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086a. Roller Cowards

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In my opinion, this episode is the best season 5 episode and It's not just one of the best post-movie episodes, It's also one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. Yup, I love this episode a lot and I can totally compare this episode to pre-movie episodes. I think this episode was very enjoyable and very funny. A lot of part made me laugh and kept me entertainined. I also enjoyed watching the nightmare part. I always love the nightmare parts in a show. This episode is another SpongeBob and Patrick episode but in this episode, they weren't annoying actually unlike most of SpongeBob and Patrick in post-movie era. This episode has many funny moments. SpongeBob taking a photo of Patrick and Glovey Glove was funny. SpongeBob and Patrick riding on a kiddie ride made me laugh. SpongeBob mentioning that he had gone to bathroom 8 times and Patrick mentioning that he had gone to bathroom 3 times by himself cracked me up. The part when SpongeBob's ice cream said "What are you looking at?" to the person who cleans the tables was hilarious. Patrick punching on his mirror reflection was funny. The ending of this episode made me laugh too. Overall, this episode is not just for season 5, It's an excellent episode for post-movie. I definetly recommend this episode to everyone. 10/10

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This was my favorite episode when I was a little kid, and although it's not my favorite episode now, I still love it. So many good jokes, like SpongeBob's ice cream and all of SpongeBob and Patrick's excuses not to go on the Fist O'Pain. I also like the layout of the Fist O'Pain itself, just seeing all the crazy things on the ride.  This goes along with Krusty Towers as an episode that genuinely feels like something from pre-movie. It rocked back then and it still does now.

Final score: 10/10

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