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Dr. Dark

Post Fiction V12

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As teased in my spinoff festival store this past June, I hinted that Post Fiction was due to come back. Once again inspired in part by the goings on in my cbox, I'm also planning on taking a lot of stuff I have planned for Community Deathmatch (because a lot of that stuff I probably won't be able to get to anytime soon in that format at this rate) and melding them into what I already established with the original Post Fiction. So this will be continuing where the original left off. Does this mean it will also relate to Community Deathmatch? Only time will tell. But yeah, the same content advisory for DM applies here. Here's a link to the original series if you wanna check out what a hot ass summer far away from home and being surrounded by his sister and her family's drama can do to an 18 year old guy fresh out of high school.



Synopsis: Six years have passed, yet the story of Imposter SOF has not aged well. Ayatollah Rodriguez; Casual poster, airhead...an actual person? Mysteriously finding himself in the heart of SpongeBuddy Mania, a once dead place that has found out the hard way that with new life comes new drama, Ayatollah must navigate the treacherous landscape in order to get a new account going for himself at the, reportedly, more chill SpongeBob Community. But with shit waiting to go down every corner, and with absolutely no clue of how to go about things, he readies himself with the strongest of all his senses, his common sense™, as he sets forth to find answers as only he can in a world where you can't tell who's real from who's fake. Can Ayatollah Rodriguez learn a little and find peace? Find out, if this doesn't flop first.


Episode Uno: "Same."

Day One. SBMpire Status Building. 6:09 pm

Ayatollah Rodriguez enters the bustling epicenter for status feeds full of potential drama, daily questions, Supermandude's indomitable opinions, Trophy's many tangents, Prez throwing shade, ACS teasing something new regarding his personalities and putting himself over everybody else and Aya cutting and pasting a Rick and Morty retrospective on the show's complex philosophies. He brings with him only questions, but the real question is, does anybody have the answers?

Ayatollah: Hey, I'm new here! Just joined yesterday, to be exact. This is a pretty nice place you have here, but I'm having some trouble to really take it all in. Is anybody else having a hard time logging in or is it just me, and what can I do to finally get myself around it?

After posting it up for any potential passerby's to see, Ayatollah makes his leave to sleep on it, planning to come back in the morning to see if there's any updates.

Day Two. Ayatollah Rodriguez's Notification Station. 6:19 am

And indeed, the updates came flowing in the next morning.

Vuvuzela Smasher: same

Wintermelon43: same

Puffy Fluffy: same

Ooooooofy: same

TheLocalAquatic: Same.

Cream: same

Squidzy: Same

ElectricPikachu: Same

JackIsCool: same

The Guy With the Computer: same

MrTortellini00: same

Less than satisfied with these answers, Ayatollah backs out of his notifications and heads back into his loft, questioning whether or not there is a future to be had for himself here as a member of this community. His train of thought is suddenly interrupted by a knock at his door. His common courtesy told him to answer, but his common sense™ told him not to. The knocking became gradually more impatient the longer he kept whoever was on the other side waiting. Ayatollah collected his thoughts and things before making his next move.

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Episode Dos: "Validation"

Ayatollah cautiously opened up the door to his loft to see a rather savage, Hawaiian-looking user on the other side of it. He had an avatar that came right out of the og Beyblade series to represent himself. This user's sheer presence was more than enough to make Ayatollah want to double back a bit in intimidation. Ayatollah thought to himself that this user, while not the most active or well-liked, was still a veteran, who brings with him four years of SBM experience and technical know-how of his surroundings. But will this user actually choose to help him with his plight, unlike the others? Or will the natural pecking order of things take precedence on this user's mind? His username is "Old Man Jenkins". Perhaps willfully choosing to be named after a character of the show this fansite was built around mean't that this user dealt in the business of seriousness, but the thing that really caught Ayatollah's eye was the hazard symbol situated at the very end of his username. "What the hell is that supposed to mean", Ayatollah pondered to himself. Is this Old Man Jenkins toxic to both him as well everything and everyone else around them? Ayatollah held his breath before choosing his next words carefully

Ayatollah: Wh-Who are you supposed to be?

