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March Madness 2018

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While you are enjoying the last few days in the future and traveling in space, here's our next forum event! That's right, our sixth annual March Madness is coming, and it will be our best yet! For those unaware, this is our largest yearly team event. From March 1st to March 31st, our three forum teams, the Band Geeks, Drasticals, and Independents (the side if you don't want to be on a team) will duel across the site to see who are the kings. Whichever team wins the most events by the end of the month will receive glorious prizes. This will be the fourth March Madness to have the Band Geeks and Drasticals face each year, and the second to have the Independent side playable. The Band Geeks won lat year 32-25-3. Who knows which way it will go. Here's a preview of several events to expect...

1.) SpongeBob Jeopardy!: All four Jeopardy games every Saturday in March will count on the scoreboard.

2.) SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: All five Wheel of Fortune games every Friday in March will count on the scoreboard.

3.) Dunces & Dragons: All four Dunces & Dragons games every Sunday in March will count on the scoreboard.

4.) SpongeCraft Tournaments: There will be SpongeCraft games every Saturday in March after Jeopardy counting for the scoreboard.

5.) The Fry Cook Games VI: The Fry Cook Games returns for the sixth edition! Who will be the ultimate champion this time? Each round during this will count for the scoreboard.

6.) Whodunnit?: The hit game from Octerror Fest and Snowcember Ball returns, with a sporty twist! Solve a mystery and gain points for your side if you guess the correct culprit!

7.) SBC Music DJ Showdowns: Every Friday night after Wheel of Fortune, there will be music tournaments on SBC Music to see whichever team member can get the most liked song by the end of the hour, which counts on the scoreboard!

8.) Wiki Write-Offs: Every Monday night in March, we'll be having a competition to see who can contribute most to the wiki in a given timeframe, and the team member that contributes the most (that isn't spam) will get a point for their team.

9.) Capsule Champions: *Thursday nights in March, we'll have a competition to see who can add the most episode capsules. Whoever wins gets a point for their side. (*Note: I'm aware not many episodes are left to add, so we'll see how many of these we do.)

As you can see, almost every aspect of the site will be involved in one way or another. There are more games and surprises coming I did not talk about. We hope most team members from each side can participate (we understand if you cannot attend every single event, that's physically impossible), but it would make your team happy if you at least tried in a few events. You may plan with your teammates in private or the team  clubs. This will be a fun and intense event for everyone, even if you aren't competitive. There will also be team skins and iFish items to show your team spirit!

You don't have to be on a team to play, but if you want to join, team sign-ups are here. If you have further questions, ask me, or one of the team leaders (Fred for Band Geeks and Hayden for Drasticals). 

Current team rosters:



Hayden (Leader)


Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick





Ol Bold and Brash



Band Geeks:


Fred Rechid (Leader)






Spongetron Robotpants

SpongeBob's #1 Fan




Anyone who isn't listed in the teams above.

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