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March Madness iFish Items!

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For March Madness 2018, several items from past events return, along with four brand new ones! Dress your fish with many team themed items to show your team spirit! There's even some bonus old St. Patrick's & Easter items for LC's!


  • Drastical Vuvuzela (New!)
  • Band Geek Vuvuzela (New!)
  • Trombone (New!)
  • Skateboard (New!)
  • Not Dead Ted's Helmet
  • Grand Maul Granny's Helmet
  • Grand Maul Granny's Glasses
  • Johnny Krill's Shirt
  • Johnny Krill's Pants
  • Not Dead Ted's Shirt
  • Clam Board
  • Drastical Foam Finger
  • Band Geek Hat
  • Squidward's Conductor Hat
  • Band Geek Outfit
  • Band Geek Pants
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone
  • Band Geek Foam Finger
  • Basketball

Loyal Customers:

  • St. Patrick's Day Hat
  • Leprechaun Suit
  • Pot of Gold
  • Chocolate Bunny
  • Easter Basket

These will be very helpful for the iFish contest.


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