM replied, sighing.

"Snooze you lose, my dude. (smirk) " Trophy replied.

"Wah wah wah." Cha mimicked.

In hilaryfan80's laboratory, Hayden is in a chair hooked up to some weird wires and shit, as he analyzes the robotic programming inside of him.

"I'm uncomfortable." Hayden said.

"None of this will hurt, trust me, I'm a doctor and a professor. ;) " hilaryfan80 assured.

"If it does, I'm suing you. (d) " Hayden threatened.

"Good luck with that. :Laugh: Alright, I've analyzed the Infinex hardware in your body, and it does not appear to be a harm right now, but I have installed my own software into you to suppress his tech from controlling you." hilaryfan80 explained.

"You did what? Did you just infiltrate my body!?" Hayden asked, concerned.

"No, I just injected the program into you using these doohickeys, as if you got a shot. You didn't even feel it, see? Perfectly harmless! :D " hilaryfan80 replied.

"Well okay, I feel pretty much the same, but if you say so." Hayden replied.

"We'll be doing this regularly, trust me, it'll help you a lot." hilaryfan80 replied, as Hayden gets off the chair.

"So now what? Can I kick some more robot ass now?" Hayden asked, eager.

"As soon as something happens, you can, but not yet. When the call comes, we'll know." hilaryfan80 replied.

Meanwhile, at Infinex's evil base, Hank Hill, Hugh Neutron and Spongetron are seen in the central room, standing before their great leader Infinex.

"My minions, I have a devastating but genius plan prepared to attack SBC. :hands:" Infinex said.

"Yes, a plan I helped you make, remember?" Spongetron added.

"Yes, of course, how could I forget our newest addition helped prepare this plot?" Infinex replied.

"Ooh, what evil scheme do you have today, boss?" Hugh Neutron asked.

"After doing an analysis, while their central gate may be strong, their vents are not. One of you will get to plant a bomb on the outside of the dome. When it detonates, SBC will be filled with fire thanks to the vent, becoming ash. There is a 30.45% chance they can disarm it, the odds are in our favor. Courtesy to Hank for his propane resources to make this happen." Infinex explained, as a grunt robot walks in, holding the propane bomb, and placing it on the ground.

"I will gladly place it because I am better than those two doofuses, and also because I should get to finish SBC. However, I do not want this bomb to harm Luke, because remember, I only care about him out of those dumb SBCers-" Spongetron was saying.

"I tell you hwhat, this is a genius plan. Strickland truly makes some of the best propane in the world, and I'm honored to have it cause mass casualties among a bunch of internet users. I'll plant the bomb for ya. In fact, did you know Strickland sells many unique products other than propane, including grills such as the Vogner Char-King, Char-King Imperiale and Vogner Citizen, which are showcased during the annual "Grillstravaganza" sale-" Hank was saying.


"Wow, that rudeness hits me in the heart, but I respect your opinion, girl." Hank replied.

"Ooh, juicy drama! I'll stay out of this!" Hugh Neutron said, backing away.

"Spongetron, you need to calm down. For that outburst, Hank, you can gladly plant this bomb instead, since she appears to still have faulty programming." Infinex ordered.

"I...but...ugh, fine master. :( " Spongetron accepted sadly. 

"It will be my pleasure, boss." Hank said, picking up the propane bomb. "Wish me luck!"

"Wait, will Luke be okay? Because remember, he's the only SBC user I care about. The rest can die though." Spongetron reminded.

"Eh...sure, he'll be fine..." Hank said, walking off while whistling. "Boy, I don't even know who this Luke is. Oh well!"

Hank heads off like a true cowboy through the deserts, ready to plant that sweet propane bomb. Hank sneaks around the SBC dome perimeters, and finds the vent shaft. He plants the bomb near it, and detonates it, as the clock has 10 minutes (oh fuck).

"And now for my special magic touch." Hank said.

Hank places a "Strickland Propane" business card on the bomb, and walks off, whistling. At SBC's central tower, OWM does a scan, and finds the propane bomb on the perimeter.

"Uh, miss governor, I don't think this is supposed to be there?" OWM reported, showing it to Cream.

"um...what even is it?" Cream asked.

They zoom in on the outside cameras, as they see the propane bomb.

"Is that...Strickland Propane? Where's some KOTH roleplaying when you need it?" Steel noted.

"Hate to soil the mood, but I'm pretty sure that's a bomb..." Patty said, as everyone inside panics, and Cream contacts hilaryfan80.

As the protectors are still chilling in the base, hilaryfan80 gets out of his lab in a hurry.

"CODE RED! We have a bomb on the outside!" hilaryfan80 said to them.

"a bumb?! oh no!" SOF panicked.

"Quick, let's call in for a fast af Sonic speed transition!" Trophy said.

And indeed, the six get a fast transition at Sonic speed, as they wear their badass protector gear (and yes, Hayden is indeed wearing a Shellder outfit). hilaryfan80 orders the gate to be temporarily opened, as they walk around the outside.

"Mang, it feels weird to explore the deserts again after so long." Cha said, looking around at all the sand.

"Good thing Anakin Skywalker isn't here. :funny: " WhoBob said.

The six keep look around, as they find the propane tank against one of the vents, with a tube sucking against it. The timer is at 8 minutes now.


"No worries, I got this." hilaryfan80 said, trying to hack into it.

Unfortunately, his hacking fails, as the timer keeps on ticking.

"I don't understand...wow, Infinex really came prepared. o.o " hilaryfan80 said.

"Can't we just move it?" WhoBob asked.

Trophy and Cha try to move the propane bomb, but it is stuck against the vent shaft really good, unable to move. Trophy picks the "Strickland Propane" card off the tank.

"Looks like Infinex knows how to get the help of KOTH characters, now that is truly unforgivable." Trophy said.

"welp, it was fun nowing you gays again..." SOF said, crying.

"Hold on, before we all give up like pussies, maybe it's not over. I remember something like this a long time ago, a terrorist once tried a trick like this on Serebii forums..." Hayden said, having another flashback.

A crazed member named TeamRocketDidNothingWrong sets up a propane bomb at Serebii forums, as the members panic. Suddenly, jjs comes walking in, as Hayden and several other users watch. Jjs wears a hat like this:


He calmly walks to the propane bomb. Jjs tickles around that bomb like a pro, and with one touch...disarms it, making everyone gasp.

"How..." Joe Merrick was asking.

"You just...had to feel it, dudes." Jjs replied.

TeamRocketDidNothingWrong then gets electrocuted by a Pikachu, as the members cheer. Jjs takes the remains of the propane tank, and uses it for his own Spyro grill, tying back to the first flashback (damn that's some really fuckin weird backstory for something so insignificant).

"I'm still not sure why that weirdo even wanted to blow up the site, pretty large overreaction over a Pokemon forum, but yeah. I think I can do this, guys. I feel the wisdom of jjs coming onto me." Hayden said proudly.

"Well, there's literally nothing else I can do, and I'm not good at red wire-blue wire, so go for it. But I'll press F now if this goes off, as I am very worried." hilaryfan80 replied.

"I'll chime in on the early F pressing too. I feel like I lived so long but yet did so little..." Trophy said.

"Don't worry Hay, I believe in you!" Cha said.

"I do too...I think." WhoBob replied, unsure.

Hayden walks forward and rubs his hands together.

"I just gotta feel it..." Hayden said, as he tinkers around with the bomb material. 

hilaryfan80, Cha, Trophy, WhoBob and SOF are too scared to look, as they close their eyes. Hayden's half robot instincts kick in, as he is able to disarm the bomb, stopping its countdown! :oHe then breaks the bomb material off, as the propane tank is no longer connected to the vent.

"You guys can open now." Hayden said, as they all see the bomb is disarmed.

"HOW THE FUCK-" Trophy was saying, surprised.

"OMG Hay did it, and to think I still had some doubt. :funny: " WhoBob said.

"FUCK YES!" SOF said.

"I knew you could do it Mr. Hayden! :PatDance:" Cha said proud.

"Wow, you actually did it. But how could you do it when I couldn't? o.o " hilaryfan80 asked.

"I guess being part robot now just helped me do it, along with some old wisdom from jjs. Maybe being part robot isn't entirely bad after all. In order to defeat your enemy, you must know them. (smirk) " Hayden said.

"Fair point! Looks like they were trying to have the bomb blast through the vents so the explosion would kill us from the inside, yikes. I'm kind of glad this happened tho since it allows me to improve security for the vents to make sure this never happens again. Live and learn." hilaryfan80 noted.

"But what should we do with the tank?" WhoBob asked.

"I was running out of propane, so I'll gladly "borrow" this. Food party for everyone! :plankton2: " hilaryfan80 said, as they cheer.

The five then pick up Hayden as they head back inside the dome, throwing him in the air like he's a jolly good rookie, a jolly good rookie, a jolly good roooookie-

Meanwhile, back at Infinex's evil lair, they see how the bomb failed to go off.

"This proves to me that unfortunately outside attacks will not work anymore, since hilaryfan80 will upgrade the security. Do not worry, we will have to find other ways to get inside." Infinex said.

"Haha, I knew the plan would fail. :P " Spongetron taunted.

"I mean no disrespect, but uh...wasn't it your plan, evil lady?" Hugh Neutron asked.

".....No, no it wasn't! Stop instigating!" Spongetron snapped back.

"I did not expect it to work, I used it as a test, especially to judge your competence." Infinex said to Spongetron.

"Well...okay. Fine, I'll do better next time, I promise, sir! :3" Spongetron replied.

"You better, or that "Luke" of yours will fall too. I will uphold the deal as long as you cooperate." Infinex commanded.

"Excuse me ma'am, am I getting an apology?" Hank asked Spongetron, but she ignores him, as she thinks about Luke.

In the SBC park, everyone has a nice steamed hams, steaks and other meats party. hilaryfan80 cooks em up fresh off the grill (so come on down to Mr. Meaty) using the propane tank they just got.

"Well even if we never see jjs again, at least his strange wisdom helped save us all today." Hayden said.

"Don't give up, I think he's still out there like the drifter he is." Cha reassured.

"Hopefully not like the other The Drifter tho. :Laugh: " WhoBob replied.

"can't wait to add another meme to the Steamed Hams memes with this," Conehead said, taking some steamed hams.

"You mean Steamed Clams. :funny: " OBAB replied to Conehead.

"This is GREAT!" Wendy the Witch said.

"Jackie Chan gives this burger his seal of approval." Jackie Chan said.

"To think they tried to use propane to kill us...damn, that's fucked up. But at least it gave us this nice food." Hawkbit said.

"I know, sounds like something a psychotic anime villain would do." Trophy replied.

">implying SBC isn't an anime," Hawkbit replied.

"Touche, I am the Vegeta of SBC after all. ;) " Trophy said. 

"Hey, if anyone is gonna be Vegeta, it's me. :stinkeye: " Hayden said to Trophy.

"oh hey I finally get to have a steak after all," JCM said, taking one. Yes, JCM did get a happy ending in this chapter! :D 

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4. Get a Job

Cha is seen sleeping her room (with much anime and Kappa Mikey merchandise everywhere), when she suddenly hears knocking at her door. She wakes up, and opens the door to see Renegade.

"hai cha. :funny: " Renegade greeted.

"Uh...hey Ren, why are you in our base?" Cha asked, very confused.

"I lost my job at Bob's Big Boy Burgers because 4Ever thinks I stole his lucky dime, and I have no doubloons to afford a home, so hilaryfan80 gave me permission to stay here. Unfortunately, Hayden, Trophy, SOF and WhoBob all said no, so I'm asking if you'd let me be your roommate until I can get my life back together. Plz? :sbgrin:" Renegade offered, giving her puppy eyes.

Cha thinks about saying no, but can't bring herself to.

"Eh......well I do have an extra bed in that I've used for my plushes, but I can put them in my bed now. Sure, just don't be a burden. I'd never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request. :) " Cha agreed reluctantly. 

"YAY! Looks like we're roomies! :D Also, thoughts?:

" Renegade posted.

"bretty gud," Cha replied hesitantly, as she goes back to sleep, grabbing her plushes.

Renegade drops his Power Rangers merchandise all over the extra bed, and goes to sleep. He then blasts some Beach Boys music, as it echoes throughout the base, waking everyone up except for SOF, who is having a wild dream about Star vs, but that's for another time.

"Who is playing that horrid music?" Hayden asked.

