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Ghost Rider

Hauntingly Cool iFish Items!

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As is per usual tradition for Octerror Fest, we have many new and returning iFish items in the iFish Store from past Octerror Fests and several other forum events! Six of the eight new items were made by @Cream, so give her a special thanks. A lot of these may be useful in this year's costume contest. Here's what's available:


  • Black Cat Ears (New!)
  • Pirate Hat (New!)
  • Superhero Costume (New!)
  • Mummy Costume (New!)
  • Black Cat Costume (New!)
  • Vampire Costume (New!)
  • Lantern (New!)
  • Grave Shovel (New!)
  • Sponge Popsicle
  • Vampire Teeth
  • Haunted Mattress Costume
  • Wooden Shoes
  • Frankenstein Costume
  • Skeleton Costume

Loyal Customers:

  • Groucho Glasses
  • Underwear
  • Paper Ghost Puppet
  • Pumpkin Costume Head
  • Pumpkin Costume Coat
  • Pumpkin Basket
  • Pumpkin Antennae
  • Princess Costume
  • Clown Wig
  • Clown Costume
  • Clown Shoes
  • Red Bandana
  • Eyepatch
  • Pirate Hook
  • First Mate Outfit
  • Brown Pirate Pants
  • Pirate Boots
  • Squidly Hat
  • Squidly Outfit
  • Squidly Shoes
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