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Future Shock

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Future Shock


Chapter 1: Photographic Memories


One beautiful morning in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob was in front of his pineapple house with Patrick, Sandy, and Gary. He was playing with the new camera he got for his birthday.

“Okay, smile!” SpongeBob said before he took Patrick, Sandy, and Gary’s picture.

The camera flashed, and SpongeBob laughed cheerfully while stating, “These will be the memories we’ll remember years from now.”

“How many?” Patrick curiously asked.

“I don’t know, ten? Twenty?”

“Oh…we’ll be old.” Patrick realized, looking a bit shocked.

But SpongeBob put his comforting hand on Patrick’s shoulder. “Yes, we will. But we’ll always be together forever.” He responded with a warm smile.

“Ya darn tootin’ we will. Sandy added, smiling as well. “Hey, I gotta go home and get to work on my machine.”

When Sandy was about to leave, SpongeBob called out, “Wait, Sandy! Can’t we take just one more picture?”

“Okay, sure.” Sandy responded with a shrug as she walked back to her friends.

Before he took the picture, he looked around and saw his neighbor, Squidward, walking to work. Before he could get very far, SpongeBob yelled out, “Hey Squidward, come be in the picture with us!”

“No.” He answered back bitterly before continuing onward.

“Aw, come on, Squidward, don’t be a party pooper!” Sandy urged, trying to get him to join in.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun!” SpongeBob agreed as well, jumping up and down.

Patrick joined in trying to convince Squidward, “It’ll help us remember you in ten or twenty years!”

With a growl of annoyance, Squidward finally gave in and reluctantly responded, “Fine.”

He walked over to the group and stood next to Patrick, Sandy, and Gary. SpongeBob was adjusting the camera on the tripod to autotimer. When the clock started to count, SpongeBob ran over and stood in the middle of the group. Everyone except Squidward said “cheese” and smiled brightly until the camera flashed as it took their picture.

Afterwards, Sandy got ready to leave as she said, “Well, gotta go. Bye y’all.”

“Goodbye, Sandy!” SpongeBob and Patrick said as they waved good bye.

“Well, I’m leaving before we make anymore ‘precious memories’.” Squidward said with a frown as he walked away.

SpongeBob waved goodbye and called out, “Okay, Squidward, see ya at work!” But then, SpongeBob slapped his forehead as he remembered, “Work? Oh no, I almost forgot. Today’s the day of the ‘Two-For-One Patty Special’, a special day where you can buy an extra patty for a dollar more.”

“Didn’t something happen last time?” Patrick asked.

Right when he was about to take a step, SpongeBob froze as he got a shocked look on his face, remembering the terrible thing that happened on that day, but he shook it off and laughed nervously. “Let’s not talk about that.”

“Talk about what?” Patrick asked, looking clueless.

“See ya later!” SpongeBob called before he left for his job at the Krusty Krab.

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Chapter 2: Two-for-One Disaster


While SpongeBob was walking to work with a positive smile on his face, he stopped and looked on the ground to see Plankton unknowingly walking toward him. If the sponge hadn’t spotted him first, he may have stepped on him like he always did. SpongeBob decided to get his attention first, “Hi Plankton, are you on your way over to the ‘Two-For-One Patty Special’?”

“No, I am not!” Plankton yelled to SpongeBob in an angry voice, “Can’t you see I’m trying to rule the world?”

Seeing nothing unusual about Plankton’s megalomaniac behavior, SpongeBob simply waved, “Okay, bye.” he cheerfully replied before beginning to walk away.

“Wait!” Plankton called, causing SpongeBob to stop and turn back to Plankton. “Why don’t we have a talk?”

“What would we talk about?” SpongeBob asked curiously, never pegging Plankton as someone he would have a friendly conversation with.

Plankton spoke in his most casual voice, “Oh, you know…life, the weather, your job.”

Having always loved to talk about the Krusty Krab and his job there, SpongeBob smiled and answered, “Sure. I’m always frycooking there, cleaning the tables, scrubbing the toilets, oh, and you know, this one time, Squidward was…”

Before he could rattle on any further, Plankton interrupted, “Okay, okay,” he put on a fake smile and continued; “Now hypothetically, what would you do if you were fired from your job at the Krusty Krab?”

“Uh, I don’t know.” SpongeBob answered with a shrug, unsure about the question since he could never see himself being fired from the job he was so good at.

“Let’s say it happened. What job would you take next?”

SpongeBob shrugged in response, not even having an answer since he still couldn’t comprehend how he could lose his job as a Krusty Krab employee.

Still smiling generously, Plankton offered, “Well, if you are fired someday, you can always take a job at the Chum Bucket.”

SpongeBob now seemed a little surprised, “The Chum Bucket?” he questioned in shock, knowing how awful the Chum Bucket is, especially with Plankton running it. But quickly shook it off and smiled, “But, I’ll always work at the Krusty Krab.”

“Well, if you happen to change your mind, I’m just a phone call away.”

“Pfft, like that will ever happen.” SpongeBob scoffed, “I gotta get going. Today’s the ‘Two-For-One Patty Special’, and this time is gonna be great!” SpongeBob took off to the Krusty Krab, enthusiastically.

“Not unless ‘it’ happens again, you overly enthusiastic boob.” Plankton said to himself with a smirk, and then walked off, laughing evilly.


At the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob burst through the front doors with a large grin. “I’m here!” SpongeBob enthusiastically called out to everyone inside. “Am I too late for the Two-For-One Patty Special? Ha ah ah ah ah!”

Everyone’s eyes widened in horror as they watched SpongeBob stroll into the kitchen.

“Not again.” A customer said dully.

Mr. Krabs went into the kitchen after SpongeBob, who was getting ready to start cooking.

“Okay lad, I don’t want any repeat performances of what happened last year, you got it?” Mr. Krabs sternly told SpongeBob. “It may be a grand occasion, but don’t let it go to your head.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Krabs. I have a good feeling about this time.” SpongeBob said confidently.

“It better be…or else.” Mr. Krabs threatened with a glare before he left.

“I need four krabby patties.” Squidward called from the kitchen window, giving SpongeBob the order.

“First order of the ‘Two-For-One Patty Special’ comin’ up!” SpongeBob yelled out as he placed four raw krabby patties on the grill.

They were sizzling very slowly, and SpongeBob waited, and waited, and waited.

“Hmm,” SpongeBob thought out loud to himself as he stared at the cooking patties. “Maybe so the customer doesn’t have to wait for their ‘Two-For-One’ patty, I can put more on the grill for the next customer.”

SpongeBob was about to put four more krabby patties on the grill, but grabbed his wrist with his other hand to stop himself. “No…I promised I would have more self-control this time. Can’t…ruin it…again.”

But what he didn’t notice, Plankton was hiding under a crack in the door as he watched SpongeBob cook and trying to hold back his excitement. “Oh, come on.” Plankton said quietly, “He has to ruin the Two-for-Whatever it’s called again, but if he won’t do it, I’ll just have to help him.” He cleared his throat, preparing to set his plan into motion.

As SpongeBob waited for the first couple patties to cook, a voice from outside the kitchen yelled out, “What’s taking so long? I thought this was two-for-one!”