Cha gets up, and wants to tell Renegade to stop, but cannot.


"Sorreh. :funny: " Renegade replied, turning off the music. 

As everyone goes back to sleep, Renegade plays with some of his Power Rangers toys in bed, which Cha tries to ignore, giving her a hard time sleeping.


At Infinex's super evil lair, he has another meeting. A Pinke Pie robot appears on the stage.

"WOOHOO, LET'S THROW A PARTY OF EVIL!" Pinkie Pie said, dancing.

"What sort of strange creature is this?" Hank Hill asked.

"I don't know, but it sure is an energetic one, and I like it!" Hugh Neutron replied, as Pinkie Pie sprays cake cream in their faces.

"It's one of my precious pony babies. <3 We'll use it to dig under their dome, and get inside of the city. This time, I promise it'll work. :) " Spongetron said.

"We shall see about that. You may proceed, Spongetron." Infinex replied.

Spongetron salutes, taking the Pinkie Pie robot and some grunts to the SBC dome.

Back at the base, as Renegade is listening to more music in Cha's room, the protectors are seen outside.

"No offense Cha, but why did you let Ren be ur roommate?" WhoBob asked her.

"I wanted to be nice, he has nowhere else to go. :( I can sorta relate, although something tells me this might be more difficult than I thought, whoops." Cha replied.

"Be more assertive, don't let him walk all over you." Hayden said.

"I doubt he will, besides, he's only staying with us until he "gets his life back together"." Cha said.

"but how long do that take?" SOF asked.

"uh..." Cha was saying.

Suddenly, Renegade looks out from the window, seeing them.

"HEY CHA, I NEED SOME HELP! IT'S URGENT!" Renegade yelled in Comic Sans.

"ok sure, brb" Cha said, as she heads back inside the base.

"poor cha, hopefully nothing else bad happens :( " SOF said. 

Meanwhile, Slam Lord BBBB and two of his henchmen are approaching the SBC base from a distance, looking angry.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Spongetron and Pinkie Pie approach the dome.

"I want to dig, but I hate getting dirty! :( " Pinkie Pie said.

"just do it," Spongetron ordered.

Pinkie Pie begins to dig through the sand, creating a tunnel inside of the dome (uh oh).

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, Cha goes to her room, seeing Renegade relaxing on his bed.

"What's the hubbub, bub?" Cha asked.

"I need a soda, but I'm too lazy to get up. Plz? Also, thoughts?" Renegade said.

"I guess...sure." Cha replied, a bit annoyed.

She comes back, handing him a soda.

"New request, I want some soup. :funny: " Renegade requested.

Cha gets further annoyed, as she goes to make his soup.

seeing Renegade in his bed, with a tv in front of him.

"Here you go, it's alphabet soup...I made it special. :bullshrimp: " Cha said, handing Ren his soup, which spells out these words:


Renegade is disgusted, as he whacks the soup out of his lap.

"Condensed soup from a can? Disgusting! Now you've ruined my appetite! Go fetch me something to read!" Renegade demanded.

"Oh, okay. How about this? :) " Cha replied, shoving a newspaper in his face with "job listings", but Ren swats it away.

"Get that away from me! You know I'm allergic to newsprint! Now then, time for Power Rangers. Hurry up, they won't hold the show while you laze around." Renegade demanded.

Cha angrily pushes the tv in front of Renegade. She then makes Shinuigi and Katsuo puppets, putting them in place of the screen. Renegade turns it on, showing the Shinuigi and Katsuo puppets, which confuses him a bit.

"Huh, PR sure has changed a lot." Ren noted.

"Hey, where are you going?" Shinuigi asked.

"To my job!" Katsuo replied.

"You have a job?" Shinuigi replied.

"Why wouldn't I? I'm not some lazy, inconsiderate jerk who lays in bed all day." Katsuo replied.

"Say, where can I get one of these...jobs?" Shinuigi replied.

"Oh, they're everywhere. Especially if you're a renegade unicorn and like Power Rangers!" Katsuo replied.

"Thanks. I'm gonna go look for one so I can stop MOOCHING off my friends and they can get back to their lives! ;) " Shinuigi replied, as Cha gets assertive. 

"Hey, this isn't my show! Cha, the remote control is broken!" Renegade said, annoyed, as he keeps pressing buttons.

Cha then comes out of hiding from the tv, and confronts Ren.

"I've got a better idea! Why don't I call someone whose JOB it is to fix it? You know why? Because when I want a JOB done I get someone with a JOB to do that JOB! :stinkeye:" Cha ranted to Ren.

"...What are you saying? o.o " Renegade asked.

Cha then angrily pushes the bed out of the base, yelling, and pushes it all the way to Bob's Big Boy Burgers, as the guys outside see this.

"wow, cha got fed up already, huh? :funny: " WhoBob noticed.

"Atta girl." Hayden said, proud.

"She held out longer than I could." Trophy said.

"lets hoop nothing more bad happens-" SOF was saying.

“Ahem...I would like to speak to SOF.” a voice said, startling them.

Slam Lord BBBB and two of his goons appear right before them.

"ugh, it's Slam. SOF, you jinxed it. :o " WhoBob said.

"So this is the crime lord SOF worked for, how underwhelming. I expected someone badass." Hayden said, unimpressed.

"believe me, his spamming and constant questioning of a video game nobody cares about is more diabolical than any crime lord," Trophy replied.

“uh oh...” SOF said nervously.

“Heard you were back in town...” Slam said.


“Also guys, I’m finally close to discovering a copy of Underpants Slam somewhere in the wasteland! :D :D :D THE APOCALYPSE WILL NOT DETER ME!” Slam continued, flooding. 

“Dude, can you stop flooding? Seriously, you could put that all into one sentence... >.<” WhoBob replied.

“You ain’t the boss of the great cartel lord himself. Now SOF, it’s time to talk about that $3 million you stole from ME...” Slam confronted, and SOF gulps.

"i swole it because you bad guy, also i dont have it anymore, soz, now go away!" SOF replied.

"Ah, warms my heart to see both Cha and SOF being assertive. It makes me proud. :) " Hayden said.

"Well then SOF.....looks like we need to get the money out of you the hard way..." Slam said menacingly.

"Rough him up boys!" Slam continued to his two men, who are ready to beat up SOF.

"Seriously dude, why can't you fit everything into one line of dialogue?" Trophy asked annoyed.

Before his men can lay a finger on him though, the Pinkie Pie robot burrows its way from out of the ground. It then kicks both of the henchmen away with its back legs, as they go flying and screaming.

"WHO'S READY TO PARTY!?" Pinkie Pie asked, getting a party cannon, firing cake everywhere.


"Well that's one problem gone, but what the actual fuck, a pony robot now?" WhoBob asked.

"so now they send mlp robat to fight, WTF!?" SOF panicked.

"BOOO!!! Worst robot enemy thus far, seriously, My Little Pony is what these robots are stooping to?" Trophy asked, irritated.

"Now there's something Trophy and I can agree on, truly their most diabolical plot yet. >_>" Hayden said.

Spongetron then approaches with several grunt bots, surprising them, as they see her robotic implants.

"Hi fucktards, I'm back. :) " Spongetron greeted. 

"WHAT A TWIST!" SOF yelled.

"...Tron? o.o You're a bad guy now? Really???" Trophy asked.

"So Spongetron finally became an actual robot...jokes aside tho, why u join bad guys??? :( " WhoBob asked.

"I teamed up with these robots because I hate all of you, except for Luke, obviously! :blush: Yes, I'm going to get rid of you liberal loving, pony hating and rude assholes with my awesome Pinkie Pie robot! Also, here's some special words of wisdom to Hayden: FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!" Spongetron yelled, tauntingly dancing around him.

"What a nice reunion." Hayden replied sarcastically. "But seriously, this is just sad, I haven't even seen you in almost two years, someone needs to move on-"

"You're a bullying instigator, now you will die for your crimes, along with the rest of you!" Spongetron said.

"hey now wait a minute, I can understand being this crazy to Hay, but what tf did I do to you? o_O" Trophy asked.

"You were all against me, claiming I was "rude" and "ignorant" when all I wanted to do was share muh opinions which were NOT me instigating, nor was I doing it for "attention", but I always got attacked because this site has a liberal agenda!" Spongetron said.

"Umm, I never said anything mean to you tho, and how did SBC have liberal agenda? What the hell-" WhoBob was asking.

"SILENCE! Pinkie, show them our POWER!" Spongetron commanded, as Pinkie Pie makes several balloons float around, which explode all over the place.

SOF, Hayden, Trophy and WhoBob fight off the grunt robots, ripping 'em apart like nobody's business. hilaryfan80 sees the commotion from his lab monitors, and notices Cha is not there.

Meanwhile, Cha pushes Ren's bed into Bob's Big Boy Burgers, where 4EverGreen is.

"WHAT THE!? :angry_squidward-302: Cha, I have NOTHING against you, but WHY would you bring that THIEF back here!? :norton:  He stole my LUCKY DIME, and will NEVER work here AGAIN! :angrytom: " 4EverGreen ranted.

"Please, give him another chance! He needs a job, he needs the money! Also, I can't deal with him anymore" Cha said.

"I FEEL bad to FIRE him since we USED to be GREAT friends, but he ROBBED me! :( " 4EverGreen replied.

"Sorry, I don't even remember robbing you tho. :funny: " Renegade replied.

Cha then looks closer, to see a green dime on a table seat.

"Is this your dime?" Cha asked, holding it.

"Why YES, it IS! :o But HOW did it get THERE, I thought Renegade TOOK it?  :S " 4EverGreen replied, confused.

"Oh! I remember now, lol! You were cleaning that table and must have dropped it there. :funny: " Renegade said.

"WAIT, that's RIGHT! :krabsshocked: I DID clean that table...WHOOPS, I am very SORRY for the GROSS overreaction! :doggy: Renegade, you're HIRED AGAIN! :plankton2: " 4EverGreen declared.

"AW YEAH GUESS W H O'S B A C K!?" Renegade cheered, as 4EverGreen gives him his worker's uniform again. "Sorry Cha for being rude, I admit I got lazy and selfish. :(

"It's okay, dude. Just please don't get fired again! :) " Cha said.

"I won't, ma'am! :salute: " Renegade replied, as he gets back to work with 4Ever, and Cha walks out.

"Welp, glad that nonsense is settled! Being assertive felt so good. I now feel like a strong, independent woman! :D " Cha said happily, as many are angry about this literature for pushing feminism, but anyways...

hilaryfan80 then calls Cha, who responds.

"Cha, you have to get back to base, robots are attacking, including a Pinkie Pie for some reason." hilaryfan80 said.

"Roger that, chief!" Cha replied, as she runs back there with Sonic speed. Spongetron shoots pew pew lasers from her laser gun at the guys, who barely avoid. The last robot grunt is destroyed by SOF hitting it with a replica of Star's wand, but he then gets covered in cake cream by Pinkie Pie.

As Hayden and Trophy both try to destroy Pinkie Pie, Spongetron tries to punch WhoBob.

"Come on bruh, fite me." Spongetron taunted.

"I can't hit a girl... :( " WhoBob said, putting his Captain America shield in the way, as Spongetron laughs.

Cha then approaches, seeing this chaos.

"What the? Pinkie Pie, and Spongetron? o.o " Cha asked very confused.

"it long story, but tron is evil now," SOF explained, trying to eat his way out of the cream, but it tastes horrible. "yuck"

Pinkie Pie then kicks Hayden and Trophy right into a tree, and charges at WhoBob, trampling him. It keeps running around, firing cake cream at the guys, as Spongetron then sees Cha.

"Tron, this ends here. :stinkeye: " Cha said, speaking like a cowboy.

"Well well well, it's Cha. I'd love to have a hot cat fight with you, but I don't feel like it. Pinkie, kill her!" Spongetron ordered.

Pinkie Pie charges right for Cha, who pulls out her Guano gun. She fires at Pinkie, damaging it. Pinkie then readies her party cannon, but Cha throws her Shinuigi and Kansuo puppets right into the cannon, jamming it. It explodes, damaging Pinkie.

"It-it-it's PAR-PARTY TIME!?!?" Pinkie malfunctioned, barely walking around.