OMJ: Isn't it obvious enough already?

Ayatollah: I don't follow, hell, I can't follow you even if I tried. This site won't allow me to do so.

OMJ: I am The Best, that's the biggest takeaway you really need to burn into that common sense of yours.

Ayatollah: You don't exactly have the most posts or likes around here. Don't you think that's a bit of a stretch?

OMJ: Trust me, I have far more validation to make such a stretch in my first ten posts than most everybody here have in their entire post counts. It's a well known, widely publicized fact that quality gets put on the back burner here in the SBMpire. The sheer lack of quality may as well be seen as law at the rate it steadily sinks lower and lower into its unmarked and well-deserved grave.

The scene cuts to The Dump, where a recently returning member of the SBMpire has decided to choose that as their place to check in and give an update as to why they're not as active as they used to be. An egregious crime to some.

Spongie33: You probably wondering why I'm been less active lately. I have been busy and I had not the time to get online.

The users that frequent The Dump for high quality wares and treasures took great exception to this, in their eyes, "piece of garbage", and so they flocked together to defend their turf.

OMJ: People around here, you'll quickly find that they are only good for cutting others down.

WhoBob: Can an admin/mod lock this topic?

WhoBob snidely blurts out, perhaps referencing to something that's sure to go over some people's heads, like mine. ACS, The Tide and Seeker and President Squidward each liked it, either in agreement or that they got the reference. Hard to tell given the players involved. The likes boosted WhoBob's standing in the topic, making his post most credible, at least for the moment.

BobCarrotte: Well, another "this could have been a status" topic.        

BobCarrotte brings up, calmly lashing out at Spongie33 with a punch for each pointless word he wasted when creating this topic.

OMJ: Taking cheap shots at each other.

A recently patched in moderator-in-training, Trophy, intervenes by standing on neutral ground and instantly takes some issue with WhoBob's snide comment/reference, either in disagreement or the reference going over his head.

Trophy: I could but there's no reason to.

So, with the most powerful member to show up in the topic taking no course of action that suits their needs, The Dump connoisseurs take it upon themselves to take matters into their own hands.

KarateSponge performs a dynamic entry on Spongie, drop kicking Spongie away with great force and into the farthest wall.

KarateSponge: When you forget what a status is.

OMJ: You just give them an angle to go from, and they'll happily jump at the chance to try and put themselves over any way they can.

KarateSponge trades jabs with Spongie, who is proving capable of holding more than his own against the karate chopper. Spongie checks each blow Karate tries laying into him and punishes Karate with double the damage. Karate takes the air for an aerial assault, hoping to gain more ground, but Spongie effortlessly dodges his spin kicks and proceeds to knock Karate out of the air with a well placed good excuse that he calls his "Explanation". Despite his recent inactivity, Spongie is holding no visible rust against somebody who's been pretty active in his stead. Spongie is suddenly blown back by a large gust of wind.

kite man: This is the most unneeded topic I've seen in a while.

kite man declares, which is hard to take seriously since he more or less says that in almost every topic like this. A familiar member steps in now with a post that's even more unneeded.

SOF: ofc it's pointless topic, where else you could post it?

kite man joins up with KarateSponge in a joint effort to make Spongie33 pay for wasting valuable space in The Dump while SOF just watches. Karate attacks from down low as kite man levitates himself to attack from up high. Spongie is able to match their combined attacks until KarateSponge surprises him with a leg sweep before kicking Spongie into the air for kite man to have his way with Spongie by throwing him around with some Gust. KarateSponge jumps in and karate chops Spongie down to the ground, causing the ground beneath them to crack under the force of the blow. kite man charges up an Aeroblast and fires it, but Spongie uses the word of his friend irl to cancel out the Aeroblast and save his skin long enough to mount a counter attack, but they're all suddenly interrupted by a far greater force than Trophy. A user who's really grinding Prez's gears.