“That frycook isn’t as fast as I thought he was!”

“Maybe they should hire someone who knows the meaning of two-for-one!”

Believing those were the customers’ complaints, SpongeBob decided to go back on his word of not overdoing it.

“So they want two-for-one, huh?” SpongeBob put four more patties on the grill. “Now that’s more like it.” He smiled in satisfaction until he got another thoughtful look. “Hmm, but it wouldn’t be fair to the next customer after that.”

He put ten more patties on the grill, despite the overcrowding he was doing. “I might as well put more while I’m at it.”

He kept putting patty after patty on the grill until there was a mountain of raw krabby patties on the small grill. “That sure is gonna take a long time to cook, maybe if I turn up the heat a little bit…”

SpongeBob turned up the heat one more degree which then caused it to suddenly explode in patties. The inside of the entire Krusty Krab was covered in raw krabby patties, from the customers to Squidward. In the kitchen, SpongeBob was buried in a pile of raw krabby patties with only his two eyes visible. “Oops” He said, knowing he was in big trouble.

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Chapter 3: SpongeBob, You’re Fired


Later that day, SpongeBob was being scolded by Mr. Krabs for the mess that he caused inside the Krusty Krab with his foolishness. “You ruined the ‘Two-For-One Patty Special’…again!” Mr. Krabs reprimanded in an angry tone.

“Uh…it was much better than last year.” SpongeBob said with a nervous grin, trying to make the situation sound better. “And this time, the restaurant didn’t explode.”

But Mr. Krabs continued, “I warned ya not to go overboard this time, and now I must do this.”

“Do what?” SpongeBob asked, curious as to what chore he would be doing among his other Krusty Krab duties.

“SpongeBob…you’re fired.”

SpongeBob was shocked by these words, but not as much as Squidward. “Please tell me this isn’t a joke.” He said in disbelief, looking up from his magazine.

“A joke?” SpongeBob questioned until he started laughing.

“Oh, Mr. Krabs…you are such a kidder.” SpongeBob said as he kept laughing. “It almost sounded like you were…

“…Really firing you.” Mr. Krabs finished with a glare.

Still in shock, SpongeBob looked like he was gonna cry, having now taken in that what he thought could never happen was indeed happening. “Oh yeah, well…oh yeah, well…well…” SpongeBob couldn’t even finish his comeback since he ran out of the Krusty Krab sobbing. Mr. Krabs and Squidward just stared at the hysterical sponge disappear outside.

“Well, that went well.” Squidward dully said as he continued reading his magazine, though Mr. Krabs did start to show a bit of remorse.


Later that day at the Chum Bucket, Plankton was sitting in a small recliner, relaxing after a tiring day of sabotage. “Well, it’s a good thing I got out of there before things got messy- literally.” He chuckled maliciously, “I was expecting another wave of ketchup, but that was even better.” With another laugh, he added, “If that doesn’t get him-”

He was suddenly interrupted by the phone ringing. “Yeah, I’m coming.” Plankton said as reluctantly stood up and hopped onto the table where the phone was and answered, “Hello?”

It was SpongeBob. “Uh…Plankton?” he asked in a timid voice.

“Why, SpongeBob,” Plankton asked in fake astonishment. “What a surprise.”

“Um…I was thinking…about your job offering this morning,” SpongeBob replied until he said in a shaky voice, “I-I accept.”

“Wonderful!” Plankton suddenly started laughing evilly. “I knew you’d come running! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“Uh, Plankton?” SpongeBob’s voice started saying, “You’re still on the phone.”

“Oh,” Plankton said in an embarrassed tone before coughing awkwardly. “Well, see you first thing tomorrow.” He responded before hanging up the phone.


Later that day, SpongeBob went to the treedome and told Sandy what happened at the Krusty Krab.

“That’s terrible, SpongeBob.” Sandy responded in a sympathetic voice, “You want me to do anything?”

“No thanks.” SpongeBob replied with a small smile. “I’m gonna look for a new job.”

Even though he knew that lying would worry her, he didn’t yet wanna share that he had already got a job at the Chum Bucket. Not only was he a bit embarrassed to admit it, but he didn’t wanna get anyone’s hopes up by messing up at that one too.

To lighten the mood, Sandy decided to share with her friend a secret. “But the bright side to all this, you can help me with my new invention.” She pulled a large cloth off an object and revealed a large circular machine that looked like an archway. “How you like it?”

“Wow!” SpongeBob said in astonishment. “What is it?”

“It’s a time machine.” Sandy answered. “It may not look it, but it can take you to the distant future or the long forgotten past.”

“Whoa!” he shouted in amazement as he rushed over to Sandy. “Can we try it out? We can go to the distant past and meet some cowboys, or go to not-so distant past and see how Bikini Bottom was founded, or go to the future and meet our descendants- course, I don’t mean our descendants, I mean more like my kid and your kid, who is…not related to both of us, I mean…”

While a red-faced SpongeBob kept rambling on in an attempt to not make anything awkward, an annoyed Sandy just interrupted him, “Will ya quit yammerin’ on, SpongeBob, and give me a hand?”

SpongeBob snapped out of his daze and replied, “Sure!”

Sandy turned around to a table and looked at a few sheets of paper, “Now it’s still a little wonky, so I’ll need the remote.”

“Got it!” SpongeBob said with a thumbs up as he rushed over to the machine, unknowingly stepping on the remote Sandy was talking about.

He ran over to the front of the portal just as it turned on and it glows brightly, nearly blinding SpongeBob. “Uh, Sandy? Is it supposed to be so bright?”

“No, not-” she turned around and gasped at seeing her machine active and SpongeBob in front of it probably messing it up like he would normally do. “SpongeBob, get away from that thing!”

He tried to follow Sandy’s orders, but when he tried to step away, his foot got caught on a loose plug and he ended up falling backwards and landing inside the portal. “Ahhh!” he screamed as he disappeared into the machine.

Before Sandy could follow him or try to at least get him back, the machine sparked and shut down, leaving any chance of retrieving her buddy hopeless.

“SpongeBob!” Sandy yelled as she stared through the empty arch.


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Chapter 4: Gary, the Talking Snail!?


After falling through Sandy’s time machine, SpongeBob suddenly fell from the ceiling of an old house and tumbled down some wooden stairs until he landed in a box that was full of old junk and dust. “Oh.” He groaned in pain as he sat up from in the box. “Where am I?”

He looked around and saw he was in an old run down house with stacks of cardboard boxes filled with old dirty objects. “Wait,” SpongeBob said to himself as he began to recollect, “I fell through Sandy’s time machine, so that must mean I’m in another timeline. Could I be in the past? Maybe I’m inside a pilgrim’s house.”

He got out of the large box, but began coughing as dust scattered across his face. “Whoever lives here sure doesn’t like to clean.” SpongeBob said in a raspy voice.

Curious, he looked inside the box he was just inside, and picked up an old camera. “Hey, this looks like my camera, but it’s broken.” He tossed the camera aside and kept looking.

But then he heard an unfamiliar voice, “Alone still, with nowhere to go.”

“Hello?” SpongeBob called, but got no response. “Is someone there?”

