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[1st] Capsule Champions

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Capsule Champions is back for March Madness 2018! The goal is to see who can add the most episode capsules to the page in a given amount of time. The first game is tonight at 7pm EST. Whoever wins will receive 2,500 doubloons and a point for their team on the scoreboard.

Here is a guide on how to add capsules if you aren't sure:


1.) Go to the capsules page, go to any season section, and click "Add new episode" at the top.

2.) From there, you will have an editor. As I stated, each season has at least one episode so far, if you want to use those as a base for the episode you are adding. You can easily copy and paste one of the episodes I added, but change around everything in it to represent the episode you are adding.

3.) Say the name of the episode with the production code in front of it for the title, like how the others are named. For example, "33B - Gary Takes a Bath". Make sure the episode you are adding is in the right season. Use an episode list if you want to be sure, or use SBC's season forums.

4.) For the gallery of images, we would like three images added for a normal episode, and six added for a double-length special (notice how I have six images for Ghoul Fools, since it's a special). To add the three (or six) images at the top, use this:


Click "Choose files...", and upload the images of the episode. You can take them from anywhere on the internet, as long as they are in good quality. After adding them, they may look huge. You can resize them by double clicking them, and change their size to 100 by 75. This is the recommended dimensions to use for the images.

5.) Put the episode's title after that in the large, bolded 36 size. The airdate will be below in the 12 size, and the "Plot" heading afterwards. If you have no clue how to format these on your own, you can copy and paste one of my episode templates, it is formatted for you. So you could copy and paste the Gary Takes a Bath headings as an example, and change the info around to represent your episode.

6.) Use the "Image" option at the bottom for the episode's title card.

7.) Finally, for the plot, you can copy and paste it from the SpongeBob Wikia or another reliable source. You can correct the summary for spelling, grammar, or any incorrect information. If you feel the summary you found is missing info, you can add it on your own.


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