Spongedude: What's more pointless than a "pointless" topic? Posting replies pointing out just how "pointless" it is. And why is it usually the fellas who harp on these silly, little things? Gents, I think the ladies of the forum have us beat by a mile when it comes to manners.

Spongedude gets himself four likes for saying that, which allows him to overthrow WhoBob as the most credible user in the topic, further angering Prez.
spongebob pokemonpants: poor spongie i hear you hard work wastes time

spongebob pokemonpants chimes in, nobody else having the slightest fucking idea what he just said.        

Vuvuzela Smasher sarcastically comes at Spongedude with an attempt at humor.

Vuvuzela Smasher: Pointless reply with pointless emoticons and pointless sexism

WhoBob gives Vuvuzela a like, so it was all not for naught.

Cream: ...to be fair, there are more active males than females on the site, from what i noticed. 

Cream, herself, gets a like for living up to her gender as being reasonable. Spongedude effortlessly smashes Vuvuzela's attempt at humor before shifting his attention towards Cream and her retort.

Spongedude: This is true.

Spongedude then proceeds to slap his wrist until it breaks and bleeds for taking such a cheap dig earlier, saving Prez the trouble and embarrassment of trying to do it himself. Prez then takes this free opportunity to dig into Spongie some more.

Prez: hey I hope sponge forum is almost done

ACS proceeds to split off a pound of his own flesh in private. He literally breathes life into it and that pound of flesh begins to take on a life of its own, becoming its own sentient user. This being, this repressed female part of ACS, takes Cream's post and bends it to her own whim to make it now read, "...to be fair, there are more active males than females on the entire internet, from what i noticed."

Omnilectric: Sadly, this FTFY is more accurate.

Growlie enters the fray now and looks to one-up pokemonpants on the baffle meter by saying

Growlie: Well, as you all know, I haven't changed mine in forEver.

WhoBob approaches Trophy now.

WhoBob: you should know what I'm refering to lel.

WhoBob says playfully, referring to the joke he made that flew over Trophy's head earlier. Not wanting anyone to challenge his authoritah, and with Spongedude still busy with punishing himself, Trophy proceeds to wails on WhoBob and makes him bow to his fist.

Trophy: I'll take you under my wing, if you know what I'm referring to!

With the members in power both distracted with problems of their own, kite man and KarateSponge circle around Spongie33 to resume their attack, but they both get called off.

BobCarotte: Hold it!

Bob pulls them both back in an effort to calm them both down.

BobCarotte: Leave him to me.

kite man and KarateSponge both oblige and leave Bob to get the job done, himself. Bob kicks things off with some heavy championship kickboxing kicks and knees, which Spongie has a tough time defending against. Spongie gets knocked down with a Focus Blast, Bob knowing that Spongie lacked the basic focus to even comprehend it. 

BobCarotte: We're about due for a topic truly worthy of being posted in The Dump.

With Spongie down, BobCarotte prepares to finish him off with another one of his SpongeBob SBM episode parodies. ACS, in particular, takes special note of this.

ACS: He's readying himself for another one of those "parody" fanfics. But how? What makes his so GOOD, yet so scathing? I WILL unlock the secret of parody, and I will come to understand their intricacies far more than anyone else! And once I do, everyone will be knocked dead. Or my name isn't AlphaWarhawk.

The scene shifts back Ayatollah and OMJ in Rodriguez's loft.

OMJ: People are willing to do all sorts of things to feel validated. What lengths are you willing to go to feel the same?

Ayatollah: What is it to you?

OMJ: I fancy myself as somebody who can bring the best out of people. And I'm probably the most help you're ever gonna get.

Ayatollah: Then what do you suggest?