SpongeBob snuck around the room, and when he poked his head out from behind a box, he saw a snail with a dirty shell and was wearing an electronic collar, staring at a photo on the floor. SpongeBob was quickly able to recognize that the snail was Gary.

“Oh, what I’d give to see those old days again.” A voice said that came from Gary; almost like he was talking, but was not moving his lips.

SpongeBob looked surprised as he hid behind a stack of boxes. He whispered to himself in a stunned quiet voice, “Gary, you can talk.” But after he leaned forward, he ended knocking a tower of boxes down, getting Gary’s attention.

“Ah! Who’s there?” Gary shouted in fright as he turned around.

SpongeBob got up and walked toward the snail. “Oh, hi Gary. It’s me, SpongeBob. Boy, if you’re here, that must mean I’m not in the future. I was worried there for a second.”

Gary looked completely shocked and backed away. “Oh no, no, no, no, no! You can’t be here! I’m just dreaming!”

Gary tried to slither away, but since he was a snail, SpongeBob easily picked him up. “Gary, is there something wrong, pal?” SpongeBob asked in concern. “Now that you’ve mastered the art of language, you can tell me.”

“No! Put me down now!” Gary demanded, his voice sounding angry.

SpongeBob noticed the mechanical device around Gary’s neck that looked like a metal collar with blinking red and green lights. “Hey, maybe this high-tech collar is too tight. Don’t worry, I’ll loosen it.”

“No!” Gary shouted, revealing that his voice was actually coming from the collar. “That collar allows my thoughts to be projected, allowing me to communicate with others.”

SpongeBob laughed in enjoyment as he sat down on the ground with Gary. “Gee, Gare, this is great! Now we can talk for hours and hours.” Then SpongeBob looked on the ground and saw the photo Gary was looking at before. “What’s this?”

“No,” Gary responded, his voice still full of anger, “I could never talk to you again, and put my photo down!”

“It’s the picture we all took this morning.” SpongeBob noticed as he stared at the photo.

Suddenly, Gary’s anger turned into a look of surprise. “This morning?” he questioned to SpongeBob, “Where have you been? Oh, that’s right, I don’t since you went and disappeared without so much as a-” He sarcastically said, now looking angry again.

SpongeBob stood up and said, “Gee, Gary, now that you can talk, you’re a lot crankier. I know what’ll cheer you up, let’s go for a walk.” He held Gary in his arms and started walking toward the front door.

“Walk?” Gary questioned in surprise. “I haven’t been outside in ages, SpongeBob! SpongeBob!”

SpongeBob ignored Gary, and opened the door. But he stopped in shock when he notices the sky of Bikini Bottom an orange red color and the city looking all dirty and smoggy. “Hmm…you’d think Bikini Bottom could keep its city a lot cleaner.” SpongeBob said, a bit concerned, and clearly not noticing any disarray in the ocean.

“‘Cleaner’?” Gary repeated, also confused by SpongeBob’s unawareness of what was occurring. “Now I’m really starting to wonder where you’ve been for the past twenty years.”

SpongeBob’s expression suddenly turned to shock by Gary’s words, “Wait a minute!” he looked straight at the snail. “Did you just say twe-” but then he looked behind him to see that he had been inside his pineapple house this whole time. “Is that really my house? What happened to it?” he asked in sadness and disbelief.

“Look out!” Gary suddenly interrupted him.

SpongeBob turned around and screamed when he saw medium sized bulky robots, holding tridents, approaching him and Gary.

“Oh Neptune, what are those things?” SpongeBob asked Gary in fright.


From the eyes of the robots, they were actually equipped with cameras that were broadcasting video surveillance to an area that was constructed of multiple video screens that showed areas of what was Bikini Bottom. Whoever was watching these videos caught glimpse of the screen that was showing SpongeBob and Gary.

“I don’t believe it.” A deep voice said in surprise, “It can’t be…but how?” the voice then called out, “Apprentice, please report!”

Once a strange figure in black approached from behind, he spoke in a cold sounding voice, “What is it now?”

“Look. Can you believe this?”

“No…” the figure spoke in what sounded like shock, “What is THAT doing here?”

“I have no idea. But you know how much this could jeopardize everything we’ve worked for, right?”

The figure replied in the same cold manner, “Of course I do. I’ll just send orders to Commander S to bring him and anyone who aids him to us. I’m sure he’ll get a big surprise to see what awaits him. I do recall that I used to love surprises.”

The deep voice chuckled sinisterly, “Heh, heh, heh, you’re bad…you, I swear.”


At the old pineapple house, SpongeBob still held Gary while they were surrounded by the intimidating robots. Since SpongeBob didn’t know what to do or what they were, Gary responded, “I’ll explain later, just run.”

SpongeBob ran away with Gary from the old pineapple house. Then from behind the robots came a much larger robot and it spoke in a deep robotic sounding voice, “Orders from the master are to capture that one.”

Following the orders of the one that was clearly the leader of the group, the rest of the robots began to follow SpongeBob without a word.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob was still running from the robots while looking back to see if they were still following him. “I think we lost them…oof.” Since he wasn’t looking where he was going, he bumped into someone and fell backwards onto the ground.

“I’m sorry, I-” He stopped and his eyes glow big and bright after he saw who it was he ran into.

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Chapter 5: Attack of the Creature with Six Tentacles


It was Sandy that the sponge had bumped into, except she was wearing only an air helmet, a white dress with long sleeves, and had two buns on the side of her head. She was sitting on the ground, dazed after bumping into SpongeBob.

SpongeBob continued to stare with big glowing eyes until he snapped out of it. “Oh, uh…” SpongeBob started saying until he laughed nervously and stood up, sticking his hand out to Sandy. “Here, let me help you up.”

As soon as Sandy saw SpongeBob, her eyes widen as if in shock, but grabbed SpongeBob’s hand, allowing him to help her to her feet. 

“Who are you?” She asked cautiously, taking a few steps back.

SpongeBob seemed a little surprised by the fact that his best friend, Sandy, wouldn’t recognize him. “Sandy, it’s me: SpongeBob.” He explained.

“No, you’re not!” Sandy replied in disbelief, crossing her arms.

“Yes, I am.”                                     

Then Gary slithered next to SpongeBob and told him, “Listen, SpongeBob, I can explain.”

“‘SpongeBob’?” Sandy questioned after hearing SpongeBob’s own snail confirm that it was really him. Then her eyes sparkle as she stares at SpongeBob, “Oh, SpongeBob, I can’t believe it’s really you!” without warning, she ran up to him and hugged the sponge tightly in arms. “How did you come back?”

SpongeBob’s face began to turn red, either from behind held by Sandy or by how tight she was hugging him. “Gee, Sandy,” SpongeBob said in a raspy voice, “I didn’t think you’d miss me in the fifteen minutes I was gone- or that you would look so nice.

While Gary sat on SpongeBob’s head watching the two friends embrace, he turned one of his eyestalks to see the strange robots pursuing them. “We need to get somewhere safe!” the snail shouted.

Sandy’s stopped hugging SpongeBob and her eyes widen with an idea. “I got it!” Sandy grabbed SpongeBob’s hand and ran off with him. “Follow me!”

