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I actually make "Music".

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So, I've independently "Released" some...Mixtapes? EPs? Mixtape EPs?   Anyway, I have two of them so far, and is thinking about making a third. If these were counted as Music, (Which is stretching it considerably) it would probably be labeled under Music Art or something. Oh yeah, and I release it as "Bayne Trevor, Joel, and Rusty Ralston." Because I like those names, apparently.

Anyway, Here's the First One, It is called: "No Nazis and Commies Allowed".


Listen here

I don't know why I made the cover Massachusetts, other than it was the most American state I could think of, also because I want to go there. Thanks 'GBH. And The Furries over there. AND SPEAKING OF FURRIES:

The second one is Respeccc the Thighs. Yes the spelling is intentional.


Listen Here

Yes, those are fake Digitigrade legs you're looking at. The Weird thing about this image is that the dude in the pic, (Whose twitter handle is in the album cover. Don't tell him, otherwise he'll beat me up..) is actually from Massachusetts. Some would say I'm stalking him, I just call it a coincidence.

What to you think of these...things?

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