OMJ: I propose a test.

Ayatollah: A test on what?

OMJ: Your will to live.

OMJ assumes his stance.

OMJ: So I ask again, what lengths are you willing to go in order to feel validated?

Ayatollah: Your guess is as good as mine.

Narrator: Ayatollah Rodriguez seeks validation, next time on Post Fiction V12!

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Episode Three: "Enter Through The Backdoor! Don't Let It Hit You On The Ass On The Way In!!"


Our episode opens up right where we left off, with Ayatollah Rodriguez and Old Man Jenkins facing off in the middle of Ayatollah's loft.

OMJ: So, in the immortal words of someone who used to be near and dear to me, bring milk for my lawyer!

OMJ is the first to go on the offensive, spamming Ayatollah with a flurry of punches, all at break-neck speeds. Rodriguez first instinct was to dodge, and even then, it was only barely. OMJ manages to connect an uppercut to his gut, causing Ayatollah to slump over slightly from the pain, his eyes and mouth wide open. Some drops of saliva and even blood escapes from Ayatollah's mouth from the force of the blow.

OMJ: You can't keep dancing around and dodging forever. Because sooner or later reality is gonna come hit you hard! And when that happens, you have to be fucking ready to hold your own!

Ayatollah goes to clock OMJ with a right hand to catch the old man off guard, but OMJ catches his hit effortlessly with his left hand before inflicting more punishment onto Rodriguez with his right. Using the hand he had just uppercutted Rodriguez with, OMJ proceeds to hit him repeatedly with many a hard right hands to the face. He sends Ayatollah dialing back into a wall, which OMJ continues pounding his head into, creating a huge dent in it. OMJ connects a knee to the ribs then a jumping elbow to the back of Ayatollah's neck before sending him back first onto the coffee table in the middle of the living quarters.

OMJ: Come on, you can't be this fucking helpless. Not everyone is gonna stop what they're doing to help out some clueless noob. You have to hold your own, fight your own fight!

OMJ goes to pick Ayatollah off the ground, but the newbie manages to get a leg up for a quick kick to OMJ's face, actually catching the old man off guard this time. OMJ reels back a bit and wipes some blood off his lip.

OMJ: Well, that's more like it.

OMJ charges back on the offensive, going to stomp Ayatollah as he laid on the broken coffee table, which prompts Ayatollah to kip back up to his feet and get out of harm's way.

OMJ: You're pretty fast, junior.

Ayatollah: Tony Fast?

OMJ: Don't get too cocky, I'm the one who makes the SpongeBob reference here!

OMJ goes for a roundhouse and then a spinning heel kick. Ayatollah ducks the roundhouse before catching the old man's leg at the spinning heel kick. Rodriguez twists it to make it go behind OMJ's back before running him face first into the opposite wall. Ayatollah wrenches his grip on OMJ's leg as the old man tries to speak.

OMJ: Y-You're holding out. Something tells me- something tells me...you've been in these types of situations before.

Ayatollah: I have no idea what the hell it is you're even going on about!

OMJ: I've seen some-some enigmas. In my time! But-ungh!You truly are-ergh an enigma...Rodriguez. The machinations of which, I'll just have to open up. To find out for myself!

Before OMJ could make another play, Rodriguez lays some calculated kidney punches into him. But despite the pain, OMJ still manages to throw back some elbows of his own and eventually knocks Ayatollah away from him. Ayatollah back pedals, grabbing his nose in pain. His eyesight is affected by what could possibly be a broken nose. He hastily resumes his stance, hoping to fend off some more punishment. OMJ approaches for a thunderous right hook, which Ayatollah manage to barely see and blocks it with a right hand of his own. Their fists connect, creating a shockwave that gets sent throughout the building, further annoying the rest of the occupants were already being kept up by the noise of their struggle. One of the building's occupants, Alex SquarePants, makes a report about it and sends it straight to the higher ups of the SBMpire.