Sandy, SpongeBob, and Gary ran away before the robots could catch up, and they ended up in front of Squidward’s house.

“What are we doing here?” SpongeBob asked, confused by why she brought them here. “I thought we were going to your house.”

“This is my house.” Sandy easily replied.

This earned SpongeBob a surprised look on his face as they went inside. Once they went through the front door, SpongeBob’s eyes widen to see that Squidward’s living room was filled with gadgets, technology and electrical wires across the floor; with not a single painting or artwork to be seen.

Then he suddenly heard Sandy call out, “Squidward, I’m home!”

“Finally!” Squidward called out from another room. When he came down the stairs, SpongeBob first noticed how old he looked since he now had a long white beard and his brown shirt was worn out and a bit tattered. “Sandy, where have you been? I needed some-”

But Squidward stopped as soon as he saw SpongeBob standing behind her. His face suddenly scrunched in anger and hatred. “You…” From behind his backpocket, he took out a small device and pushed a button on it, releasing a pink colored beamsword. He raised it above his head, freaking SpongeBob out when he noticed his intent stare at him. When Squidward swung the weapon down at SpongeBob, the sponge screamed and ran outta the way just in time.

“Squidward, what are you doing?!” SpongeBob cried in a panicking voice.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this!” Squidward yelled as he chased SpongeBob and continued to swing his beamsword at the sponge. But SpongeBob kept running around the room trying to avoid the swings from the furious octopus, ducking behind furniture and crawling around the room, but Squidward was still hot on his tail, slashing everything in sight with intent to kill him.

But as he was running to avoid the octopus, SpongeBob tripped over a wire and fell to the ground. He watched Squidward come closer and closer with his beamsword held above. SpongeBob shook like a leaf and closed his eyes, thinking it was the end for him.

Squidward stood in front of him and said in a cold furious tone, “You have some nerve coming back here after all this time. Now to do what I should’ve done years ago.”

He held his beamsword above his head and swung it at SpongeBob. “No!” Sandy yelled and stepped in the way, causing Squidward to immediately stop.

Squidward got irritated and lowered his beamsword. Sandy, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing?!” Sandy asked, irritated as well. “You were just about to slice SpongeBob like a piece of pecan pie!”

SpongeBob opened his eyes and saw Sandy and Squidward still arguing. While he was glad to be alive, he still wanted to know one thing.

Squidward retorted, “You know what’s been happening, so I’m trying to end this once and for all!”

“And how does killing SpongeBob fix all this?” Sandy demanded to know.

“Well…he, uh…”

But Sandy didn’t give him time to come up with an excuse, “Do you know how long he’s been missin’? Now that he’s finally back, this is what you do?”

Squidward retorted, “I don’t care that he’s been missing! He’s done more to me than you’d ever know!”

“And what does that mean?!”

“Uh, guys?” SpongeBob asked over their arguing.

“WHAT?!” Sandy and Squidward both yelled to SpongeBob after being interrupted from their argument.

“Uh…are you guys married?” SpongeBob asked after seeing them live together and argue like a married couple.

“Married?!” They both asked in surprise.

“We’re not married!” Sandy answered in an offended tone.

“Like I would ever marry her!” Squidward added in the same disgust as his housemate.

SpongeBob wiped his forehead and smiled. “Phew, that’s a relief. It’s just because when Sandy said-”

But Squidward suddenly aimed the tip of his beamsword right in front SpongeBob, causing him to gulp in fear. This caused Sandy to karate chop Squidward’s head.

“What’d y’all think you’re doing?” Sandy asked in anger.

“What does it look like?” Squidward shouted back. “I told you I’m putting an end to this now! You wouldn’t understand!”

Gary slithered up to the octopus. “Squidward, you don’t understand and neither does SpongeBob.”

“Wow,” Squidward sarcastically said to Gary as he put his beamsword away. “Look who’s out of the pineapple now.”

Before they could argue anymore about SpongeBob or whatever matter they were dealing with, they suddenly felt a rumble beneath their feet.

“What’s happening?” SpongeBob asked as he stood up.

Squidward suddenly lowered a high-tech telescope that was sticking out of the ceiling and looked through the lenses. After a while, he darkly announced, “It’s him.”

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Chapter 6: DarkEvil LaserPants


“Who’s him?” SpongeBob asked, wondering who Squidward was referring to after looking to see who was trying to invade the neighborhood.

In response, Squidward took out a remote and pushed a button. This made a screen come down from the ceiling and showed an image from outside. Above the army of robots was a small square guy dressed in a black outfit, a cape, boots, gloves, and mask similar to Darth Vader’s, riding a jet sled.

“DarkEvil LaserPants.” Squidward answered as he glared at the figure on screen.

“Who’s that?” SpongeBob asked, wondering just who this threat is.

Squidward explained, “DarkEvil: The apprentice to Lord Plankton.”

“‘Lord Plankton’?” SpongeBob questioned upon hearing Plankton being referred to by such a title.

“Yes, yes, YES!” Squidward yelled in frustration. “Welcome to Bikini Bottom now, SpongeBob. Plankton is the ruler and conqueror of the town, him and…” he shuddered as he repeated the name of Plankton’s apprentice through gritted teeth, “…DarkEvil LaserPants. He’s done more to this town than Plankton has ever done.”

SpongeBob gulped, fearing the worst of what he was about to be told, “What did he do?” he asked in a small voice.

Sandy started to explain, “He appeared sometime after you got hooked to a fishing line and disappeared.”

SpongeBob looked surprised. “I was hooked?”

“Yeah, Squidward and Mr. Krabs told us that you were messin’ around on them fishin’ hooks again, that you went above and disappeared.” Sandy continued, looking as if she were about to cry, “I was so upset, I thought I’d never see ya again.”

“You can see why we were so surprised to see you.” Gary added. “Though not as surprised as you are to hear about it, it seems.”

But Gary’s sarcasm goes unheeded as Sandy held SpongeBob’s hand as she added, “I never thought there’d be a time when I really needed you, especially after that DarkEvil varmint destroyed my treedome.”

“Your treedome? That’s terrible.” SpongeBob replied, equally sad.

Sandy continued to explain, “And since I had nowhere else to go, Squidward let me live with him.”

“Oh, now I get it,” SpongeBob grew a smile, but it faded quickly when he remembered someone, “But what about Patrick? He would’ve let you stay with him too.”

Squidward, Sandy, and Gary suddenly had sad looks on their faces without even answering SpongeBob’s question. Realizing the circumstances and not even needing a usual hint, SpongeBob gained a look of shock, “You mean?” The three of them nodded in response. “NOOO!!!”

“Things are even worse than that, you little boob.” Squidward began explaining, “Years ago, DarkEvil blasted into my house and destroyed everything I own and everything I created. He even destroyed my clarinet.” he pointed to the corner of the room where a gravestone was, that read, ‘HERE LIES CLARI’. “And now I’m a technical artist.”

SpongeBob wipes the sweat off his forehead and sighs in relief, “Phew, at least that’s good.” But then he pauses before asking, “What’s a technical artist?”

“I make stuff out of machines,” Squidward pointed at all the machines in his house. “Like that collar Gary has that helps him communicate.”