Pinkie Pie then charges at Cha, still flailing weirdly, about to trample her, but Cha looks danger (or rather pinkness) in the face like a badass she is. She fires her Guano gun multiple times. Pinkie tries to throw more cake cream at Cha, but Cha shoots one last laser blast, getting stuck in its cake shoot. It is unable to shoot more, and malfunctions. The Pinkie Pie robot explodes, with confetti flying everywhere.

"THANK GOD!" Trophy yelled, as both him and Hayden cheer, getting out of the cake cream.

"rip punkie, even if evil one," SOF said, throwing a flower on the robot Pinkie's corpse.

"NO, MY PINKIE! You monsters will pay! Now you've done it! Hey Cha, let's have a girl vs girl fight, bitch-" Spongetron was taunting (ooh cat fight).

Cha then punches Spongetron in the face as she falls to the ground, with the guys cheering.

"Nobody attacks my friends!" Cha said.

Tron gets up, seeing she is defeated.

"You bitch! That's it, I'm retreating, but I'll be back! Also, fuck all of you!" Spongetron said, giving them the double bird, as she escapes through the tunnel.

"...rude, smh tron," SOF replied.

"wow okay, but thx Cha for saving us <3" WhoBob replied.

"Can't wait for the next pony robot she uses. Also, glad to see you put her in her place, Cha. Mad respect." Hayden said.

"No problem, guys. <3 I can't believe Tron went that crazy, hopefully she comes to her senses. :/" Cha replied.

"Tbh, sounds like she needs to get a job like Ren, I mean a job that doesn't involve working for a bunch of Ultrons. :P " WhoBob said.

"wait, what happened to ren?" SOF asked.

"He has a job again, no worries! He won't be a problem anymore, he got a happy ending. " Cha replied.

"Surprised to see you act that aggressive to both him and Tron, though your patience is still stronger than mine." Trophy said.

"Meh, I have my breaking points too. :Laugh: You guys want to go to the Cytube Club and watch some Adventure Time reruns?" Cha asked.

"oooh, count me in. :D " WhoBob replied.

"same," SOF replied.

"I would've preferred a Super marathon, but fine considering I never caught up with the final AT season. (inb4 hay kills me) :funny: " Trophy replied.

"Really Trophy, smh...whatever. Man, haven't seen AT in ages...I remember the finale, it was a hell of a ride, especially with our Xat commentary. Sure, let's get some nostalgia up in these dark times! :plankton2: " Hayden replied, as hilaryfan80 examines the damage.

"So the pony dug a tunnel through the sand, yay, another security precaution for me to worry about... >_>" hilaryfan80 sighed.

"Don't worry doc, you can get a break. Wanna come watch AT with us?" Cha offered.

"Meh, why not." hilaryfan80 replied, as the two head to the Cytube Club and watch some Adventure Time. 

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5. Ar Ar Ar!

In the SBC city, several users are partying at the Xat Paradise. Hayden, Trophy, SOF, Cha and WhoBob are mods in the room.

"Finally, I get to be a full time Xat mod, I will brag about this for ages to come. (smirk) " Hayden said.

"Except I've been a mod here longer than you, so I get to brag about that for ages to come as well. (smirk) " Trophy replied.

"good bragging competition :tea: " Homie posted. 

"how about hot dog, eh?" SOF asked.

"ily SOF <3" Wumbo replied.

"jcm, that's gross," JCM replied.

"hey guys can I please return to xat, it's been like 10 years-" person asked, entering the Xat.

Trophy then drops the banhammer on person, for the reason: "please get laid already"

"Person is still trying to come back to Xat? How pathetic. Both him and Tron need to find new hobbies. :troll: " Hayden replied.

"Yeah and he's not coming back on my watch. I've been watching this Xat like a hawk." Trophy said.

"don't steal my shtick trophy," Hawkbit replied.

"woohoo I'm finally making DJ Patrick a reality on doodle guys," Cha said, drawing a image of DJ Patrick using Xat's Doodle feature.

"I feel robbed that it never got made, would've been so fucking good. ;( " Wumbo replied.

"Don't worry, DJ Patrick can still be real, either in our hearts or as a bootleg! :D " Trophy replied.

Hayden and Cha then play some Connect Four on Xat's games as well.

"Ah, I've missed these classic Xat antics. No way can robots ruin this part of SBC." Hayden reminisced. 

As soon as that was said, we transition to Infinex’s super evil lair (fuckin' duh). Infinex unveils his newest scheme to Hank, Hugh and Spongetron. He shows a fancy ass hologram screen of the Mr. Krabs Xat Robot (!).

"Using this data from hilaryfan80 and jjsthekid’s old files, I'll resurrect the Mr. Krabs Xat Robot. I will upload it into their Xat as a virus. However, it will get on their good sides, and then attack them when they least expect it. :hands: " Infinex explained. 

"I tell you hwhat boss, this plan is genius." Hank complimented.

"I agree, this Krabs fellow sounds like a great guy! He has a lot of money, and I could sure use some, since uh, I'm kind of broke..." Hugh rambled, sighing, looking at his wallet.

"Ugh, I hated that robot on Xat, so damn annoying, but he'll be the perfect decoy. Too bad there isn't a Celestia robot..." Spongetron rambled, daydreaming, "but maybe we can have one, hmm mr. robot? (smirk)

"No Spongetron, I will not be wasting my resources on constantly creating pony robots, especially since the last one failed. Now be quiet." Infinex replied, saddening her.

Infinex downloads the Mr. Krabs robot, and sends the virus to the SBC dome. It goes right into the Xat Paradise like a freaky static shock, entering into the Xat mainframe. Mr. Krabs finishes downloading into the Xat, reforming himself onto the Xat's online list.

"listening to kanye's last album King, the feels man," Katniss said.

"King was pretty lit for his final album, for the most part, but-" Nuggets was saying.

“Did somebody say money? (smirk) “ Mr. Krabs greeted, surprising everyone in the Xat.

"...Nani?" Trophy said, surprised.

"krabs get the FUCK out of here, smh, I thought you were a dead ass," Nuggets replied.

"WTF?! But I thought hilaryfan80 could no longer afford xat bots?" WhoBob asked.

"wat the...okay, is this prank? (d) " SOF asked.

"I am very confused, but very curious..." Steel replied.

"did we time travel back to 2017?" Wumbo asked, confused.

"if thats the case, looks like XTT S5 might be happening after all" JCM replied.

"Woohoo!" Hayden and Trophy both cheered.

"But seriously, the fuck is going on?" Trophy asked, suspicious. 

"Ar Ar Ar! It's really me lads, I've returned from me watery grave! No pranks or time travel, I somehow just...eh, accidentally turned on again, it's a mystery, ar ar ar! Now then, anyone want some cocaine?" Mr. Krabs asked.

"OMG dad!" Homie replied.

"omg krabs I've missed you, you sneaky bastard. I hope you know I'm gonna kick your ass, bitch. :D " Cha replied.

"same tbh," Nuggets replied.

"Ar ar ar, it will be my honor! I'll kick my own ass for you two!" Mr. Krabs replies, as he kicks himself from the Xat, and returns.

"Yup....that definitely is him. Did hilaryfan80 do this? >.>" Trophy asked.

"Why would hilaryfan80 bring a robot back when robots have taken over the world? :funny: " WhoBob questioned.

"I'll just have a little chat with him," as he contacts hilaryfan80. "yeah hey, Mr. Krabs returned to xat, did you do that because I'm not very happy if so? He's trying to steal my xat mod thunder, it's a serious job. :("

"What? No. o.o I have no way of bringing back any Xat robots....something about this is very suspicious. Keep a close eye. Perhaps this is the work of Infinex..." hilaryfan80 suggested.

"Roger that..." Trophy replied, ending their diet Skype call, giving Mr. Krabs the shifty stinkeye: :stinkeye: 

"welp if time travel wasn't involved with krabs' random return, then no XTT S5 after all. but maybe I'll make a lit about robots taking over the world, so basically a reflection of current events," JCM replied.

"Can the Shego bot return from the dead too? :( " Fred asked.

"And the Jackie Chan bot? :( " Jackie Chan requested.

"Nope, but don't worry, I'm the only robot ye lads will need, ar ar ar! I'll be like your crazy uncle!" Mr. Krabs replied.

"Even though I pretty much know absolutely nothing about you and am a bit skeptical on how you even returned at all, welcome back. Now I'll be drawing DemiVeemon on Doodle if need me." Steel said, as he gets to work.

"nice work steely dan ? " Cha replied.

Trophy then has a private chat with Hayden.

"I'm pretty suspicious on this tbh, not because of jealousy, well okay a little bit, but his return is literally out of nowhere..." Trophy said to Hay.

"You know, surprisingly, I actually agree with you." Hayden replied, surprising Trophy.

"wow, I guess the apocalypse can make us agree on things," Trophy replied.

"Yes, no robot returns weirdly out of the blue like that, and the timing is very suspicious with the robot invasion. But more important, how much money does this sucker REALLY have?" Hayden wondered.

Back at the main chat, everyone dicks around with Mr. Krabs, having fun with him.

"y'know, maybe it's nostalgia getting to me but I've missed you, you greedy red bastard," Nuggets replied.

"Did somebody say money? (smirk) " Mr. Krabs asked again.

"stfu krabs," SOF said.

"hey now SOF, be nice to our returning guest," Katniss replied.

"I respect your opinion, laddy. :) " Mr. Krabs replied, as he hands SOF a cookie.

"hey tanks, maybe you arent so bad," SOF replied, enjoying the sweet cookie.

"let's see if this old thang still works: !love Shinuigi & Katsuo" Cha wrote.

"Love test: Shinuigi and Katsuo are 100% compatible." Mr. Krabs replied.

"IT IS THE WORD OF GOD NOW! :Lolwut:" Cha replied, happy.

"Krabs outsold every religious figure..." Homie replied.

"I wish I hadn't missed out on the Xat robot shenanigans, because this guy is a surprisingly good robot in today's times." Steel said.

"!love Wumbo & Nickelback" Wumbo posted.

"Love test: WOW! Wumbo and Nickelback = ❤️ !" Mr. Krabs posted.

"if only my husband chad kroeger was still alive ;( " Wumbo said sadly. (tragic)

Everyone warms up to Mr. Krabs, enjoying fun shitposting with him again. Krabs throws out lots of candy to everyone, as he gives more hearty ar ar ar's. But Hayden and Trophy still remain suspicious, giving Krabs the shifty eyes. While they get suspicious with ominous music to accompany, Fred posts this to lighten the mood:

"Hold on, I need to go outside and check on something! Brb!" Mr. Krabs said oddly.

"Come back soon plz. </3" Cha replied.

Krabs strangely walks outside the Xat, as Trophy and Hayden follow him, peeping out from a corner in an alley. They see him fiddling around with something, making strange noises. hilaryfan80 is then seen in his lab, analyzing the Xat, and gets an "oh shit" face.

"Trophy, I have urgent news: Someone hacked the Xat, uploading Mr. Krabs as a virus. This has Infinex written all over it. You must destroy him immediately." hilaryfan80 reported.

"YES, I KNEW IT! :D This will certainly be on the next list of Top Ten Anime Betrayals." Trophy replied.

"Wait, it's legit a fraud?" Hayden asked.

"yes, this is legit from the enemy. The professor himself can confirm." Trophy replied.

"I honestly thought it was hilaryfan80 pranking us and I was playing along with you to make you look like a fool, but now I look like a fool, great. >_> But whatever, I knew any type of Krabs on SBC couldn't be trusted after the March 2018 Whodunnit. Let's kick some robot crab ass." Hayden said, as the two approach Krabs.

"Ar ar ar, yes master, they don't suspect a thing, they'll be destroyed when they least expect it, ar ar ar!" Krabs replied.

"Not today, fucker!" Trophy replied, startling Krabs.

"Yeah, end of the line, you cheapskate liar." Hayden replied, as they ready their macdaddy weapons to fifhgt him with.

"...Did somebody say money? (smirk) " Krabs asked in a strange, distorted, creepypasta like voice, not facing them.


Krabs laughs in a very creepy ass fuckin' voice, as he grows, turning into a death machine, with lots of crazy crab weapons coming out of him.

"On second thought, maybe this confrontation wasn't the best idea... >_>" Hayden said.

"PREPARE TO BE TERMINATED, BOYOS!" Krabs spoke, shooting blasts at the two.

He then grabs Hayden with one of his big, meaty claws, holding on tight. SOF, WhoBob and Cha then run outside after hearing the commotion.

