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226a. Chatterbox Gary

Jjs Goodman

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Monday, February 12th @ 6:00pm ET/PT


Saturday, February 17th @ 9:30am ET/PT

Saturday, February 17th @ 5:30pm ET/PT


Gary has a pet translation collar, and he's talking up a storm.




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Pretty cute and entertaining episode. I kind of wish they had done a little more with the concept, since we didn't really see that much of Gary talking on his own until Squidward came in, but I was content with what we got. I liked Squidward in the antagonistic role here. Wasn't expecting it, but it managed to be amusing, and his punishment was deserved because of it (and even then it wasn't that bad). The Handsome Squidward cameo in the painting was a nice touch too. Gary calling SpongeBob "Papa Bob" was sweet. Overall, this feels like an idea they could have done ages ago, and while it's not my all time favorite Gary episode, it managed to work nicely enough. 

Grade: B+

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Squidward's scheme moronically didn't account for Gary awakening. What did Squidward expect Gary to do when he heard a stranger talking to Spongebob for him? To add, shouldn't Squidward have been focused with revenge on Gary primarily? Gary held the opinionated views there.

I liked the time warp delivery gag, Gary breathing fire, the peanut mafia rambling, the fish in the TV having to scream at Squidward to answer his door, and the meow sounds coming out of Squidward.

Gary got the last word in edgewise, but I still find myself a little sad we spent the 2nd half without Gary's collar on. Gary could easily have a plot of defending Spongebob from Squidward in a non-talking episode, but this was a one-time only deal of his vocal cords being able to advance an episode into new territory. 

Ah well. Same shell, different day. Grade: B+


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Interesting voice choice for Gary, getting Keith David to make a guest appearance as Gary's translated voice. Minor nitpick, it would've made more sense for Gary to have the dream of punishing his enemies AFTER Squidward tried to make Spongebob's life MISERABLE, because then; Gary actually WOULD have had an enemy! :rolleyes: I would have liked to see MORE done with Gary's translation collar, and even HAVE it become a permanent thing! :D Just think of the NEW episode possibilities that could have happened! :cool: Still, pretty good, for what we DID get! :hysterical: Final episode score: 99/100! (That minor nitpick kept it from being perfect). Enough said! ;)

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Good to start this week with a pretty damn good episode. I actually really enjoy most of Gary episodes and this one was no exception. I wish we'd spend a bit more time with Gary speaking but still what we got was hilarious. Gary calling SpongeBob PapaBob was so adorable I wanted to hug both Gary and SpongeBob. I loved seeing Gary actually hating Bikini Bottom and wanting to destroy it all. Gary criticizing Squidward's narcisistic art couldn't have come sooner and Squidward taking the villain role because of it was well done. Patrick and Sandy's cameos were pretty amusing, especially Sandy's nut talking as well. The climax was entertaining enough and Squidward got punished fairly at the end. Keith David voiced how Gary would actually sound If he wasn't a pet, props to him for his role. Not too much to say here, the episode was pretty good from start to finish. More Luke Brookshier episodes plz.

Grade: A-

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I really liked this episode. Gary calling SpongeBob "PapaBob" was really adorable. Practically everything that Gary said while he was talking was really amusing. Him telling SpongeBob his dreams and goals, his nicknames for Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward, and just his voice in general; Keith David was really good voicing Gary. Squidward tricking SpongeBob by pretending to be Gary was entertaining, including his comeuppance at the end.

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This is another great episode. I like the idea of Gary being able to talk, and the episode executes that great, making many great dialogue jokes with it. The premise and the humor is what makes this episode great, It's so funny. 


9.5/10 (though lower on that side than the other four 9.5s of the season)

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Originally written: February 19th, 2018

Let me just start off this review by saying Nick.com is horrible. I tried to watch the latest episodes, but for some reason Nick doesn't carry Xfinity/Comcast as a service provider on their site anymore, for some reason. Regardless, I did manage to find this episode, and I must say, it definitely surprised me.

I knew this episode had an interesting premise, but I honestly thought this episode wasn't going to go as well as many fans hoped it would. And quite honestly, I was pleasantly surprised at how good this episode was. Okay, it wasn't amazing by any chance, but certainly provides some solid entertainment.

The premise of the episode is new and refreshing, which definitely fits in with the better episodes of Season 11 (Since a lot of Season 10 seemed to be built on rehashed concepts, while Season 11 feels a little more unique in terms of it's content, whether it's good like Krabby Patty Creature Feature or bad like No Pictures Please). I honestly really enjoy this episode's general conflict being played out, it's quite entertaining  through it's abundant amount of jokes, which I'll get to in a second, first I want to discuss the characters in this episode.

The episode doesn't really have that much of a predictable route. In fact, it centers around how the characters simply react to this situation in which Gary now has a translation collar. The dynamic between Gary and Squidward, though at first seems kind of odd how egotistical Gary seems when treating Squidward like an inferior low-life, starts to really make sense as you think about it. Gary and Squidward have never quite hit it off well, SpongeBob even indirectly hints this in Dumped with the wooden carving of Squidward. Though I do feel as though Gary's treatment towards Squidward is a tad out of character, it's understandable why this dynamic between the two was played out. Squidward treats SpongeBob practically the same way, so Squidward is given a taste of his own medicine in this regard.

Now, the slight rivalry between Gary and Squidward is fairly balanced out in this episode. Gary puts down Squidward, and Squidward gets his rightful revenge (Through a series of funny jokes involving an exhausted SpongeBob). Squidward takes it too far to the point where it's unnecessary, and Gary gets Squidward back for unjustly going overboard. I really liked how this episode turned out, it didn't go down a predictable route with SpongeBob getting fed up with "Gary's" nonsense, instead he seems pretty loyal to Gary throughout the entire episode. Which is really noble of SpongeBob, I think the handling of SpongeBob's character in this episode was perfect, Luke did a really nice job keeping SpongeBob's attitude true to his character. Gary, yes was a tad bit overboard for my tastes, but they seemed to really reign him in towards the end of the episode, as mentioned before, with Squidward and Gary each giving each other plenty of crap to put up with.

Squidward, surprisingly, avoids any actual freak-outs in this episode. His overall attitude perfectly aligns with his character, and as I mentioned before, his wanting for revenge is entirely justified. I think Squidward was a really nice adversary to Gary, the two both managed to be really entertaining opposing forces.

Now, let's talk about the episode's comedy. Surprisingly, the episode is a little laid back in terms of humor, there isn't much slapstick influenced jokes (I mean, the episode does center around dialogue in a sense, with Gary's translation collar), and the overall faster pacing commonly found in Post-Prequel episodes isn't present throughout the entire episode. Instead, it pops up right where it needs to be, during the climax (When SpongeBob's house was on the go). There were a lot of good jokes in this episode. The time-warp gag was clever, Patrick's screaming "I'm RIPE!" really got me (Bill's delivery of that joke was hilarious), and I especially enjoyed the visuals during the "Exhausted SpongeBob" scenes. This episode doesn't constantly crank out jokes, but it definitely does a good job supplying a satisfying, ample amount. The jokes in this episode really keeps it chugging along, and I found myself delighted at this episode's humor.

Overall, Chatterbox Gary isn't anything special. However, it definitely is a pretty Good Episode

I give it a 7.8/10

Again, definitely liking the direction Season 11 is going.

*Small little detail I loved: Handsome Squidward Painting

*Small nitpick I have: SpongeBob's house not being lightened up to it's orange color when going under the lights in Downtown Bikini Bottom.

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