SpongeBob tapped the collar around Gary’s neck and smiled. “Oh, that was nice of you, Squidward.”

“I just got tired of trying to guess what he’s saying.” Squidward dully mentioned before taking a seat in a nearby chair. “I thought if I had no more art supplies, I could at least do something to help with the cause.”

“‘Cause’?” SpongeBob asked, looking excited, “You mean you’re all part of a band of rebels fighting to beat Plankton and that DarkEvil guy and win back Bikini Bottom?”

Squidward scoffed, “What are you crazy? No idiot would ever go up against him and Plankton. The only cause around here is the ‘every man must do what they can to survive their reign of terror cause’. I’ve been doing what I can to live for the past twenty years.”

“Twenty years?” SpongeBob questioned before gaining a depressed look, “Oh, Gary was right. Sandy’s machine really did send me into the future.”

Gary smiled as he realized, “I knew it. You are from the past. That’s why you’re completely oblivious to everything that’s been going on.”

Sandy smiled as well. “And you came from my old time machine?”

“That’s right.” SpongeBob answered proudly, “Though I was sorta expecting I would end up in a future with flying boatmobiles and robot servants.”

“So you’re really from the past, huh?” Squidward realized until he smiled slyly and rubbed his tentacles together. “This is perfect!”

“Knock it off, Squidward!” Sandy shouted in annoyance. “Hurting SpongeBob ain’t gonna make that DarkEvil LaserPants disappear!”

Squidward yelled back, “You have no idea how wrong you are!”

SpongeBob covered his ears to drown out their arguing until Gary shouted, “Guys, I think we’re in trouble.”

They stop shouting and look at the screen and see the larger one of the robots go up in front of the army that was heading toward the house.

“It’s those robots I saw before.” SpongeBob noticed until he sees the one particularly larger robot leading them all. “Who is that?” he asked, pointing at the large robot.

“That’s Commander S.” Squidward answered, “Leader of the PlankEvil robot army- a robot army built by Plankton and DarkEvil to keep Bikini Bottom under their control.”

Commander S started to speak in a deep voice, “Find the sponge, and bring him to Lord Plankton, and destroy this house!”

Everyone started to panic as they screamed.

“Oh no, it’s happening again!” Squidward shouted, recalling the last time his house was nearly destroyed.

“I don’t wanna go with them!” SpongeBob shouted as he cried at the thought of having to go with some strange tyrant from the future.

“I knew I should’ve stayed in the pineapple!” Gary shouted from his collar right before hiding inside his shell.

“What are we gonna do, Sandy?” SpongeBob asked, but did not hear a response. “Sandy?” He looked around, but saw that Sandy was no longer present.

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Chapter 7: Sandy vs. DarkEvil


After SpongeBob, Squidward, and Gary panicked at the thought of being taken prisoner, Sandy was already outside Squidward’s house, striking a karate pose, ready to fight the PlankEvil robots.

“I ain’t goin’ down without a fight!” Sandy yelled in determination at the robots.

“Get rid of her.” Commander S commanded the PlankEvil robots.

The robots went toward her with their tridents held up, but Sandy jumped in the air and landed a karate kick on one of the robots, knocking it down. She followed up by punching one robot on each side and karate chopped another in front of her, and then back punched a robot that was behind her.

From the safety of inside the house, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Gary watched everything on the screen.

“Wow! Even in twenty years, Sandy’s still great at karate.” SpongeBob said, impressed.

“This goes against every law Lord Plankton made.” Squidward groaned, shaking his head nervously.

When Sandy beat all the robots that were now lying on the ground, only Commander S was left.

“Now it’s your turn!” Sandy said, pointing to Commander S.

When Sandy ran forward to attack the lead robot, she was knocked on the ground by a swooping karate kick. She got up and turned around to see who it was that attacked, but to her and the others’ surprise, there stood DarkEvil LaserPants.

“Well, I see we have a resistance after all.” DarkEvil said coldly. “I guess Plankton was right to be suspicious.”

Seeing the evil overlord, Sandy growled in fury, “This time I’m gonna stop you for good.” She said with gritted teeth.

“You’ve been trying for the last twenty years, mammal.” DarkEvil coldly replied, “You’re not still crying about your fresh air dome, are you?”

This comment made Sandy grow furiously and make a karate stance.

“Oh, a karate match? I guess I can use the exercise.” DarkEvil calmly said before making a karate stance as well.

Squidward and SpongeBob hugged in terror, fearful of what was to happen- At least until Squidward realized what he was doing and just tossed SpongeBob aside as he continued watching.

Sandy started by running toward DarkEvil, but he swooped his feet around causing her to trip. But Sandy quickly got back up and gave a karate chop to DarkEvil, which he quickly blocked it.

DarkEvil chuckled in amusement and quipped, “You hit like a girl.”

This made an unimpressed Sandy jump in the air to karate kick, but DarkEvil grabbed her leg and threw her against the side of the house.

“Ooh.” SpongeBob, Squidward, and Gary winced after seeing the pain it looked like DarkEvil inflicted on Sandy.

DarkEvil approached her and stated, “I know you have him in there, and you know who I’m talking about. So you can either hand him over or I’ll just have to end this match early.”

Sandy immediately stood to her feet and furiously responded, “I just got SpongeBob back! I’d never hand him over to you!”

She charged at DarkEvil and threw a punch at him which he blocked with his arms. She then spun a kick at DarkEvil’s side, actually knocking him across the ground. Sandy grinned in satisfaction, but DarkEvil glared through his mask as he stood back up.

“You have no idea who it is you’re trying to protect.” He warned while clenching his fists.

But Sandy yelled, “Get ready to eat fist, DarkVarmint!” she ran forward, trying to deliver another punch to the evildoer.

But DarkEvil took a device out from his belt and jumped in the air, shooting Sandy with a paralyzing beam that made her fall on the ground unconscious. From inside the house, SpongeBob gasped as he saw what happened on screen. “No!” SpongeBob cried out.

While Sandy lied on the ground, DarkEvil stood over her victoriously. “Even you don’t know that one.” DarkEvil then picked up Sandy and threw her on his jet sled before standing on it himself. “This should make the rest of them come out of hiding.” He muttered to himself before making the board hover in the air.

When DarkEvil flew away with Sandy, SpongeBob ran out of the house while screaming, “Sandy!”

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Chapter 8: Rescue Plan


SpongeBob watched helplessly as DarkEvil flies off with Sandy. He fell to his knees and began sobbing while Squidward came up to him.

“I can’t believe Sandy actually lost a karate match. Oh Squidward, what do we do?” SpongeBob asked with tears running down his face.

“I’m going back inside.” Squidward answered with a smile. “I finally got the house all to myself again.”

“But Squidward, we gotta go save Sandy!”

“Are you crazy? Only a fool would go straight to Lord Plankton and DarkEvil’s place.” Squidward retorted before he started walking to his house.

“Well, I have to go.” SpongeBob declared as he stood to his feet, “Sandy’s my friend and probably the only one who can get me back to my own time period; and if that doesn’t work…I guess I’m gonna have to live with you and Sandy.”

Squidward stopped in front of his door with a worried look on his face. If living with Sandy was hard enough, imagine what living with SpongeBob would be like.