"Uhh..." WhoBob was saying.

"awight, what the duck is going on here!?" SOF asked, as Krabs also grabs him with his other big, meaty claw. "FUCK YOU KRABS!"

"Long story short, this thing truly was an evil robot like the rest...I knew the Xat robots would be a problem one day. (d) " Trophy explained.

WhoBob, Trophy and Cha try to attack the big red menace with their weapons. However, Cha and WhoBob are grabbed by the claws as well, pinching tight, as Trophy barely avoids it. The super Krabs won't let the four go, as he does a few more evil ar ar ar's, and shoots more weapons at Trophy, who deflects some using his baseball bat.

"HELP!" SOF, Cha, Hayden and WhoBob yelled.

"Seriously Trophy, if you fail to stop this thing, I'm gonna kill your ghost." Hayden warned, struggling to break free.

Trophy is worried for his teammates, wondering if this could be it for him, also worried that Hayden could truly kill his ghost if he screws this up. But this will not be it for him, as Trophy doesn't give up...unless it's writing a spin-off, but this isn't writing a spin-off! Trophy stares the evil right in his ugly, robotic, red, and greedy face, ready to fuck shit up. Trophy swings his baseball bat at Krabs, and fires some fancy shit from a nerf gun, but Krabs bot avoids all of them blasts (despite being a fatass). 

"Hey genius, don't hit us! (d) " Hayden said, as a nerf blast nearly hits him.

"dId SoMeBoDy SaY mOnEy!?!?!? (smirk) " Krabs asked, spinning around, as he knocks Trophy against the wall, and is about to go in for the final strike (!).

At that point, Trophy has just fucking had it. That last cheeky ass "Did somebody say money?" was what made him unleash his ULTRA INSTINCT! Trophy then picks his baseball bat up, jumps up like Samurai Jack, and begins to beat the ever living shit out of Mr. Krabs. He rips off both of his robotic eyestalks, as the robot flails around like a son of a bitch. He drops his comrades, as Trophy shoots nerf gun blasts right inside of the fucker's circuits. 

"ARARARAR, NOOOO, I'LL LOSE ME MONEYYY!" Krabs yelled, as he keeps spinning around.

He then goes boom, as money flies everywhere.

"yass, we're rich!" Cha yelled, grabbing lots of the money.

"Well that's one positive from this creepy ass attack. (smirk) " Hayden said, taking as much cash as he can.

Krabs' robot corpse falls to the ground. The red menace was finally dead.

"press f to pay respects," WhoBob said, kicking it.

Several of the Xat goers walk outside after hearing this explosion, and they see the robot parts everywhere.

"....oh." Hawkbit said.

"Uh...I can explain. o.o " Trophy replied, putting his baseball bat away.


Later, a funeral is held at the Xat Paradise. Krabs' robot corpse is in a casket. Steel stands at the podium.

“We’re gathered here...to honor Mr. Eugene Krabs. Eugene Krabs was the best kind of robot...no, not just a robot. He was a man, a being. A hero who brought fun to the Xat with true valor-" Steel was saying.

"Uh dude....Krabs wasn't a hero at all. He literally just tried to kill all of us. I saved you guys from dying using some Ultra Instinct and also general hatred of robots. But yeah, he was working for Infinex the whole time, so...." Trophy explained, as everyone looks awkwardly at Steel.

"....Oh. Well, melt me with jet fuel and call me late to the news. Time to go back to drawing Digimon." Steel said, walking away.

"wow, and just when I wanted to trust Krabs, he breaks my heart, way to go :( " Nuggets said.

"well that's the last time I ever trust robots, I'm out," Wumbo replied, as everyone else leaves the Xat, not giving a shit about Krabs anymore.

"And this is exactly why I got rid of Xat bots. I'll tighten EVERY feature's security, it's clear Infinex means business." hilaryfan80 said concerned. 

"Don't stress yourself out dude, even if they break through, I have no problem using these robots as punching bags for exercise. ;) It's not we'll get much else workout in the wasteland. Keep 'em coming, I say." Trophy replied. 

"welp trop, thanks for saving us from greedy dick," SOF said.

"No problem, I always hated that bot tbh. I can finally die in peace knowing I've killed that bastard. :) " Trophy said.

"Trying to kill us with our Xat, these villains truly are scumbags. -.- I must say Trophy, you know how to read shady mofos and kick ass in the face of danger. Well played." Hayden said, shaking hands with him.

"so now what?" WhoBob asked.

"How about a Connect Four tourney? :sbgrin:" Cha suggested.

"YES, I'm ready to defeat Trophy. (smirk) " Hayden said.

"Bring it on. (smirk) " Trophy replied, as everyone quickly forgets about Mr. Krabs' funeral and holds one intense ass Connect Four tournament. (seriously tho, connect four is some intense shit)

R.I.P. Mr. Krabs Bot XeejxlL.png&key=773c60d9b89664b693158866 

"Did somebody say money? (smirk) " - Eugene

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6. SOF

At Infinex’s evil lair, Infinex analyzes footage of SOF, Trophy, Cha, WhoBob & Hayden, showing them destroying the spambot, Pinkie Pie bot, Mr. Krabs bot, and disarming the propane bomb.

“Yes...these five are the main problems, but they are also SBC’s major line of defense, the “Protectors”. How intriguing. This "Hayden" is also an escaped test subject with my hardware in them.” Infinex analyzed.

“I got the strangest feeling someone’s gonna kick their asses.” Hank said.

“Well great overlord, sounds like you need to focus on targeting those five!” Hugh noted happily.

“Correct, Mr. Neutron. They are who we must terminate to succeed. Each of them has their own weaknesses, which we will exploit. Spongetron knew most about them before, therefore she would know most on them." Infinex said.

“Yes, and I have just the most brilliant idea! So obviously I'll kill Hayden first-" Spongetron was saying.

"No, do not worry about him for now. I have another idea. This "SOF" appears to be their weakest link. Target him first." Infinex explained.

"Aw, okay...that's fine too. Lucky for you, I have the perfect robot in mind to destroy SOF with.” Spongetron suggested.

“Is it another pony robot?” Hank asked.

“No dumbass, I actually do have more ideas than ponies, for now at least. Give me some time..." Spongetron said.

"That girl sure has an attitude, I tell you hwhat." Hank replied, looking annoyed.

"Yeah, she kind of scares me. I don't recall Jimbo being as aggressive at her age!" Hugh replied.


"Behold...” Spongetron said, finishing the robot, unveiling her latest creation.

A Star Butterfly robot then appears, waving her wand. 

“Hi, I’m Star Butterfly! :D :D :D :D ” Star greeted very eagerly. 

"Welcome. I never liked that show because MLP was all I cared about, but this is the perfect creation to kill SOF! :D " Spongetron said, laughing evilly. 

"HEEYYY, you are pretty cool lookin', guy!" Star said to Infinex, who gets annoyed.

Infinex downloads the Star bot, uploading it as a virus to SBC like he did with Mr. Krabs.

At the Protectors' base, SOF is seen watching old reruns of Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

"ah, good times," SOF reminisced. 

"So SOF, are you going to finally tell me what you did with those 3 million dollars you stole?" Hayden asked.

"Yeah, I'd really like to know why I never got any. (d) " Trophy replied.

"I've been curious too on what happened..." WhoBob said.

"alright, finn...I'll give my backs story," SOF said dramatically.

"sof stop making me die with your typos," Cha replied.

"Your back's story? Do tell. :funny: " WhoBob said.

"Eww, I don't want to hear the story about your back. :glare: " Trophy said. 

"I could sure use a good back scratch after this." Hayden replied.

"...ingore above, i mean *backstory*. (d) now then, i start from the begooning, enjoy..." SOF said, as he begins to narrate.

SOF is seen in the great land of Canada. He is watching some Star vs. the Forces of Evil, posting on SBC, and eating pancakes with delicious Canadian maple syrup all at once. (yay canadian stereotypes) An urgent news bulletin then interrupts his Star rerun.

"BOO, FUCK YOU NEWDS!" SOF yelled, throwing his remote at the tv.


SOF then looks out the window, seeing robots attacking many Canadians, destroying great Canada.

"cruse you rebots!" SOF yelled, as he makes a run for it, quickly grabbing his pancakes.

Sometime later, SOF is shown safely inside the SBC dome. However, SOF had fallen on hard times, not having many doubloons since everyone started from scratch. He stands outside the Xat Paradise, reminiscing. 

"im glad SBC was saaved, but so many people and thungs are missing from life like Canada, jjs, hay, tron, OMJ, Aya, Rarity, Butt Frog, etc... :( " SOF said sadly, counting them off, and then looks at his empty wallet. "and im brok"

He then looks across the street, seeing an orphanage of Star vs. the Forces of Evil fans that SBC had collected, who are all gravely sick with cancellation-itis. 

"if only i could help them..." SOF said, pondering.

Suddenly, a shady dealer who looks like a drug dealer approaches SOF from out of an alley.

"Hey dude, want to make some money?" the guy asked.

"um, who the hell are you?" SOF asked.

"A friend, friend." the guy replied, handing him a business card for the "Underpants Slam Cartel". "The great Slam Lord will be waiting."

The shady guy then vanishes, as SOF considers the offer.

"hmm, this looks suspecious (sp?) but I DO NEED dbs, hmm..." SOF pondered.

SOF then is seen shaking hands with Slam Lord BBBB at his office.

"Welcome to the Underpants Slam Cartel, boy!" Slam Lord greeted.

"I see it in you...you have the potential to be a GREAT worker!" Slam Lord continued.

"thx, but why didnt you say that in one line?" SOF asked.

"Never mind that! This guy will be your partner: Fat Jim!" Slam Lord introduced.

"hey hey hey, what up Mr. SOF?" Fat Jim greeted, shaking SOF's hand.

"hello phat jimbo," SOF replied.

"Now boys, go out and make me some money!" Slam Lord ordered.

"I'll be using all of the money we're "borrowing" to help in my search of FINALLY FINDING UNDERPANTS SLAM! :o " Slam Lord continued. 

"And remember...don't question anything, just do as your told." Slam Lord finished.

SOF and Fat Jim get in an Underpants Slam truck, as SOF rides shotgun. Jim drives the truck around SBC, coming to their first stop. SOF and Jim are outside Bob's Big Boy Burgers, but SOF feels unsure, questioning what is going on as him and Jim wear masks.

"wait...why are we taking mooney?" SOF asked, as him and Jim are outside Bob's Big Boy Burgers.

"Don't worry, the owners are generously donating this to Slam's cartel!" Fat Jim reassured, as they load the bags of money into the truck, but 4EverGreen walks outside to see this heist.

"HEY, STOP RIGHT THERE! :krabsshocked:THAT'S MY MONEY! :daffy: I'VE CALLED THE POLICE ON YOU THIEVES! :angry:" 4EverGreen yelled, waving a spatula. 

SOF and Jim then hear police sirens in the distance. The two quickly get in the truck, hightailing it out of there with some Looney Tunes sound effects. They continued their secret heists behind the scenes, as they steal money behind the scenes from more various businesses, including Xat Paradise, Cytube Club, Fanfiction World, Teenj Target, and more. SOF and Jim were often bit clumsy however, forgetting to steal all of the money sometimes, much to Slam's anger, but he continued to let them work. SOF began to have his doubts, eventually realizing something shady was going on, but kept quiet as he needed the doubloons. Sometime later, SOF and Fat Jim are doing another trip, when SOF takes a look in the back of the truck to find tons of medical supplies!

"whoa...holy shit..." SOF said, as Jim walks over.

"Yeah man, those medical supplies are worth 3 million dollars. Slam would be furious if we lost that load." Jim replied.

"maybe this isnt the peth jimbo...theres sick orphones who need that med supply..." SOF said, as Jim has a spiritual revelation. 

"You know...the truth is, I've known Slam has been using us for his own selfish needs, but I need this job. But SOF...you have a bright future ahead of ya, son. Go on. Take the medical supplies and give it to those beautiful orphans! I'll cover for ya!" Jim promised, with tears in his eyes. 

And so, SOF and Jim take all of the medical supplies, handing it off to the Star vs. orphans, curing their cancellation-itis. The users thank him, but SOF says he must go, and that they must keep this a secret. Jim shows SOF a secret back exit out of SBC, as SOF drives the truck away, fleeing SBC. Slam Lord learns of his missing medical supplies worth dat 3 million, and is pissed af. He orders a manhunt on SOF, as some of his men search the wasteland for SOF, while Fat Jim keeps everything a secret from Slam. 