Alex SquarePants: Dear higher ups of the SBMpire, to whomever this may actually concern, there's this ::dolphin noise:: who's creating all this ruckus a couple floors below me in The Lofts at NauNonKraSpo. Kindly get of your flea-bitten asses, and uphold some ::dolphin noise::ing peace. Morons!

Ayatollah and OMJ fists are still locked against each other's, both members trying to see which one will break first. Sparks of electricity begin emanating from the thick tension of their clash, which causes more problems for the rest of the building's occupants. 

Alex SquarePants is then seen preparing a bath for himself.

Alex SquarePants: Ah, now that I've finally had more than my fill of bitching about this place for the rest of this week, Alex SquarePants' day off SBM can finally

He puts on his shower cap, places his big toe into the bath water to check the temperature and then finally begins to submerge himself in his tub.

Alex SquarePants: begiiiiiiiiinnnn...

Alex is up to his nose in the bath water when the electricity begins to surge into his bathroom.

Alex SquarePants: What the- What the heck is this, another glitc-

The cackling sparks come into contact with his bath, electrocuting Alex.

Back in Ayatollah's loft, Ayatollah and OMJ are still comparing fist sizes when OMJ finally breaks the silence.

OMJ: Tell me, Ayatollah, what brings you here?

Ayatollah: Like everybody else, I like spongebob.

OMJ: SpongeBob, of course. You know, from my experience, members here have a tendency to "come for the sponge, yet stay for the community". Do you think that you, too, will fall under that same statistic? Because the SBMpire has seen its lion's share of one and done-ers in its lifetime, as well. But seeing as you are clearly here because of SpongeBob, I feel inclined to inform you that making such a choice usually comes at the cost of a person's love for the lil square dude, himself.

Ayatollah: I mean, I'd hope so. Wouldn't be much of a community if the members don't build bonds with each other.

 OMJ: I built bonds at one time. Four of them, in particular, were exceptionally strong. The likes of which nobody had seen up til that point. And the funny thing is, nobody wanted to see it. They did everything and anything in their power to break the bond that me and these four members had. I thought we would be able to hold each other up, stand up in the face of great adversity. A true test of our friendship. Needless to say, they won, we failed. And things ceased to remain the same since.

Ayatollah: What happened to them?

OMJ: Things became strained with one of them after I took his title as top poster, things became awkward with another after she tried to take things too far, and the other two...

The scene shifts back to the dump, where the spat between Spongie33, BobCarotte, KarateSponge and kite man is about to reach its climax.

BobCarotte:  Here it is, my newest SBM parody. "Gone, But Back Again" based off of "Gone" from SpongeBob SquarePants.

ACS: Such a way with words, such prose. How can I begin to even emulate it?!

But before Bob could fully submit it at Spongie's expense, a strong figure intervenes and immediately puts a lock on the parody with a powerful punch. The parody squanders away on contact, shocking BobCarotte and his allies.

ACS: What? But how?! It was perfect, a perfect satire!

???: TRUTH

???: DARE

???: OR

???: TO

???: BE


???: Trio.

A trio of the SBMpire's finest, Cha, Aya and Grubby Grouper all circle the dump, mapping out their next moves before attacking BobCarotte, KarateSponge and kite man like a pack of wild dogs.

OMJ: One of them lied to me, greatly, while the other still hopelessly, pathetically kisses and covers for his ass til day. Well, except for when they decide to lay down a few subtle hints for me, as well as for others, to slowly pick up on, much like removing the bandage slowly off one's skin. Taking me for a long ride that I already had all figured out years ago. Yet they're still shameless enough to deny me the full truth, my proper closure.

Ayatollah: Then why are you telling me this? Confront them about it!