“Well, goodbye Squidward.” SpongeBob said as he picked up Gary and started to walk off to rescue his squirrel friend.

“Wait!” Squidward called, making SpongeBob and Gary look back. “I have a hover scooter I’ve been working on that’ll get you there in an instant.”

After hearing this, SpongeBob’s face lit with excitement. “Is it fast?”

Squidward awkwardly answered, “Well, it will be, except it’s not quite done yet.”

“Oh.” SpongeBob replied, looking a bit disappointed, but then his disappointment turns to determination. “Well, then let’s hurry and put this thing together so we can save Sandy!”

“Wait, we can’t-” Squidward tried to explain since he didn’t think it would be possible to put an invention together with SpongeBob’s help. But SpongeBob pulled the bearded octopus into his house, just as eager as ever to build something that would help him save Sandy.

“I’ll help too!” Gary called, following them into the house, but being a snail, the chances were that they would already be done by the time he got inside to assist.


In the new large Chum Bucket that was dark and eerie, the small figure sitting in a chair in front of a lot of monitors that showed some parts of Bikini Bottom, curtesy of his PlankEvil Bots was Plankton was wearing an old brown cloak with a hood covering his face, and.

When DarkEvil walked in, Plankton retained his position and spoke, “I specifically told you who to get and instead you bring the squirrel.”

“It’s all according to plan.” DarkEvil calmly replied. “I know he’ll be coming here to save her and he’ll be unexpected of our trap.”

Plankton was surprised as he turned around to face his apprentice. “That’s…brilliant!” he shouted in an ecstatic voice.

Then he stood up and walked over to DarkEvil in happiness. “I would never have thought of that.” He started tearing up under his hood. “You are the greatest apprentice I always wanted, DarkLaser.”

“It’s ‘DarkEvil’!” DarkEvil corrected angrily.

“Right, ‘DarkEvil’, of course.”

Then Plankton turned around and saw SpongeBob, Squidward, and Gary on screen one of the screens. “You’re right.” Plankton stated as he stared at the monitor. “They should be here soon.”


The sponge, octopus, and snail were riding on a hover scooter that they put together at Squidward’s home. Squidward was driving, SpongeBob was sitting on top of his shoulders, and Gary was on top of SpongeBob’s head.

“This thing is fantastic, Squidward!” SpongeBob shouted over the motor.

“I told you! This thing wasn’t built to hold three people!” Squidward explained angrily, annoyed that he had to drive and support all their weight.

“But this thing will get us there in an instant!” SpongeBob replied, trying to look on the positive side of things.

Gary had a worried look on his face. “My snail sense is tingling.” The sail said cautiously, “We need to be careful.”

“Aw, come on, Gary, what could go wrong?”

After SpongeBob said that, something shot the engine and it blew up sending SpongeBob, Squidward, and Gary flying to the ground. SpongeBob landed face first on the road and slid across the ground, but despite how injured he appeared to be, he managed to get back up. “Squidward? Gary? Is everyone okay?” he asked in concern, but heard the sound of metal and gears behind him.

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Chapter 9: SpongeBob vs Commander S


SpongeBob groaned as he got up after the hard crashing. But once he stood up, he got scared as he saw a large PlankEvil bot in front of him and quickly recognized it.

“You’re C-C-C-C-Commander S.” SpongeBob stuttered as he shook in fear.

“You are all under arrest.” Commander S stated in a deep monotonous voice.

“Under arrest?” Squidward asked in surprise that Plankton or DarkEvil would come after him. But he glanced at SpongeBob and Gary, getting an idea of how to avoid trouble. “It was them, they framed me!” He quickly said, pointing at SpongeBob and Gary.

But SpongeBob mustered up all his courage and went in front of Commander S with his chest puffed out.

“Where’s Sandy?” He demanded to know, placing his hands on his square hips.

But Commander S responded by pointing his trident at SpongeBob.

“SpongeBob!” Gary yelled, fearing for his previous owner’s safety.

However, SpongeBob didn’t care and nonchalantly moved the trident aside before asking, “I said, where’s Sandy?”

Commander S then backed away with the trident once again pointing at SpongeBob.

SpongeBob just laughed in triumph and grinned, “Looks like I scared him off.”

“SpongeBob, the trident…” Squidward tried to tell him.

But before he could give his warning, the trident suddenly glowed bright blue and shot a laser at SpongeBob, pushing him into a Plankton statue that was nearby.

“…The trident shoots lasers.” Squidward finished dully.

SpongeBob was leaning back against the statue, looking bruised and burned. “Thanks for the tip.” He said in a raspy voice before coughing out a puff of smoke.

Commander S turned his head to Squidward and Gary. “You’re next.” He said to them, to which they screamed and ran off, Squidward succeeding more than Gary.

“Hey Commander S!” SpongeBob called out from on top of the statue, turning his attention away from Squidward and Gary. “What’s the ‘S’ stand for? ‘Stupid’?” He laughed and saw Commander S pointing his trident at him, clearly unamused by the sponge’s comment.

“Oops.” SpongeBob muttered, realizing his mistake, and he quickly jumped off the statue before the beam could hit him.

Squidward noticed SpongeBob and shouted, “Hey SpongeBob, catch!” he threw something toward SpongeBob.

SpongeBob failed to catch it in his hands, but he bent down and picked it up. He saw a button and when he pushed it, a pink beamsword came out and SpongeBob was awestruck. “Ooh, pretty.”

“SpongeBob!” Squidward yelled, annoyed by SpongeBob’s lack of concentration.

SpongeBob shook his head and snapped back, “Right.” and used the beamsword to deflect Commander S’s rays. “Wow!” SpongeBob said, impressed by how well the weapon was.

Commander S lunged toward SpongeBob, holding out his trident, and SpongeBob lunged toward Commander S, holding out his beamsword. They clashed their swords together while Squidward and Gary watch from afar. Gary comments, “Are we really depending on SpongeBob to save our lives?”

Squidward simply replies, “I’m just as surprised as you are.”

The sponge and the robot tired pushing each other back with their weapons; Commander S was overpowering SpongeBob as he stated, “My master and Lord Plankton want to see you. I order you to surrender.”

But SpongeBob managed to break free and jumped backwards, responding, “Never! You may have been programmed to work for someone as horrible as Plankton and DarkEvil LaserPants, but I won’t let you stop me from rescuing my dear friend.”

He then quickly swung his beamsword and cut off Commander S’s arm; but being a robot, wires stuck out and sparked.

My arm!” Commander S exclaimed in what sounded like shock.

SpongeBob then jumped up and landed a karate kick in the robot’s face, knocking Commander S down on his back.

Then SpongeBob jumped on top of the robot and started banging on its chest with his fists. “Now…tell me…where’s…Sandy!” he yelled with every bang.

He suddenly heard something and quickly jumped back on the ground. The chest started to open like a hatch and white smoke came from inside. SpongeBob tried fanning it away with his hand until he heard something that sound like coughing. The smoke cleared and inside the robot was…Patrick Star!

Patrick had a long white beard and was wearing a long brown robe. He was still coughing while he sat in the pilot chair of the robot, “So smoky, oh hi Master.” Patrick cheerfully greeted as he waved to SpongeBob.