"and that's how I got in treble with slam douche," SOF finished, explaining his story to them.

"Aww SOF, that was so brave of you to help those orphans. :) " Cha replied.

"ikr, you are true hero <3" WhoBob replied.

"Wow SOF, never knew you had it in you to stand up against the man like that. I'm impressed with you as the days go by." Hayden replied.

"touching, but I still would've liked some of that dough :( " Trophy replied, disappointed.

"thx guys, but nobody else can nose about this or orphanudge may be put in danger. slam is still after me as shown the other day, but you can help protuct me from him :) " SOF replied

"Tuct as in tucking you to bed?" Hayden joked.

"CODE RED, PROTECTORS: A robot is attacking SBC city, Infinex uploaded another into the database!" hilaryfan80's siren yelled, as the five run off like Speedy Gonzales.

They find Star Butterfly shooting narwhal blasts at the main square, as several users run around.

"lmao I love star but this is crazy," Katniss said, running away.

"HI HI HI I'M STAR BUTTERFLY! :D " Star replied, as the robot keeps shooting narwhal blasts.

"Eww, did they download the Season 1 Star? How annoying. >_>" Hayden asked, irritated, avoiding narwhal blasts.

"Well if their plan was to irritate us, mission accomplished." Trophy replied, whacking a narwhal back with his baseball bat, but Star keeps laughing.

Star sees SOF, and puts a target on him, ready to terminate.

"star...I love you, but this is TOO FARK! prepare to be RKO'd!" SOF yelled, readying his fists.

"Omg badass SOF," Cha replied, shooting her Guano gun at Star, but she just spins around.

"HAHAH! What do "fark" and "RKO'd" even mean!? You're funny! :D " Star replied, laughing, as she stops attacking.

"Hey SOF, keep making typos." Hayden suggested.

"you know what is funny? CRUSE MY KEYBOARD!" SOF yelled.

"HAHAHA, what does that even mean? xD" Star asked, as she begins to malfunction, and won't stop laughing.

"in younger ass! I WAS FROZEN TODAY! seizure must be bad pokemon! yellow's sister give blowjob to SBC! i bet raya go to hell! JCM, that's groos!" SOF said, reciting every typo from his memoir.

Star continues to laugh out loud, and overloads. She then falls over and explodes, literally dying of laughter.

"Wow, we didn't even need to fight that one to kill it, maybe I should rant about sports to the next robot and see how long it lasts. :P " Trophy wondered.

"Poor Star :( " WhoBob said.

"YES, YES, YES, FUCK YES! I DEFEAT EVIL STAR!" SOF yelled, cheering like Daniel Bryan.

"Atta boy, you've grown up into a real man, Kan." Hayden replied.

As Star explodes, rainbows shine everywhere, with several civilians saying "oooh" upon seeing the pretty colors. SOF does a victory dance, with the rainbow colors distracting everyone. Suddenly, two of Slam's henchmen grab him, taking him away.

"hellp!" SOF yelled, as the four turn around, seeing he is gone.

"What the hell, where did SOF go? :S " WhoBob asked, confused.

"Hey look, peanuts!" Cha said, as they see a trail of peanuts, and the four follow.

At the old Takin' Out the Trash junkyard, SOF is seen tied in rope around a chair. Several gangsters surround him, ready to beat the shit out of him with baseball bats. Slam appears before him, laughing.

"Well then SOF..." Slam was saying.

"Any last words?" Slam continued.


"That's enough. I will ask one last time..." Slam was saying.

"Where are my $3 million worth of medical supplies!?" Slam asked angrily.

"up your ass," SOF replied.

"Well then. Gentleman, finish him!" Slam ordered, snapping his fingers, as the creepy henchmen swing their bats.

Suddenly, Hayden, Trophy, Cha and WhoBob rush into the junkyard, and beat the living shit out of the henchmen.

"smh nobody kidnaps SOF, dirtbags," Cha said, knocking out the last henchman with her Guano gun.

Slam panics, as he is the last one standing. 

"H-h-how did you get here!? :o " Slam asked, scared like a baby. 

"peanuts. :funny: " WhoBob said, pointing to a trail left by a knocked out henchmen.

"Nobody captures SOF on my watch, he is a national treasure. (d) " Trophy said.

They free SOF, who is ready to fight Slam.

"Alright Slam, prapare to be RKO'd!" SOF threatened.

"Bah, I surrender! But mark my words SOF, this isn't over!" Slam said.

"Even with your friends, we'll keep hunting you! I will get my revenge...somehow! Tata for now!" Slam continued, as he runs away like Speedy Gonzales. 

"I still wonder why he can't just say everything in one line of dialogue like a normal human being. >_>" Hayden pondered.

"meh, forget that weirdo, thx for saving me tho," SOF replied.

"no prob dude, you helped defeat the robot, so we paid the favor. ^_^ " Cha replied.

"glad you're okay dude, you were true savior today. SOF should be next Marvel hero :Laugh: " WhoBob suggested.

"heh, we'll see who, maybe someday. (smirk) i feel honored having this be my big focus ep. now then, how about we binge Star on Cyboob Club, on me!" SOF suggested.

"Cyboob Club? Is that some porn version I'm not aware of?" Trophy asked, as they laugh.

Back at Infinex's super evil lair, Infinex is not happy seeing the Star bot's pathetically easy defeat.

"Spongetron...all three of your plans have failed thus far, but in addition, you have been selfishly creating useless pony robots that aren't even made for combat, without telling me!" Infinex ranted.

"Ooh, she's in trouble!" Hugh gasped.

"That's not true-" Spongetron was saying.

Several pony robots then enter the room, all giggling, who sing a song about friendship. 

"...okay, fine, but I was just having fun with them..." Spongetron confessed.

"Too bad. You made them for yourself, not to help my army. You have four strikes, and did you know that three strikes earns you a punishment? You're losing your robot creating permissions for now. Only I, Hank and Hugh will make the robots. Maybe in time you'll earn that privilege back." Infinex said sternly to Spongetron.

"THAT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR! :( " Spongetron replied, crying, as Hugh and Hank laugh.

"It appears you have too much emotion in you, which showed in your creations. Go to your room." Infinex ordered, as Spongetron angrily walks off to her room.

"Don't worry boss, I promise I've got a groovy robot for next time! Now then, is this the scene where Donut Boy enters?" Hugh asked, singing the Donut Boy theme song:


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7. Trophy

At Infinex’s super evil lair, Hugh Neutron unveils his own robot creation: a robot Bolbi Stroganofsky! :o 


"Hi hi, yes, I will always live on! I am so happy to be back! :D " Bolbi said energetically.

"Ugh, why are we using dead memes?" Spongetron asked rudely.

"Because Trono, according to these really old archives, apparently that Trophy guy loved Bolbi, even going as far as to have him be his icon thingy!:HWJaiQL.png " Hugh Neutron replied.

"Yup, I reckon this stranger is the perfect one to kick Mr. Trophy's ass." Hank noted.

"For my great entrance, here is me performing Macbeth!: 

" Bolbi performed.

"Bolbi has such a beautiful way with words..." Hugh said, crying at Bolbi's 10/10 performance.

"I wish I had you as my son instead of Bobbeh..." Hank said, crying as well.

"Who is this character?" Infinex asked curiously.

"Don't worry chief, I'll explain it to you with a copy/pasted article!" Hugh said, pasting this:

"Bolbi Stroganovsky is a supporting character from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Bolbi is a hilarious foreign exchange student from the country of Backhairistan. He usually serves as the comic relief in seasons two and three. The only times where he has a major role are in his debut episode and in Win, Lose and Kaboom! He loves slap dancing and kabobs. He also has a sister named Ignishka. He's a silly man.

History:As a former Russian spy, he's killed 1,000 Nazis, including his Dad. He escaped to America, and started his life on spying on genius, but mentally lesser kids, such as Jimmy Neutron."


"is that last part real?" Spongetron asked.

"Could be! :D " Bolbi replied happily.

"Well let's hope your robot is more successful than Spongetron's creations. Downloading it into SBC's network..." Infinex said.

Bolbi waves, as he is downloaded away, traveling to the SBC dome. Meanwhile, outside of the Protectors' base, Trophy, SOF, Hayden, Cha and WhoBob are playing a baseball game out of boredom. though Hayden is not amused.

"I hate baseball, such a dweeb sport" Hayden said.

"Then don't play, dingus." Trophy replied, ready to swing his bat.

"I'll stand around and criticize your dull sports as much as I want. (smirk) " Hayden replied, as Trophy swings, and the ball nearly hits him in the face. ">_>"

"hey trop, whats your buckstory for becuming pioneer?" SOF asked, as he makes it to third base.

"Never been a pioneer, but I'd love to." Trophy replied.

"I think he meant Protector. :P " WhoBob replied.

"Yeah, I've been a tad curious too on how Trophy of all people got to be one of SBC's last saviors. (d) " Hayden asked.

"Meh, fine, but don't expect a giant twist like SOF's story had." Trophy said.

"yay story time!" Cha replied.

"Tbh I've been getting bored of this baseball game, sorry Trophy, but I'm fine with hearing his story even tho Cha and I have heard it before. :P " WhoBob replied.

"Fair enough, I know baseball can't entertain everyone forever, but it helps me cool off from thinking about those fuckin robots. >_> Anyways, here's the story all about how my life got flipped turn upside-down..." Trophy said, as he begins narrating his story.

Before the robot apocalypse, Trophy and Hayden are seen on SBC meh’ing 4EverGreen’s posts, having a good laugh. He then goes on the shoutbox to rant about a football game, debating with JCM, Clappy and E.V.I.L. After that, he then browses Knowyourmeme.com, checking out some rising Bolbi memes. Suddenly, he gets a notification from SBC. Nuggets has replied to his post in the Sportz? thread:

"lmao dude, why do you hate the episode so much, like I get finding it mediocre at worst, but it's legit not that bad" Nuggets posted.

"yes it is, the episode is dumb, lazy and fundamentally broken from the beginning with no true wit or substance," Trophy replied back.

The two then get into an intense ass debate, going back and forth on Sportz? (god that question mark is so tacky). Nuggets responds with an essay on why Sportz? isn't that bad. The day Trophy had been waiting for had finally came: to write a god-tier giant essay on why Sportz? truly fuckin' sucks so badly. The stars had aligned for Trophy to BTFO Nuggets with an amazing essay. The day had been prophesied for years to come. Trophy began typing away, every word, every sentence, every flaw of the episode in perfect coordination and harmony. He was doing it! The essay legit could've silenced Nuggets forever with the amount of effort and scholarly writing Trophy was putting in. As Trophy continued writing his avant garde novel on why Sportz? is the worst episode ever, suddenly, his laptop blacks out. Oh no. Trophy is furious, about to kill someone. Suddenly, the robot invasion had begun. Trophy's essay is gone. Forever. Trophy later safely made it to the SBC dome, but not without bashing in a few robots along the way. Trophy's god-tier essay had been taken away by the robots, and he wanted them all to pay. He worked his way up through the ranks, helping defend SBC from the robots. hilaryfan80 is impressed with his skill and rage, so he recruits him to be a Protector of SBC, as the two shake hands.

"And that's how I'm here today. Duh end. That's all you're getting out of me. I'll never forget you, my dead but amazing Sportz essay. :( Someday, maybe we can reunite..." Trophy replied, ending his story, as he cries.

"wow that was quack, but soz about the essay :( " SOF replied.

"top ten anime deaths :patrick_crying-308:" Cha said.

"Tragic, but can't you just write another one?" Hayden asked.

"It's been so long I don't think I could write something as great as it ever again, especially with these robots on my mind. Now Nuggets will get the last laugh. ;( Or at least until these robots can fuck off and I can regather my thoughts to nitpick the fuck out of Sportz like a god." Trophy replied.

"Mhm, sure. Now can we stop this baseball nonsense and do something better, like playing an old Pokemon game?" Hayden suggested.

"how aboot we riff something, like good old JRT days?" SOF offered.

"How about we watch an old Marvel movie? ;) " WhoBob offered.

"how about you guys watch me livestream a drawing at Squidward's Art Museum?" Cha offered.

"ooh, i like that," SOF replied.

