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Hooky 3: Twice The Trouble

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Welcome everyone. Yes, time for part 3 of Hooky, the famous Octerror Fest murder mystery/survival game. Chaos strikes once more this year. If you have never played either Hooky, then this will be a fun and intense experience. In 2015, SOF (as Squidward) turned out to be The Fisherman, who was defeated by TheOpenWindowManiac (as Alfred the Lightbulb), the last-standing sheriff. In 2016, Cream (as Sandy) turned out to be The Fisherwoman, who slaughtered off the entire cast and won. How will it go this year? Here's our story...

A Halloween Festival is occurring across Bikini Bottom. Many people are attending, wearing their costumes for this spooktacular event. However, screams are suddenly heard from the Barg'N Mart. A group goes inside, seeing slaughtered bodies across the floor. A note is found on a cashier's back.

"I hope you enjoyed your festival while it lasted, but you cannot be rid of my presence. I have returned once more, yes...I, The Fisherman, return from the dead. My predecessor succeeded before, and I will continue their legacy. None of you are safe."

The festival staff and civilians are in panic. Suddenly, more screams are heard, this time coming from the First Nautical Bank. Another group goes in, seeing several dead fish. A note is found on one of the bank tellers.

"Someone else is trying to steal my thunder...oh well. The other Fisherman can be a friend or foe, their choice. Let's see how you all deal with two Fishermen on the loose."

Uh oh...can our survivals deal with two murderers on the loose!? However, it appears the two each have their own targets, and neither knew about the other prior. Will either Fisherman win, or will the civilians prevail? Will the Fishermen end up getting in the way of each other's goals? How will this all end?


1.) Each night, there will be a puzzle or challenge for you to solve (the first one will be October 16th at 7:00pm EST). Like last year, the top 2 people to complete it first will be saved from being killed by either Fishermen. As for how The Fishermen will kill people off this year, the first place winner will pick from one of three cards (that will be randomly selected, they will not know which card is which):

Fisherman One: The first Fisherman gets to strike someone.

Fisherman Two: The second Fisherman gets to strike someone.

Double Trouble: Both Fishermen get to strike.

Therefore, the winners should choose very carefully and wisely. Either Fishermen will tell me who they wish to kill in private either before or after the card is picked, provided something does not get in their way.

2.) There are four different groups: Innocent, SheriffFishermen, and Dead. Innocent means you are not the killer, and can aid the sheriff find out who they are. The Sheriff is the officer, who has a gun they can use to shoot the killer if they know who it is. However, if the sheriff dies, someone will need to quickly take their gun (the Fisherman cannot). If you think you know the killer's identity, you can tell the active sheriff, who can shoot at anytime. However, if the sheriff shoots the wrong person, the sheriff dies too, so you have been warned. Both Fishermen are the antagonists of the game, each will attempt to pick you off one by one. If you become a Fisherman, obviously I wouldn't tell anybody it is you. Neither Fisherman will know the other's identity. Finally, Dead is the group you go into if you die in the game, which is probably obvious by this point. However, you may not be dead permanently, as there is one way to return...

Like the last two Hookies, here are temporary badges you will have during the game, which will help identify who is playing and what group they are in:

vYraMQS.png - AliveThis user is still alive.

9S8KiMQ.png - Dead: This user was killed by The Fisherman.

ZrqpDwh.png - Sheriff: This user is the current sheriff. (note: OWM kept this badge for winning in 2015, just in case this confuses people)

3.) To sign-up, choose a SpongeBob character to roleplay as. You can be any SpongeBob character. When a challenge is not going on, you can roleplay as the character you chose in this topic for fun and extra content to pass the time.

4.) The power-up store from last year has returned. You can post in this topic or tell me in private if you would like to buy the items listed.

5.) Obviously, if you are either of the Fishermen, don't tell anyone else...duh. :P 

Power-Up Store (open):


Identifier (1,000 doubloons): Will you show you one random innocent user (one-time use).

Handcuffs (2,000 doubloons): Allows the sheriff to put someone in handcuffs, preventing them from playing in a round. (one-time use) Only an active sheriff can buy this.

Bulletproof Vest (3,500 doubloons): Allows you to survive being killed by either Fishermen or shot by the sheriff. Tip: This item would be very useful for both the sheriff and Fishermen. (Innocent people can buy it too; can be bought up to two times in the entire game; if nobody kills you that night when you use it, you still keep it)

Extra Hook (8,000 doubloons): Allows a Fisherman to strike again after a game. One-time usage for both Fishermen. Only a Fisherman can buy this.


The overall winner (aka the last one standing, whether it be a killer or sheriff) will receive...

1.) 5,000 cursed doubloons

2.) Badge (either the Sheriff badge or The Fisherman badge depending on the outcome)

3.) The Fisherman Coat and Fisherman Hat iFish items

For each individual round you win, you can earn your side a point on the Octerror Cup scoreboard. Everyone can play in this, so you can represent the "Independent" side if you do not wish to be on a team. :) 

If you have any other further questions, let me know. Just sign-up below in the topic, by claiming a SpongeBob character. The deadline to sign-up is Monday, October 16th at 5:00pm EST, and the first round will be October 16th at 7:00pm EST. I will PM you your roles in-between those times. It is okay if you cannot make it to every game, but you are still a target if you don't show.


1.) Fred - Clem

2.) Cream - Plankton

3.) Hayden - Jethro

4.) OBAB - SpongeBob

5) SOF - Karen

6.) scarypants - Patrick

7.) MMM - Johnny Elaine 

8.) Homie - Mrs. Puff

9.) NegiSpongie - Sandy

10.) Trophy - Zeus the Guitar Lord

11.) OWM - Alfred the Lightbulb

12.) RDSP - Squidward

13.) Dreaded Patrick - Sneaky Hermit

14.) Spongetron - Spongetron

15.) Wendy the Witch - Wendy

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Guest hilaryfan80

I'd sign up but I can't commit because I have a night class that would surely eliminate me. This will be fun to watch, though!

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Deadline is up. Your roles will be messaged momentarily.

First challenge is tonight at 7pm EST, and the store is now open in the first post. You may ask me in private to buy anything if you are one of the killers. You can roleplay in the topic until the challenge starts.

Edited by The Lich

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