OMJ: Because you and I are living in a world where you can't tell who's real from who's fake until it's too late, and quite frankly, I'm beyond done approaching others for validation. After all the years I've given to them, to the spongebob community. And this is what I get in return? If they don't have the balls to tell me the truth to my face then, well, I can play that game too. Guaranteed, those two will probably have their heads too far up each other's asses to even fucking notice a goddamn thing. It's been the case for three years now and counting. Oh, another piece of advice, junior, avoid ask threads like the plague, mang. They're nothing but trouble.

Aya vaults off ACS's fat ass and lands a flying knee right in the face of a still airborne kite man. She then takes him out of the equation with a vicious curb stomp. Cha goes toe to toe with KarateSponge and matches him blow for blow with her patented Charate before underhooking both his arms and planting him face first into the ground with Dirty Weebs. BobCarotte comes at Grubby with a focus punch now, which Grubby looks to match with another superman punch of his own. They both leap at each other in the air at the same time, but Grubby maneuver his face out of the way of Bob's punch in midair while catching Bob with the full force of his fist, knocking Carotte out of the air and crashing hard onto the ground, unconscious. Prez takes advantage of the situation to try and attack Spongedude while his back is turned and still slapping his wrist silly, but Cha catches him in the act and stops him, grabbing the knife out of his hand. She contemplates what to do, but just motions for him to leave. Prez begrudgingly does as he told and leaves the topic. ACS, having witnessed this event, immediately follows suit before he gets caught up in The Trio's way.

The Trio now circles around Spongie33, the creator of the topic. Aya jukes Spongie out and keeps him distracted as Grubby tackles Spongie down with a vicious shoulder tackle that he calls The Gnarly Pounder. All three begin to maul Spongie now before Grubby signals for their ultimate punishment.


Cha and Aya lifts Spongie onto Grubby's shoulders, positioning him for an emphatic Three Way, which they execute with absolute authority. They then place the topic on lockdown, making extra sure to contain its contents to make sure that none of it leaks out into the rest of The SBMpire. 

OMJ: Building bonds, making "friends" around here. It's fucking weak, futile. At the end of the day, everybody is always trying to find a way to bone you one way or another. Do yourself a favor and stick to the lil square dude. For a made up cartoon character, at least he's genuine.

Ayatollah: Then what is this, then? You trying to help me attain validation, informing me of all this?! This honestly isn't you trying to build a bond with me?

OMJ: Like I said, I help bring out the best in people. This is just me at work.

OMJ suddenly appears behind Ayatollah and proceeds to make the newb pay with some hard knees and kicks to the spine. He wraps his arm around Ayatollah, still from behind, and pulls him down backwards, connecting some hard punches to both the back of his neck and the center of his back. The old man then smashes the back of Ayatollah's head onto his left knee. Ayatollah plops onto the floor, holding  the back of his head in great pain.

OMJ: No pain, no gain, right? This account is but a mere fraction of what I'm truly capable of, junior. You still have a long way to go before you're even half as good. But luckily for you, you're certainly no one and done-er. If you were, that attack should've already killed you. You know, I think I'm really starting pinpoint who you really are, Ayatollah. You're somebody with potential. Now, whether or not you're a potential problem or a potential acceptable member of this community is completely up to you to decide. Either way, it'd be a real fucking shame to see you squander that all away. We'll have to keep an extra eye on you, just in case.

Ayatollah: We? Who's "we"?!

OMJ: Why, we're the ones giving you validation.

OMJ kneels next to the floored Ayatollah, who tries his damnedest to crawl away but to no avail.

OMJ: Now this is not necessarily the answer to all your problems, but hopefully it answers the biggest one on your plate.

Ayatollah: Don't come any closer!

The tips of OMJ's fingers begin to emit a pale blue glow.

OMJ: Now by the power invested into me, unwittingly by the great SBMpire, I now pronounce you this community's newly validated member! You may post on the forum.

OMJ places his hand on Ayatollah's head. Ayatollah feels searing, burning sensation on contact, prompting him to scream in pain as OMJ validates his account for him.