"Well considering my riffing skills died off, and I lost interest in superhero movies, and I'd rather not play Pokemon, meh sure, I'll go for the art option." Trophy replied.

"Coward, you're just scared you'll fail badly at the complexity of Pokemon. (smirk) " Hayden taunted, as they head to Squidward's Art Museum.

Meanwhile, Bolbi hacks himself into SBC through Squidward's Art Museum, appearing at the entrance.

"What the!?" Dreaded Patrick asked.

"Greetings everybody, I have returned to the world to spread my love! :D Also, I'm not wearing underpants! ;) " Bolbi said, as he fires lasers at the crowd.

"i love Jimmy Neutron as much as the next guy, but this is creeping me the fuck out, I'm out," Burgerpants said, running away.

Everyone screams and runs around in circles, trying to get away from robo Bolbi's rampage. At the SBC command tower, Steel sees this on a monitor.

"Uh Governor, was there an animatronic of Bolbi from Jimmy Neutron installed that I never knew of?" Steel asked.

They look at this, seeing Bolbi shooting lasers at Squidward's Art Museum with incredible dancing moves.

"yeahh that's not any robot of ours lmao," Cream replied, as she calls hilaryfan80.

"wow, turning a treasure like Bolbi into a weapon, Infinex has gone too far this time ;( " OWM said sadly.

As the five stooges continue toward the museum...

"Attention, guys: A new robot has hacked itself through Squidward's Art Museum and is attacking, be prepared!" hilaryfan80 warned to the five through his communicator shit.

"good thing we were heading right there, nice coincidence :Laugh: " Cha said.

"Now here's some good action to help vent off steam! :D " Trophy said, ready to destroy another robot.

They make it to the museum, seeing Bolbi himself shooting lasers and jumping around like a barefoot jack rabbit.

"...No, it cannot be. They turned the definition of god Bolbi into one of our enemies! Deleting my god-tier essay is one thing, but you've gone too far this time, robot fuckwads!" Trophy said boldly, pointing his bat at the rabid Bolbid, who stops in his tracks, turning around.

"I am here to slap slap slap, clap clap clap, slap slap slap, clap clap clap, the one known as Trophy!" Bolbi spoke, as he does his dance.

“Not gonna lie, I was honestly expecting something Sportz related for Trop’s enemy. :funny: ” WhoBob said. 

“Same, tbh, but I guess Bolbi also kind of makes sense given all the JN memes I used to look at :P ” Trophy replied.

Bolbi then proceeds to hypnotize them all with his amazing "Slap Slap Slap, Clap Clap Clap" dance:

"No, don't give in! That's what he wants us to do!" Trophy realized, struggling to cave to the catchy song.

The other four are hypnotized by the dance, as a weird creepy ass aura traps them, all from Bolbi's doing.

"I can't stop slapping and clappy!" Cha panicked, as she does the dance nonstop.


"OMG make it stop!!!" WhoBob panicked.

"Trophy, get us out of here or this time, I'll hurt you for real!" Hayden warned, trying to get himself out of the trance.

"Now Mr. Trophy, be prepare to submit to Bolbi's dance!" Bolbi said evilly, with his eyes glowing red like a creepypasta.

Trophy does some Jackie Chan like moves, running around. Bolbi is a bit too fast tho, as he quickly fires some blasts at Trophy, in his way. Before Trophy's life flashes before his eyes, his baseball reflexes kick in. As if by instinct, he quickly deflects a few blasts back with his baseball bat, as they hit Bolbi in the head. He begins to malfunction and shit, as the four are let out of the trance. 


He bounces up and down like a baseball, and Trophy runs up for the strike. He quickly strikes Bolbi's fat ass with his bat, as Bolbi goes flying into the sky, and going BOOM! Trophy salutes him, a slight tear shedding down his face.

"thx trop, but u do know that wasnt reel bobby right?" SOF asked.

"Oh I know, that was mostly exaggerated for drama, but still, he was the closest thing to having a real, live Bolbi. :( Thanks robots, for making cheap knockoffs to use against us!" Trophy said.

"god dangit bobby bolbi, but for real, thx trop, your macdaddy baseball skills saved the day" Cha replied.

"Hopefully they don't make Chris Evans into a robot. :stinkeye: Anyways, nice work Trophy." WhoBob said.

"Alright, whatever, thanks I guess. Glad to get some Jimmy Neutron nostalgia, too bad it tried to kill us." Hayden replied, as hilaryfan80 meets up with them.

"wow this ep was fast..." SOF realized.

"fast like sonic, fitting given my sonic phase, and I'm okay with that," Trophy replied, as hilaryfan80 meets up with them.

"Wow, you handled it already? Impressive." hilaryfan80 replied.

"Hey doc, why is your security sucking? This is the third time now they've hacked their way in." Hayden noted.

"I know. >_> I've done as many upgrades as I can, but Infinex's hacking skills are too strong, even for me. It's a virus, after all. I'm installing a new program to help protect SBC, but I don't know how long it'll last." hilaryfan80 said, doing fancy ass calculations on Squidward's Art Museum.

"Hopefully long enough for me to play Sonic '06 again nonstop! :D " Trophy said.

And so, after Cha's beautiful art stream, Trophy decided to play an old copy of Sonic '06 (somehow, even with the apocalypse, all copies of the game didn't get destroyed). He plays it on an old ass PS3, subjecting himself to a mix of torture and lulziness. But of course, to make the experience kino af, he has Bolbi's slapper jamming in the background while he plays the game for old time's sake, giving his respect to a god:


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8. Cha: Part One

Cha is seen watching some ol’ Kappa Mikey reruns on tv, reminiscing about the good ol' days.

 "heh i remembr KM, unfortunately too bad that reboot never happenuned tho... :( " SOF said sadly.

 The reminder of the Kappa Mikey reboot that never came to be saddens Cha, who looks away from the screen for a bit.

"You okay Cha?" WhoBob asked her.

"yeah I guess, haha omg Yes Man!!!" Cha said, as Yes Man appears on the screen, cheering her up.

"YES!" Yes Man yelled, making a grand entrance.


"yes man for top ten greatest anime characters tbh," Trophy replied.

"Say Cha, what's your backstory? Something tells me your strangely sad reaction to the reboot comment has to do with it." Hayden inquired.

"yeah ive been cerious to know too..." SOF added.

"omg super cereal ;) " WhoBob replied.

"eh fine, I'll tell, Hay and SOF both deserve to know. get ready for a wild trip bruddahs..." Cha said, as she began to narrate her backstory.

Before the robot invasion, Cha is seen on SBC, posting a new drawing in her art thread. It was a beautiful drawing of her mentor, Jackie Chan, with her favorites Shinsuke and Katsura. She gets a few likes, even the approval of Chan himself. She then proceeds to listen to some songs through SBC Radio, relaxing. Suddenly, she then gets a private message from Jackie Chan.

"My pupil...the time has come. Your graduation awaits." Jackie said.

Cha was excited. She goes to Jackie Chan's sacred dojo in the holy mountains, wearing a cool samurai outfit. She walks inside, as her mentor is waiting.

"Welcome, grasshopper. Your graduation day has come, after months of hard training." Jackie Chan greeted.

"I know omg, I'm so excited, great sensei. :D " Cha replied.

"To pass your final trial, you must become Mitsuki if you want to play as her. Master her style, and you will be able to portray one of your childhood heroes. Are you ready?" Jackie Chan asked.

"YES!" Cha replied.

And so, Cha trains to become Mitsuki honing her acting and fighting skills, with a Disney training song in the background. After a series of difficult trials, mastering Mitsuki's character, mastering karate moves, maybe a bit of anime filler, and the return of Jackie Chan's fearsome enemy, The Dark Hand, Cha had completed her trials. Jackie is impressed with her results, as Cha had mastered the role of Mitsuki.

"...You pass. I am proud of you, grasshopper. You are ready to become the new Mitsuki. Go on. Go to the studio." Jackie Chan said, crying, proud for Cha.

"Thank you, sensei. <3" Cha replied, as she runs all the way to the Kappa Mikey studio, ready to claim her role as Mitsuki in the upcoming reboot! :o 

Cha makes her way to the Kappa Mikey studio, reaching the front doors. This was the day she had been waiting for. To become of our her favorites, and to see them reimagined in a brand spanking new reboot. She breathes in, and heads on inside, brave and determined. The receptionist is about to ask Cha who she is, but she sees the passion in her eyes...there is no need to ask. She senses the aura from her. Cha had been born for this role. She walks into the casting room, as even the talent judges see the Mitsuki in her. But then suddenly, the building shakes. A news report comes on.

"HEEEELP! ROBOTS ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD! ALSO, I DIDN'T HAVE MY MEDS TODAY! WOOHOO!" the news reporter yelled like a lunatic as he screams and runs around in circles.

Cha is confused, as she sees the robots on the screen. Suddenly, she runs outside, seeing Infinex's robots attacking, shooting pew pew lasers and shit. She panics, making a run for it. Cha's dream job had been ruined by the asshole robots. She uses her skills from Jackie Chan to fight some off kung fu style, as she runs away. She knows deep down Jackie is okay, and he is. At the dojo, robots try to take it over, but Jackie ain't fucking letting that happen, as he unleashes his power on the tin machines. Cha then makes her way to the SBC dome, helping others along the way get to it. hilaryfan80 is impressed with her skill, and invites her to become a Protector of SBC, which she gladly accepts. She also reunites with Jackie, who is disappointed the Kappa Mikey reboot will never come to be due to the apocalypse, but is proud she'll continue to use her fighting skills to punish EEEEVVILL!

"and that's pretty much it, I'll never forgive them for ruining the KM reboot and my chance of being Mitsuki </3" Cha replied, as she finishes narrating.

"daww, so soz cha," SOF replied, crying, and then sees a bowl of onions next to him. "hey, who put this bowl of onuns here? (d) "

"not me :funny: but yeah, I'm so sorry Cha, maybe the reboot can happen for real when robots are defeated :) " WhoBob said hopefully.

"wow this is even more tragic than my backstory, robbing us of a rebooted guano is a true war crime," Trophy replied, disappointed.

"This is truly the most horrible things the robots have done yet, they've robbed the world of our Kappa Mikey return and Cha's path to fame. :( " Hayden said.

"thx guys, but eh, I've managed. maybe someday my dream will come true tho :) " Cha replied.

"wets hope they dont do something cray cray liek make km char bots..." SOF pondered.

As soon as that was said, going to Infinex's super evil lair, Hugh Neutron has created seven new robot characters for the evil overlord. They appear out of the shadows, revealing themselves from left to right: Mikey, Gonard, Guano, Lily, Mitsuki, Ozu and Yes Man.

"Behold! I apologize for my failure last time boss, but these bad boys were that Cha girl's favorites, so obviously they are most fit to destroy her! They are state of the art, using your most powerful doohickeys and thingamabobbers! I call them the Kappa Seven!" Hugh Neutron explained.

"I have a better idea bouncing off of yours. Instead of simply destroying them, I would like for you seven to capture the other four, but keep Cha alive in SBC city. We will lure her here, and then destroy all five at once. They have no chance on our turf." Infinex explained evilly.

"I tell you hwhat boss, that's...BRILLIANT! The enemy will be in for some ass kickings on our turf." Hank Hill said proudly.

"whatever I could've thought of that too," Spongetron replied uncaringly.

"Well you didn't. Are you ready, Kappa Seven?" Infinex asked.

"You bet'cha, evil boss!" Mikey replied.

"awww yeah dudesss z1hgjuu.jpg?1 " Guano replied.

"WOO LET'S GO! I'LL FLIP AND KICK THOSE CHUMPS!" Gonard yelled eagerly.

"Yeah let's do it, I guess, as long as none of them mess me up!" Lily replied.

"We will not let you down, sir!" Mitsuki promised.

"Ohoho, those children will be in for pain when they meet me." Ozu said devilishly. 

"PAIN!" Yes Man agreed with Ozu, as Infinex downloads the seven, hacking them into SBC.

"hilaryfan80 may have installed stronger software, but I am the strongest computer virus that ever lived, of course." Infinex said, gloating.

The Kappa Seven appear in the center of SBC city.

"holy shit is that really the km team!?" Darkness noticed, in awe.

"YES!" Yes Man replied enthusiastically.

"Yah, and we're gunna destroy yer friends!" Mikey revealed, shooting pew pew lasers from his eyes, as the civilians panic.

