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Some Deep Poems I Made (SBM Repost)

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Yes, this is an SBM Repost, aka I made this on SBM first, and copied it here.  Enjoy.

Hey guys, I just recently got into poetry, and decided to make some deep ones, because I love writing, especially when I'm talking about something, but with almost no mention, just metaphors, similes, and other things.  Here's my two, with meaning.  Both mention lies.
When a man hides his truth, he murders part of the world,
the pitiless screams that men miscall life, 
of which I can bear no longer, 
the soft feeling of love and warmth, the harsh feeling of reject and death now feel as though they are one, 
Kingdom of Salvation, may you take me home.
Yes, this inspired by To Live is To Die by Metallica, just kinda rewritten by me.
What this poem means is that when a man lies about his life, he slowly ruins the world around him.  For awhile, everything is the same to him, right and wrong, good and bad, and of course, truth and lies.  The Kingdom part is saying that we must protect ourselves from this wrongdoing.
Now the next one.
The pledge we make, to the dark unknown,
is only securing our seat to disaster.
Come one, come all, to the tradegies we make,
To the downfall of our sake.
The failure we make, collecting lies and reproducing them as truth, only weakens our bond.
To this, I say we are not ourselves, we are something else.
Oh man. Deep af.
This is about how everybody mainstream nowadays is trying to be what we've already saw.  When they're a teen/in 20s, they say they need/want to be exactly like this person, aka making a pledge to secure their seat to disaster.  Come one, come all means when someone popular does something, the others also do it.  When the popular one makes a tragedy, the others make one as well.  The downfall of our sake means we have lost interest in finding something, or being something different.  The failure we make, lies and truth bond blah blah blah means that when someone you want to be says something, and you collect that which could be a giant lie, we reproduce it as truth.  When someone finds out it's a lie, it weakens the bond between them and the others that hear it.  I say we are not ourselves we are something else because, those people aren't their own self, they're copies of others.
the end

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Another one I made.  No meaning because I decided it's kind of better if finding the meaning for yourself.

If we thought, if we might not,
sail through the molecules of time and space,
could we save, would we save,
the others from the paths of evil and beyond?
How I wonder, do I wonder,
If we did, If we wouldn't,
would time change forever,
wouldn't life change for the better?
or due to our mistakes
we are nothing but failure in the shape of a diamond.
we are not shining, we are not flying,
but we swear, we care that we will some day,
someday stop the madness of this outlaw torn.
But time was never on our side,
but how we loved nothing more.
The things we hate, are things we love, after all.

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