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One Hit Wonderland Request Tourney?

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Hey guys! This idea's been rolling around in my head for a while: if in the unlikely event one of us were lucky enough to get in a request for a OHW (for the right price, of course), I think it's only right if we all decide on one together. So I'm interested in hosting a bracket-style tournament for One Hit Wonders that Todd has not yet covered, starting sometime soon and ending around the end of January next year.

It'd probably be around 128 songs at the start, cutting in half as we go down. I would like a fair bit of participation on this, so we can stretch the time if need be, but of course if Todd picks one of the songs in our tournament on his own that pick goes out the window. So would you guys be down for this? It'd work on a simple voting system, song v song with random bracket pairings. I'll also make a sub-category for this tournament so as not to clog up the OHW subforum.

Let me know! If I get a good response I can start compiling a bracket list this week.

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