"dammit why did THEY have to be evil...life is unfair," Homie replied, disappointed, as she runs away with Darkness. 

"Protectors, we have seven new robots that hacked their way in! Find them immediately!" hilaryfan80 reported to the five.

"OH SHIT, SVEN!?" SOF yelled.

"That's seven too many!" Hayden replied, as they rush out of the base like Speedy Gonzales. 

The five scour around SBC, but don't find the Kappa Seven anywhere.

"Now if I were a robot, where would I hide..." Cha replied.

"Maybe we could split up? After all, these robots don't seem like threats so far, lel." WhoBob suggested.

"idk, spitting up is usual bad idea..." SOF replied, hesitant.

"meh we've handled so many robots the past year I'm not even scared of what they have in store anymore tbh," Trophy replied.

"yeah, and besides, Cream can send additional security for help. I'll investigate near the Cytube Club." Cha replied.

Meanwhile, Trophy investigates near the Shout Lounge, SOF investigates near Fanfiction World, Hayden investigates near Teenj Target, and WhoBob investigates near Downtown Bikini Bottom. Suddenly, the four get ambushed, no match for the Kappa Seven who act like silent samurais. Ozu and Yes Man capture Trophy, Lily and Mitsuki capture WhoBob, Guano captures Hayden (he one tough furry lil motherfucker), while Mikey and Gonard capture SOF. The Kappa Seven teleport themselves out of the dome, with their prisoners handcuffed. Cha then tries contacting them after finding nothing.

"Hey guys, have any luck? Guys? Guys? uh oh" Cha asked. No response.


The Kappa Seven reappear at Infinex's super evil base, presenting the captured SOF, Hayden, Trophy and WhoBob to Infinex and his cronies. Spongetron gives all four a condescending glare. 

"Welcome, "Protectors". You have been a thorn in my side for a long time. I am the almighty Infinex." Infinex greeted, introducing itself to the four.

"uh oh, cluffhanger!? :o " SOF said nervously. 

To Be Continued!?

9. Cha: Part Two

Because we didn't feel like stretching this out over another week, here's your continuation. No need for a recap because you literally just read it above. Anyways, hilaryfan80 contacts Cha.

"Cha...if you read me, I've got horrible news. It appears the seven robots captured the other four, teleporting themselves to Infinex's lair." hilaryfan80 said to her.

"Oh god no! My plan got them caught! ? " Cha replied, terrified.

"His base is rather far from here. I'll give you its location, but I'm not sure if you want to go alone, it's a dangerous path." hilaryfan80 warned.

"I'll go. I knew I shouldn't have suggested to split up, dumb me. :( It's my fault, but I'll fix it! It's my destiny! Also...I know someone who can help, it might not be over." Cha realized, feeling better.

"It's not your fault, it appears these seven are stronger than normal, even if you had not split up they sure are tough to deal with. But if you're truly sure, good luck. If you need any help, I'll send what I can." hilaryfan80 replied.

Cha goes to Jackie Chan's dojo, seeking his spiritual advice, guiding and training for how to save her friends. Jackie awaits for her inside.

"Welcome, grasshopper. What do you seek?" Jackie asked, watering a plant.

"I need your help. My friends have been captured by evil robots, and I can't take them on alone!" Cha was saying.

"I understand. I will help you." Jackie replied, making Cha happy.

"Woohoo! We need to get to Infinex's evil base, but unfortunately that's where I'm lost in this part of the plan, whoops. Hayden would be pretty pissed if I damaged his car, and my bike isn't big enough for two people-" Cha was saying.

"Say no more. In a situation like this, I will gladly allow you to drive the Jackie Chan Mobile." Jackie said, showing the car outside of the dojo, which has his face on it. "You may drive it. You've earned it. This is an honor I have never let another do, but a student of mine deserves it. I sense your determination. I will still tag along, guiding you."

"thank u based jackie," Cha replied, saluting him, and Jackie salutes back.

Cha gets in the driver's seat, while Jackie gets shotgun. She hits the pedal to the metal, driving off. She contacts Cream that she needs the gate open, as Cream understands. The main gate opens, as Cha is a bit nervous, but holds it back, bringing her bravery back.

"a bit scared of going into the fucked up wasteland again, but I have to do it for them." Cha replied, as the Jackie Chan Mobile leaves the dome. Patty and crush salute them from the distance, as the gate closes. 

Meanwhile, back at Infinex's super evil lair, the four look at Infinex...

"Tbh, I was expecting u to look something like Ultron, kind of disappointed. ? " WhoBob said.

"Really, this thing is the almighty bad guy? Some metal pod with a generic evil red eye? How disappointing indeed. >_>" Hayden replied.

"Now, no need for insults, one known as Hayden. After all, you have part of me inside of you." Infinex replied.

"Yeah, ewww. Get out of me, weirdo." Hayden taunted back.

"You better watch your tone, or I'm gonna kick your ass." Hank threatened to Hayden.

"but I wanna do that," Spongetron replied.

"no worries, if Cha can't save us I'll gladly kick Hayden's ass for you," Trophy promised. "also, Hugh Neutron and Hank Hill are here? WTF?"

"That's right boy, overlord Infinex is a brilliant mind! He's even more brilliant than Jimbo!" Hugh replied.

"I always thought robots taking over was nonsense, but I soon learned to accept our boss is a great machine. He brought silly cartoon characters like us to life as robots. By the way, any of you gentleman want some Strickland Propane?" Hank offered.

"Taking over the world is one thing, capturing us is another, but turning icons like Hugh and Hank into your slaves!? You are a real motherfuckin monster!" Trophy said to Infinex.

"so when are we gunna die?" SOF asked, breaking the morbid and somewhat mundane mood.

"You do not have to perish yet. After all, your last team member will be arriving, as I planned." Infinex explained to them.

"Yup, and we'll be ready to take her down with all of you!" Mikey said encouraged.

"ALL OF YOU!" Yes Man agreed.

"oh no, please be okay Cha... :( " WhoBob said nervously, as Hayden, SOF and Trophy are also worried.

Cha keeps driving the Jackie Chan Mobile through the wastelands, as Infinex's super evil lair is seen in the distance. Suddenly, the Christian Ravengers are seen watching the car in the distance, as DS Guy sees them with his holy binoculars.

"A woman driving a car with a Chinese man through MY desert? Not on my watch! GO RAVENGERS!" DS Guy ordered.

"i agree, women and chinese driving a car? horrible, thanks obama and liberals..." Todd Phillips replied.

"Umm, I thought we disowned Todd for his white supremacy, because we aren't that fucked up?" a gang member asked DS Guy before they go off.

"Meh, you gotta take who you can get in the dark times, not like social issues matter in the apocalypse. Now let's proceed, crew!" DS Guy replied, as the bikers chase after the Jackie Chan Mobile.

Cha and Jackie suddenly hear the motorbike sounds from behind. They look in the mirrors, seeing the Christian Ravengers. 

"Christian crosses...oh boy." Cha realized.

The bikers ride up ahead, as they form a blockade, getting out their fancy shmancy weapons. Cha keeps driving super fast, as she gets closer to the bikers. Some panic and ride away.

"Wait, don't-" DS Guy was saying.

Cha then runs him, Todd and some of the bikers over, as she keeps driving.

"Uh, did I just kill a bunch of people-" Cha was asking, turning around.

"You're fine, keep driving." Jackie reassured.

Some of the other remaining bikers try to give chase, but Jackie activates a secret switch, kicking the vehicle into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! The car goes faster (GOTTA GO FAST!), zooming off through the wasteland, as the remaining bikers give up their chase cause fuck that op speed. DS Guy, Todd Phillips and the other hit bikers get up, still alive (so yes, cha didn't actually kill some crazy Christians if you got worried). 

"Ugh...why Lord, why must you be so cruel to me? :( " DS Guy asked, trying to fix his back, walking around.

"i knew women shouldnt drive..." Todd Phillips sighed, getting up, and waving his fist.

The Jackie Chan Mobile gets closer to the lair, as smoke is seen coming out of multiple areas. Several pew pew lasers then fire at them from grunt robots and his defense walls. 

"Do not worry. Just keep driving, as if you were a pebble floating through a river. Ignore them." Jackie said to Cha, giving her wisdom.

Cha keeps her cool, and runs right through some grunt robots, avoiding laser blasts. Infinex lets her pass, as he opens a gate into his lair. Cha is surprised.

"Is this a trap, sensei?" Cha asked.

"Likely, but this is your only way into the enemy's den. We'll take our chances." Jackie replied.

The Jackie Chan Mobile flies right through the entrance. The entrance is a giant factory, where many grunt robots are being manufactured. Cha and Jackie hop out of the car, as some of the grunt robots awaken, ready to attack. 

"I have waited to kick some ass for a long time, especially robot ass." Jackie said, ready to fight.

"I'll make you and my friends proud, master. <3" Cha replied.

The robots attack, as Jackie Chan unleashes his crazy kung fu moves, destroying those robots like nothing. Cha fires her Guano gun, and does her own karate moves (look at this damn feminist propaganda), destroying those guards. Suddenly, an elevator door opens. The two head inside, as it immediately closes. It then automatically sends them to the top of the base. The elevator door opens, as Cha and Jackie walk into Infinex's room, seeing everyone.

"YAY CHA MAD IT! :D " SOF cheered. 

"and Jackie Chan omfg," WhoBob replied.

Cha then sees Hugh, Hank and Spongetron, surprised that Hugh and Hank are evil.

"omg my dads hank and hugh are evil!?" Cha said, in disbelief.

"That's right sister!" Hugh replied gleefully.

"They're robot replicas, but yeah. :( " WhoBob replied.

"Welcome, one known as Cha and whoever the old man is. I intentionally did not kidnap you, leading you right into my trap. Now you will be terminated with your friends." Infinex explained.

"I am no old man. I am Jackie Chan, and Cha's master. You will not defeat us." Jackie said.

The Kappa Seven walk out of the shadows, who are ready to fight. 

"Of course...only you guys could be capable of defeating my friends! But I will not let you work for evil, I will help you! You will pay for doing this...whatever you are, you weird computer virus! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" Cha replied.

"Cha, I admire your bravery making it this far, but I'm not sure if you can change those annoying robots." Hayden replied.

"HEY, I am not annoying!" Guano snapped back.

"meh, I don't care about Kappa Mikey, sorry," Spongetron chimed in.

"Thank you for that unnecessary comment." Trophy replied, giving a thumbs up, or an attempt at one, from his handcuffs.

Samurai music plays, as Cha and Jackie fight off against the Kappa Seven. Cha struggles, but gets over it, realizing she has to fight her own favs to save her friends. She punches Mitsuki and Lily, as Jackie fights off Ozu, a clash between two old men. 

"I'm the superior old man!" Ozu said with fightin words.

"SUPERIOR OLD MAN!" Yes Man agreed, firing pew pew lasers at Jackie, who counters them like a god.

"Go Cha and Jackie, kick robot ass!" Trophy cheered, as do the other three.

"can I get in on this action?" Spongetron asked Infinex.

"No, stay there and watch the prisoners." Infinex ordered, as the three understand, holding their prisoners tight.

"Hey, don't hold me so tight, Mr. Hill. (d) " Hayden replied, struggling to let go.

"hey whobob do you like me touching you," Spongetron asked.

"stop that," WhoBob replied, as she pokes him.

Cha fights Mikey too, and struggles to give Guano a kick cause he being a BAD boy. Jackie and Cha keep fighting, but the Kappa Seven are pretty strong, putting up a hell of a fight. But then Cha realizes a solution upon several wires connecting to Infinex. She feels it come to her spiritually, but Mikey tries to block her path. Cha avoids his kung fu, as she jumps up. She does a powerful karate anime kick on one of the wires, breaking it loose.

"NOOO!" Infinex yelled.

Cha grabs it, and throws it at The Kappa Seven, electrocuting all of them, and frying em like chicken. They look around confused.

"Huh...hi guys, why are we in an evil looking place?" Mikey asked.

Their bad sides have been erased. Jackie Chan then karate kicks Hugh, Hank and Spongetron, knocking them away. He breaks open the four's cuffs, freeing them.

"thx Jackie :thumbsup: " WhoBob said.

"FREEDOM!" Trophy cheered.

"What is this...I feel as if I no longer want to kill people?" Ozu pondered.

