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Futuristic February: In Space!

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(Note: Loyal Customers have already seen this, this is for everyone.)

Yup, this is our next event, voted on by the community! Get ready to blast off into the stars (and buy candy bars) in Futuristic February...IN SPACE!


Due to the high popularity of both space and future, we combined elements of them together into one out of this world adventure! Futuristic February: In Space! will start February 12thand end February 26th. Watch as SBC gets flung into space and the future! Here's a rundown of some games to expect:

1.) SpongeBob Jeopardy!: Jeopardy returns as an intergalactic game show on February 17th and 24th!

2.) SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: The new and improved Wheel of Fortune will be apart of the event on February 16th and 23rd!

3.) Dunces & Dragons: Roll the dice into space for some futuristic and galactic shenanigans for D&D on February 18th and 25th!

4.) SBC Music Galactic Parties: Jam out to your favorite beats in the futuristic SBC Music room on February 16th and 23rd!

5.) SpongeCraft Tournaments: Futuristic and Space Spongecraftia will both get some love on February 17th and 24th!

6.) The Space Race: Compete in this high speed race across the stars against fellow users in a brand new roleplaying game!

7.) iFish: Dress up your iFish with some cosmic outfits, including robots, aliens and astronauts! There will be even be a contest to judge who is the best fish!

If you're a big sci-fi fan then, you'll enjoy this event a lot. If not, this will still be fun for everyone. No big team competition for this, just a relaxed event for everyone. You'll see if everything truly is chrome in the future, blast some asteroids, and maybe even avoid some alien abductions! :o 

Credit to @Hayden and @SpongeOddFan for coining the event name.

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