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Metal Snake

Present Hunt 2017

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You read that right, the present hunt is back for moar.

Because Santa still can't get his stuff together, you're gonna have to pick up the slack and his sack. He lost Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Gary's presents yet again, and you have to find them throughout the forum. But hey, at least the overweight holly jolly left you some clues...

Yup, just like last year, here's another present hunt.

SpongeBob's Present: Ho ho ho. I wanted to switch things up a bit and get him a game about a blue hedgehog. Oddly enough, another hedgehog running around thinks he can play this game on a piece of cheese Nintendo made. It wasn't the bunny who likes cream, though his name means "rabbit", ironically, and rhymes with Sony.

Patrick's Present: They say a star on top will complete all the scenery, but you have to go down south to the park if you want see the tree there in all its glory. Follow it all the way back to the start and you will see the 1.

Plankton's Present: I swear, he deserves an award for how many times I've had to give him coal...so that's exactly what I got him this year. Honestly, I originally planned this present for the naughtiest boy of all on this site, but his old prison no longer hosts him.

Sandy's Present: Oh golly, trying to find her present will be like trying to shoot fish out of a barrel. Yes, that was my attempt at country talk. I don't how else to say it, I'm not familiar with the memes you kids play around with these days.

Squidward's Present: His art is, simply put, a disaster. He wanted a painting from me this year, but I refused and decided to get him a movie starring a bad actor instead. I wonder if he'll get my metaphor... 

Mr. Krabs' Present: This greedy crab has yet to watch A Christmas Carol, preferring that crappy special on Cartoon Network where I get put in jail for reckless driving. The villain from it stole his present though, so at least karma got to him.

Gary's Present: I wanted to get this little guy a painting instead, but he seemed spooked at the very prospect, even as I assured him it wouldn't end up in Squidward's art gallery. It was like he had just seen a ghost...or at least the portrait of one...

You can ask for up to three additional hints, like always, but that is all. No asking in the topic, just through PM. Also, it makes things more convenient to send the images all at once, so please only PM me all seven after you've completed the hunt. Good luck, you have until December 29th at 5:00pm EST to do this hunt.

Competing the hunt gives you:

-A point for your side

-500 Doubloons

-Holiday Gang collectable icon:


Finders (so far)

Cream (1st place, Time taken: Less than 1 day)

Fred (2nd place, Time taken: 1 day)

Negi (3rd place, Time taken: 1 day)

Homie (4th place, Time taken: 5 days)

SOF (5th place, Time taken: 6 days)

OWM (6th place, Time taken: 7 days)

Trophy (7th place, Time taken: 8 days)

Hayden (8th place, Time taken: 9 days)

Whobob (9th place, Time taken: 18 days)

sbl (10th place, Time taken: 19 days)

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