SpongeBob dropped the beamsword with a look of shock. “Patrick?! It was you all along?”

“Uh…yes.” Patrick simply replied, shrugging.

Squidward and Gary were equally shocked as they watched the scene. “But how? You said he was taken prisoner and never returned.” Gary told Squidward.

“I thought he was.” Squidward honestly replied, “Who knew idiots had potential?”

But SpongeBob couldn’t believe it; his best friend was the one operating the Commander S droid that had been terrorizing Bikini Bottom for years and had been trying to hurt him and all his friends since SpongeBob arrived.

SpongeBob turned his back to the starfish and started crying. “I don’t believe it, Patrick.” SpongeBob said between sobs, “All this time I thought you were…” he continued to cry, but suddenly turned back around and started tugging on Patrick’s robe. “Why, Patrick? Why’d you do it?!”

Patrick was on the verge of tears as he answered, “I did it because…because…because I…I wanted…THIS COOL T-SHIRT!” Patrick opened his robe and revealed a black t-shirt with large red print that read, ‘Be Cool Be Evil’.

SpongeBob stared in shock until he smiled and laughed. “That is a cool shirt.”

SpongeBob continued laughing, which made Patrick laugh along too. Squidward and Gary continued watching from afar as the two best friends made up.

“You have got to be kidding!” Squidward yelled, annoyed by the turn of events.

“I suppose you were wrong.” Gary dully replied to Squidward’s previous comment.

SpongeBob and Patrick hugged and warmly stated, “I’m glad you’re still here in the future, buddy.”

“Me too, Master, me too.” Patrick warmly replied as well.

While SpongeBob didn’t understand why Patrick was referring to him as such, he was just so happy that he still had his best friend by his side, alive and still the same loveable lug underneath the Commander S droid. They walked off, holding each other’s shoulders as SpongeBob led them toward his destination.

Gary slithered after them. “Hey, wait for me!” He called out.

Squidward slowly followed behind with a frown on his face. “I sure wish that was the secret I had been forced to keep.”

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Chapter 10: The Origin of DarkEvil


After defeating Commander S and getting its operator, Patrick Star, back on their side, the group continued walking down the road to find DarkEvil LaserPants and save Sandy. But they quickly learned that due to working alongside Plankton and DarkEvil for so many years, Patrick knew where the evil duo was keeping Sandy, and followed him.

“Patrick, are you sure Sandy’s in the Chum Bucket?” SpongeBob asked.

“I’m pretty sure, Master.” Patrick replied, straightening his posture and saluting.

Though this confused SpongeBob, and he asked, “Why do you keep calling me ‘Master’?”

“Well…” When Patrick was about to explain, Squidward covered his mouth with his hand.

Squidward put on a fake grin as he quickly explained, “Maybe it’s just that twenty years in the Commander S suit really did a number on his psyche.”

Hearing this gave SpongeBob a tearful expression. “Oh, how could DarkEvil do that to ya, buddy? He’s so terrible.” SpongeBob sadly said until he got an angry look, “As soon as I find him, I’d like to…”

But he lost his trail of thought when he spotted a familiar-looking sight. It was SpongeBob’s favorite place in the sea, and his former work place, the Krusty Krab. But unlike the way he last saw it, the building was old and decrepit.

“Hey look, it’s the Krusty Krab!” SpongeBob pointed excitedly. “Let’s go in!” SpongeBob couldn’t contain his excitement and immediately ran toward the Krusty Krab.

“SpongeBob, wait!” Squidward called out, but it was too late. “Oh, why does this have to happen?” he groaned in worry, holding the sides of his face.

Gary’s face also had a look of dread. “He may not like what he’s about to see.”

SpongeBob opened the creaky front doors, and saw that inside the Krusty Krab, it was dirty, dusty, and cobwebs were everywhere with some of the table and chairs knocked over.

“Hello? Anybody in here?” SpongeBob called out, hoping there was somebody on duty. “Hello?”

But despite SpongeBob’s optimism, it was obvious that the place looked like it hadn’t had business in years. “Where did all the love go?” SpongeBob asked sadly since he always knew that despite conditions, Mr. Krabs always kept the place running just to make a quick buck, but there wasn’t even a sign of the greedy crab anywhere.

Just then, Squidward, Gary, and Patrick came inside and met up with SpongeBob. “There you are, SpongeBob.” Squidward started scolding. “I tried to tell you not to-”

“Who’s there?” An old raspy voice called out.

“Oh no.” Squidward muttered as he ducked behind SpongeBob.

When the figure came out from inside the manager’s office, SpongeBob screamed, Gary screamed, and Patrick said a disgusted, “Ew.”

It was a very old Mr. Krabs, who had a really long beard, torn dirty clothes, and a walking cane.

“What’re ye doin’ here? This place is closed.” Mr. Krabs angrily informed. But then, he noticed that among the visitors was Squidward. “Mr. Squidward, what in blazes has caused you to bring all these…?” Mr. Krabs trailed off when he noticed SpongeBob standing there with his usual goofy grin. Though, after just seeing the sponge, he got an enraged look on his face. “You…”

“Mr. Krabs, I can explain.” Squidward said after seeing how furious he was at the innocent sponge, similar to how he was the first time he saw SpongeBob.

“Hey, Mr. Krabs.” SpongeBob greeted happily as he approached the angry Mr. Krabs. “Wow, you’re old and you smell like it too, ha ah ah ah ah!”

Then without warning, Mr. Krabs suddenly started whacking SpongeBob on the head with his cane. “How dare ye come back after all this time!” he yelled in anger.

SpongeBob held onto his head aching head as he stared at the crab in hurt and confusion. “What are you talking about, Mr. Krabs?”

But Mr. Krabs continued to whack SpongeBob with his cane. “Back to ruin me life again eh, traitor?!” he asked in an almost snarling voice.

“Traitor?” SpongeBob wondered as he got hit once more.

“Wait, Mr. Krabs.” Squidward warned, and then began to whisper something into Mr. Krabs’ ear.

Suddenly, Mr. Krabs’s anger disappears into a look of shock, “You mean…” he asked in disbelief.

Squidward nodded sadly in response, and Mr. Krabs sighed before turning to SpongeBob, who recoiled in fear out of Mr. Krabs caning him once again. But instead spoke in a solemn voice, “Listen boy, there’s something you should know. Something you should all know.”


Meanwhile, Sandy was sitting in the prison chamber that was all white and had one single bed attached to the wall. From outside the door, Plankton came on the window that had metal bars attached.

“Why, Sandy, long time no see.” Plankton sadistically greeted, taking off his hood and revealing a long white beard he had.

“What’re y’all gonna do with me!” an angry Sandy demanded to know.

While grinning, Plankton answered, “Oh, don’t worry. You’re just here until SpongeBob decides to join us…AGAIN!” he followed up with an evil laugh.

“What’re you talkin’ about?” Sandy asked, confused by what he was implying about her long lost friend.

“What? You mean you don’t know?” Plankton asked in fake surprise, “Well, just because I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you in on a secret.”


At the same time, everyone gathered at a single table as Mr. Krabs talked to everyone at the Krusty Krab.