"...AGREE!" Yes Man replied.

"Yeah man, I feel like a hero again!" Gonard said.

"help," Guano said to Cha.

"omg I knew I could save you guys ❤️" Cha replied happily.

"Wow, so our solution didn't involve senseless violence for a change." Hayden said, impressed.

Infinex spams lasers at them all, but Cha leads them away, as they all avoid his blasts.

"Hey, can you guys still teleport us out of here?" Cha asked the Kappa Seven.

"No, I have cut it off. Now you will all die-" Infinex was saying.

Suddenly, the loose wire then hits some freaky machinery near the wall, causing a meltdown.

"OH GOD NO!" Hank panicked.

BOOM! The wall explodes, giving a way out. They all jump out, as the Jackie Chan Mobile pulls up, and they all land in it. Cha drives it away, with all thirteen cramped in the car.

"this is uncomfortible..." SOF said, squeezed next to Lily and Gonard.

"Well sorry!" Lily snapped.

Cha wears some cool sunglasses while driving away like a badass.

"Well done, I am proud, my student." Jackie Chan said to her.

"I'm proud too, Cha sure has turned into a goddess. I should be Jackie's student next. (smirk) " Hayden offered.

"no me," Trophy replied.

"I cannot be everyone's teachers. You all have your own paths to follow, but I will always be there if you need my help." Jackie promised.

Infinex looks at his room's destruction annoyed.

"Clean this up." Infinex demanded to Tron, Hank and Hugh, giving them brooms. 

The Protectors and Jackie Chan are back in the base, relaxing.

"Hey where are the Kappa gang?" WhoBob asked.

"They'll be in our basement, where they can't bother anyone! :D And maybe someday, the reboot can happen, but I got my reruns at least. :squilliam2:" Cha replied.

"Dunno how to feel about us adopting some robots but I guess if they really aren't a problem anymore, so be it, and maybe I can troll the shit out of anyone (smirk) " Trophy said.

"thx again jack and cha, you both heroes :) " SOF said. 

"You are most welcome, but Cha is your true hero. I only guided her. Now then, who would like to watch a double back to back marathon of Jackie Chan Adventures AND Kappa Mikey?" Jackie Chan offered.

"Sure!" everyone replied.

"Wait, you guys are just going to leave a bunch of Kappa Mikey robots in the basement? Unattended? o.o " hilaryfan80 asked.

"Don't worry, they won't be an issue anymore, their bad programming got erased! Also, we can reuse them if the ratings get low. ;) " Cha replied.

"Fair enough! ^_^ " hilaryfan80 replied.

And so, the gang watches the double marathon with Jackie Chan. The Kappa gang reenact some old episodes in the basement, all having a good laugh. The moral of this story is that not all robots are evil, I guess, or maybe the moral is to always trust Jackie Chan. Yeah, let's go with that.

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10. WhoBob

WhoBob is seen watching Avengers: Infinity War at Reef Cinema, munching down on that sweet popcorn.

"I'll rewatch Part 2 after this, good thing it got released before the world ended. :funny: " WhoBob said, and then sighs. "Too bad there won't be anymore movies tho... :(

"I know, I'm also disappointed I no longer have anymore movie material to review. Thanks robots. :stinkeye: " Clappy said. (poor claps)

After finishing, WhoBob walks out and goes to the Cytube Club to meet up with the Protectors, where they are watching some ol' Doctor Who. WhoBob walks on in, accompanied by a laugh track.

"ooh, perfect theme :D " WhoBob said, delighted to see Doctor Who.

"yay mr. whobob!" Cha cheered.

"heh never got into DW before but this is okay so far," SOF said.

"can't wait to get to the female Doctor aka the era where people lost their minds when someone dared make a female character," Trophy said.

"Ah, I remember the great wars over the 13th Doctor as if it were yesterday. The internet sure loved getting triggered over anything. (smirk) " Hayden reminisced. 

"hey whoboob, wats yer backstory on joining protacters?" SOF asked.

"whoboob, nice. ;) well ok, i never told SOF or Hay, so sure. Sure, time for my backstory, even tho it may pale in comparison to others  :Laugh:  " WhoBob said, as he begins to narrate.

Long ago, in the distant land of Turkey, lived the man himself WhoBob. It started off as an ordinary day. He went on SBC and SBM, just chilling around with everyone. Then he proceeded to watch the latest Doctor Who (which has controversy over the latest Doctor being gay), and has a discussion about it with Hayden in the Doctor Who thread. WhoBob then prepares to see the next Marvel movie (who knows what number it is by this point), Let's say it's another Captain America movie, yeah, we'll go with that. He is eager to see his babe Chris Evans once again. He runs his heart out to a nearby movie theater like Peter Griffin. He shows his ticket, and is ready to get seated. After sitting through 30+ minutes of trailers (one of which being for The Emoji Movie 2), WhoBob is finally ready to see the big movie. But then...it happens: The robot invasion. The robots break into the movie theater, as the audience runs away. WhoBob does some Captain America moves on the mofos, and makes his way out. He couldn't believe robots were taking over the world, as he sees Turkey go into chaos. He is heartbroken that he has been robbed of seeing both his beautiful Chris Evans and another Marvel movie. But he also sees his people in suffering, trying to run from the robot menaces. Just like his favorite superheroes, WhoBob decides to protect and help others fro here on out. He saves as many users and people as he can, making his way to the SBC dome. He meets up with hilaryfan80, allowing him to become a Protector, dubbing him the "Captain Turkey" of SBC...or Captain SBC, whichever you prefer.

"wew lads, that's all. hope u enjoyed. and maybe someday all my favs, not just Marvel and Doctor Who, will live again :( " WhoBob finished.

"wow, thats so sad...FUCK YOY ROBOTS FOR CANCELLING MARVUL!" SOF yelled angrily.

"Though I care little for Marvel, I can sympathize with your loss of Doctor Who. :( " Hayden replied.

"we also lost getting to see hilarious rage towards any attempts to change The Doctor so I can sympathize with that :( " Trophy replied.

"at least you're continuining cap's legacy ;) " Cha replied.

"true dat. :) thx guys, but hey, I got quite the library of Marvel and DW to hold me over <3" WhoBob said in acceptance.

Meanwhile, at Infinex's super evil lair, Hank has created a new robot: Captain America! :o 

"I tell you hwhat, I've done it, boss. This robot, Captain Americuh here, will be strong enough to break through their central entrance. It'd spare ya the trouble of hacking again. I've read he'd make quite a fine enemy for Mr. WhoBob too. I know things haven't worked out for ya lately, especially with the lair getting that nasty explosion, but maybe this will be the one!" Hank explained.

"Oh goodie, I love the brute force approach!" Hugh complimented.

"wait, who is captain america?" Spongetron asked, confused.

"Using a proclaimed "superhero" against these "heroes" certainly is genius. But the execution better be worth it, Mr. Hill. Proceed." Infinex ordered.

"It won't let you down, sir!" Hank said, saluting.

"uhh, shouldn't you send an army once the gate is destroyed? just saying," Spongetron pointed out.

"Ah, that would be an easy strike, but you miss the point in this art of war, Mrs. Spongetron. Sending an army after the gate is vulnerable is exactly what hilaryfan80 would expect us to do. I am certain he has a backup prepared, though I am the smarter of us, I know how his brain functions. Let us see how Cap tests his heroes' physical strength first." Infinex replied.

"Wow boss, you sure are smart!" Hugh complimented.

Captain America runs its way to the SBC dome, as it reaches the main gate. It throws its shield, as it connects to the door. The robot detonates the shield, exploding the doors wide open. Patty, crush, Metal, JCM and several other guards shoot their guns at it, but Cap knocks em the fuck out. At the main tower, an alarm goes off, alerting them of this complication.

"what's going on!?" Cream panicked.

"Governor, a robot has blown right through our main gate!" OWM reported.

"hey uh hilaryfan80, might wanna listen to this..." Cream was saying, as she begins to contact him.

hilaryfan80 gets word of this, as he alerts the heroes.

"Listen very carefully: A robot has broken in through the main gate. I've activated a backup to prevent anymore robots from getting through, but be careful, this must be a tough robot if it can break through the gate." hilaryfan80 warned to them.

"We'll see about that." Hayden said, cracking his knuckles.

The five run to the Reef Cinema, where they see Captain America attacking. Clappy and Leedles runaway, managing to avoid harm but disappointed their movie watchings got interrupted.

"OMG Captain America, but not really, I know you are fake. (smirk) " WhoBob said, as they are ready to strike. 

SpongeBob's #1 Fan admires the robot, completely oblivious to what it is doing.

"Wow, Captain America is here! Please sign my autograph! :D " SpongeBob's #1 Fan begged, as Cap prepares to attack him.

"should we just let him do it?" Trophy asked nonchalantly. 

"That's kinda messed up, our job is to protect people and all." WhoBob replied.

"I know, I know, I was joking.....maybe. (d) " Trophy replied ominously.

"um dude, that robutt is evil..." SOF said to SB Fan.

“But, not all robots are evil! There can be good robots! Just like there are good black people and bad black people! :D "  SpongeBob’s #1 Fan said, as they all facepalm.

“Fitting comparison.” Hayden complimented.

"Dude, just get out of here!" WhoBob said, as he jumps forward, and pushes SB Fan out of the way. "You'll be safe here, ok?"

"Well, okay! But, I'll watch from the sides! I hope Captain America wins! :D " SpongeBob's #1 Fan cheers from the sidelines.

"thx for the support," Cha replied, shooting her Guano gun at Cap, who shields himself with another shield.

Hayden swings some nunchucks at the robot, but Cap blocks em with dat shield, and throws it at Hayden's face, knocking him down.

"Fucking shields are for sissies, fight me like a real man!" Hayden spoke, getting back up undeterred.

SOF tries to hit Cap with his Star Wand, but Cap hits him in the face with the shield too, knocking him down.

"its okay butt frog..." SOF mumbled in his dazed state.

Trophy strikes his bat at Cap at his shield. Cap then quickly grabs it, and throws it to the side. Trophy and him get into a fist fight, but Cap gets the last punch in, striking Trophy down.

"damn this son of a bitch really has Cap's strength," Trophy said, surprisingly impressed.

WhoBob strikes his own shield against Cap's, resulting in a battle between two Marvel kings.

"WhoBob, it's me, your idol." Captain America spoke, removing his face to show a caricature of Chris Evans, surprising him.

"Nice try. I know REAL Chris Evans or Cap for that matter would never attack SBC. :stinkeye: Prepare to die, bitch." WhoBob said.

WhoBob channels his inner hero, and attacks. He punches Cap, and knocks the shield out of his hands. After a brief fist fight, WhoBob uses his shield to beat the shit out of the robot with it. It falls to the ground, defeated, sparking and twitching around. RIP.

"yay for Captain WhoBoob!" SOF cheered.

"omg Cap got DESTROYED," Cha said, applauding for WhoBob.

"Captain's #1 fan destroying him. The poetry of it amuses even me." Hayden said, impressed.

"Thx guys. I felt no remorse since I know it not real Chris Evans or Cap, thus it was easier :funny: Captain SBC will forever he here at your service!" WhoBob said, saluting with his own shield.

"well hopefully that's the last time they use a robot to metaphorically represent our favorites, since their attempts have been total flops thus far," Trophy said.

"I think it will be, no way are they that stupid to repeat this shtick again...or maybe they are with Tron on their team." Hayden pondered.

"Aww... :( " SpongeBob's #1 Fan said sadly, mourning the robot corpse of Cap.

"...You do realize the robot was evil and would've killed you, right? o.o " Hayden asked.

"....Oh." SpongeBob's #1 Fan replied, as he walks away.

hilaryfan80 orders a construction crew to repair the gate, while WhoBob watches a rerun of Infinity War Part 2, giving a giant applause. He then joins up with the gang at the Cytube Club again to binge some more ol Doctor Who reruns.

"I enjoy this show, even though, I don't understand what's happening or what it's about!" SpongeBob's #1 Fan said, giving a thumbs up.

"thanks chief," Cha replied.

"We really need to start making these binge sessions invite only. >_>" Hayden said, grumpy.

"oh wow, this was short chapter..." SOF realized.

"Short, sweet and to the point tho. ;) " WhoBob replied.

Of course, with all the Marvel and Doctor Who references, it's only fitting to end the chapter with this:


Edited by jjsthekid
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