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(insert obnoxious pokemon go song joke here)

Yes, you're not deaf, I am back in action. So anyway, camp was a big bust and I'll tell you all about that in a different topic.

Okay, let's get down to these updates.

1. I might not be on as long and frequently as I used to, because my mom started this terrible "3-hour limit" thing where the maximum you can have for 1 thing is an hour.

2. There might not be as many episodes of The SBC Show for the same reason as number one.

3. So you know those webisodes I planned to release? I actually can't, because doing it would be wasting the time I have on the "3 hour limit".

4. I'll mix up Season 2 episodes of the show and make a new one as soon as I start it back up: "Camp Catastrophes".

So that's my return. I'm also gonna change my profile picture and name to something...weird. So yeah. See ya soon.

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