Elsewhere, Abney is seen playing some Mario Kart and looking over a new report that's just been sent in. He pauses his record attempt and sifts through it before getting on the PM.

Abney: I've just received word of a domestic disturbance at The Lofts in NauNonKraSpo.

He receives a response from one of the staff on call.

Trophy: Another one? We're in the middle of locking down another scene. What's the details?

Abney: Looks like it's just one member causing the ruckus, getting on the other occupants' nerves.

Trophy: Can't you get Philip or SBRox on it or something? We've got quite a handful on our plate here.

Abney: No can do, they're both still off the radar at this time. There's no telling when they might be logged back on.

Trophy grumbles under his breath.

Trophy: Alright, I'll head down there and smooth things over. Can't be that bad if it's just one member acting out of line, right?

Abney: It should be pretty manageable.

Abney then notices the number on the report suddenly changing from "1" to "2".

Abney: What the?

Abney double checks the report. He looks closer into the matter through the admin control panel and he notices that a new member has been granted validation without the SBMpire's consent

Abbey: Well, that's alarming.

Trophy: Come again, Ab?

Abney: According to the admin logs, a new member has just been granted validation without any of the admins giving the go-ahead for it. And at the same time, a new member has popped up on the report. I can only surmise that this new member is the validatee in question.

Trophy: I'll head down there right away and update you on the situation as I can.

Abney: No, you stay where you are. I want The Trio handle this report.

Trophy: Abney, look, I can handle it. How much trouble can one newbie be?

Abney: It's not the newb I'm all worried about. It's whoever validated them that's raising red flags for me.

Trophy: I'll need more field experience if I'm ever gonna be promoted to a full time moderator.

Abney: And it's that lack of experience that has me on edge about this. I'm sorry Trophy, but I really feel it's for the best that The Trio handle this one. I don't want to throw a trainee into the thick of it this soon. I hope you under stand my decision.

Trophy: ...Yeah, Abney. I get where you're coming from on this. I'll go brief The Trio for you right away.

Abney: Thank you, Trophy. I'll have something for you next time.

Trophy; Yeah, don't mention it, Ab. Over and out.

Abney logs off and resumes his record breaking Mario Kart performance as Trophy contemplates what to do next.

We return back to the Ayatollah's loft, where the power in the entire loft building suddenly goes out, leaving Ayatollah and OMJ in darkness until the backup servers fire up, illuminating the loft in a dim light. Bright yellow and blue lights can be seen slowly overtaking the streets outside the building. The blaring of sirens and dolphin noises can be heard getting louder and louder with each passing second. Ayatollah is drenched in sweat and is wheezing in pain from the validation process that OMJ just put him through

Ayatollah: W-What is that?!

Ayatollah struggles to get himself back on one knee.

OMJ: Speak of the devils and, and they shall come. 

Ayatollah: What are you talking about?!

OMJ: I already gave you that exposition.

The sound of doors being busted down can be heard repeatedly outside Ayatollah's loft.

OMJ: Now, what I'm about to do is gonna look like a real dick move, but it's a dick move that's completely necessary to keep this thing moving along. This is where we must part ways.

Ayatollah: What? You can't just up and leave me like this!

Ayatollah cries out, tripping up as he struggles to get his footing.

OMJ: It's like what I also said, everybody is always trying to find a way to bone you. One way or another.

And with a snide wiggle of his eyebrow, OMJ vanishes from the scene right as the door to Ayatollah's loft gets busted open.



Grubby: OR

Aya: TO

Cha: BE


Aya, Cha & Grubby: Trio.

Narrator: To be continued, next time on Post Fiction V12!


Notes & Trivia

First appearances of Alex SquarePants, Cha, Aya, Grubby and Abney

NauNonKraSpo is combined/shortened version of the Nautical Nonsense, Krabby Land and Sportz sections of SBM

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