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084a. Spy Buddies

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This is a very underrated episode. It's a great but cheesy plot. Also this has alot of funny jokes. Also, when I saw Robot Krabs when I first watched this episode, I literally screamed "HEY HOW YA DOING'. Not to mention the most confusing ending the history of anything.

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and is a way better spy than James Bond? Of coarse SpongeBob. Seriously, I love this episode a lot. It's not just one of the best of this season, It's also one of my favorite post-movie episodes. This episode was very funny and very enjoyable. SpongeBob and Patrick were both funny in this episode. The plot was enjoyable and also the twist with Mr. Krabs and Plankton swtiching places and Mr. Krabs stealing his own formula was unexpected for me. Plankton and Mr. Krabs switching places reminded me of The Algae's Always Greener. Also I loved how Plankton used Mr. Krabs robot from Imitation Krabs episode to pretend to be Mr. Krabs. This episode had lots of good jokes. Don't forget the dirty joke in this episode: Squidward: "No, Mr. Krabs, it's that time of the month". James Bond joke in this episode really made me laugh. SpongeBob and Patrick using knockout ray to knock out Sandy cracked me up. Plankton (I mean Mr. Krabs) getting burn twice was also funny. Patrick's laser pants shooting laser and destorying Chum Bucket was hilarious (I usually do not find fart jokes funny but I think the writers handled the fart jokes in this episode very well). Mr. Krabs saying "Man your battle stations!", then Squidward saying "I'm on it" and then going to the bathroom (Classic Squidward) was also funny. I had not problems in this episode. The ending was confusing but very funny and the ending of Doing Time is still more confusing than this episode. Overall, I love this episode a lot. 10/10

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