“It all started twenty years ago. The day I fired ya was the last time I saw ya after a while. Those who claimed they saw ya could swear they saw you go into the Chum Bucket.”


“Yeah. After that fool, Krabs, fired him thanks in part to yours truly, he came to me looking for a job.” Plankton explained. “Then I thought it was time for a little re-educating.”


Then Mr. Krabs sadly continued, “The day you went into the Chum Bucket, you were never the same.”

“What do you mean, Mr. Krabs?” SpongeBob asked nervously, wondering how he could’ve changed just from working for Plankton.

“You would always take charge, push everyone around, and get angry over the littlest of things.”


“Wasn’t it great?” Plankton asked to Sandy with a smile.


“At first we thought it was minimal, and we thought you were going through some phase that’ll blow off in about a week. But it wasn’t.”

SpongeBob gulped in fear of what was to come. “What was it?”


“SpongeBob was progressing better than I could’ve imagined.” Plankton explained with an excited grin.

“And how was that?” Sandy asked skeptically.


“There was that time you slam my front door in my face!” Squidward told SpongeBob angrily in his face.

“You bossed me around all those times.” Patrick added in displeasure.

“You threw me outside in the cold!” Gary mentioned angrily.


Sandy then remembered something, “That would explain why he was so hard when we played karate.”


Then SpongeBob’s face suddenly turned pale, especially after Mr. Krabs further explained all the terrible things he did that he wasn’t aware of.

“And then you did the most horrible thing that nothing in all the seven seas will make me forgive…”


Plankton concluded, “I had him steal the krabby patty formula!”

Sandy, Squidward, Patrick, and Gary all gasped at this.


“NO!” SpongeBob shouted in shock and disbelief.

“Yes!” Mr. Krabs was about to hit SpongeBob with his cane again, but didn’t. “When you came to pick up your final paycheck, it was actually a plot to steal me formula…and it worked.”


“It was the greatest plan ever. He came up with it.” Plankton started to cry happily. “I was so proud of him.”


“Then by the time I noticed, it was too late. Costumers were going to the Chum Bucket and the Krusty Krab went out of business.”


“I can’t believe y’all manipulated him to do that.” Sandy said in disappointment to Plankton. “Then you had to go backstab him and hired that DarkEvil feller to ruin our lives.”

“Is that what they said?” Plankton asked with a smirk. “Well, here’s the real truth…”


At the same time, Mr. Krabs told SpongeBob the truth about his fate, “A few days later, you came back into me restaurant. Only this time you had a different outfit on and you went by a different name…‘DarkEvil LaserPants’.”


“‘DarkPants EvilLaser’!” Plankton yelled in triumph, followed by an awkward beat.

“You mean…‘DarkEvil LaserPants’.” Sandy corrected, but couldn’t hide how surprised she was.

“Yeah, sure,” Plankton said in an uncaring voice, but explained excitedly, “But isn’t the outfit great? I ordered it from the back of a catalog. I don’t know where he came up with the name, but…”

Sandy interrupted with a shocked yell, “No, this can’t be true!”


“No, this can’t be true!” SpongeBob yelled as well before calming down and pointing at Squidward, “You said I was hooked.”

“Squidward and I made that up so no one will know it’s you.” Mr. Krabs pointed out. “And it gets even worse, you little traitor. You destroyed the Krusty Krab to what it is now and you kept me alive so I can suffer.” Mr. Krabs said, poking SpongeBob with his cane.


“That was pure genius!” Plankton added after explaining what the sponge did.


“Then you destroyed everything that had meaning to your friends, starting with Squidward.”

Squidward started to cry at this memory. “My clarinet!”

“So that’s why you attacked me.” SpongeBob sadly realized.

He then glanced at Gary, who bitterly said, “I was a bit disheartened when you disappeared all those years ago. But now that I know where you’ve been, all I can say now is that I wish you hadn’t come back.” He then added a cat hiss for good measure.


“He destroyed my treedome.” Sandy recalled in disbelief and shock. “It couldn’t have been him.”

“But it was.” Plankton said, smirking.


“Then you recruited Patrick to join your PlankEvil army, and you and Plankton took over Bikini Bottom.” Mr. Krabs explained.

“So that’s why Patrick kept calling me ‘Master’.” SpongeBob realized.

“We aren’t friends anymore, Master.” Patrick mentioned, crossing his arms and turning his head away from SpongeBob. “You said so.”

SpongeBob had felt like he had just fallen into a bad dream. He had no more friends, was hated by everyone, and his future was bleak. But before he could sulk anymore in his misery, the front doors suddenly exploded.

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Chapter 11: Arrested


Smoke filled the restaurant after the front doors were blasted in an explosion. Everyone inside stood up and covered their faces to shield themselves from debris. When it began to settle down, Mr. Krabs’s face scrunched up in fear. “Oh no, it’s happening again!” Mr. Krabs yelled out.

A bunch of PlankEvil bots came in through the entrance and formed two straight rows. The last to come in and walk between the robots was DarkEvil LaserPants.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the resistance against Lord Plankton.” DarkEvil said coldly,

“We don’t have a resistance.” Squidward protested.

But DarkEvil approached Squidward and taunted, “I’m surprised that you would be leading it, Squidward. I’d thought you’d be holed up inside your fancy home, making more of your mediocre artwork. Oh, that’s right…you switched to being a science-fiction artist!”

After a sinister chuckle from the evil sponge, Squidward gritted his teeth, trying to resist the urge to strangle his former neighbor.

DarkEvil then noticed his old pet snail, Gary, and leaned down to him, “Oh, what a cute little snail. I had almost forgotten I had one these. Of course, what I do remember is that you were never properly trained, Gary.” Gary just snarled quietly as DarkEvil tapped on his electronic collar. “Nice new collar by the way. Does it come with the shocking feature?”

But Gary glared as he said through said collar, “I should have known it was you from the very beginning. You even smell like him.”

“Ooh, looks like you have learned a few new tricks.” DarkEvil carelessly shrugged his shoulders and added, “I should consider myself lucky that the Chum Bucket has a strict “no pets” policy.”

Hiding behind the group was SpongeBob, who was ducking down to remain out of sight with his eyes tightly shut and was covering his ears to drown out the cruel taunting that his future self was giving to his friends.

DarkEvil began pacing back and forth with his hands behind his back, “Anyway, I’m just here for my past self: SpongeBob SquarePants. I’m sure you’re all well aware of who I’m talking about.”

From behind the group, Mr. Krabs and Patrick promptly and quickly tossed SpongeBob out in the open.

“Wha…what’re you doing?” SpongeBob asked while standing up, shocked that two of his best friends would give him up to someone so evil.

“Take him, you traitor. Then get outta me restaurant!” Mr. Krabs fiercely demanded.

DarkEvil laughed mockingly. “Oh, you poor thing; Still thinking you have the Krusty Krab when it’s just a big pile of trash now.”

“How dare you,” Mr. Krabs snapped, looking enraged. “You won’t be getting away with this!”

“I have for the past twenty years.” DarkEvil coldly responded before snapping his fingers. “Arrest them.” Then he looked at Patrick, “And Commander S…”

Patrick stood stiffly and saluted. “Yes, Master?” he responded with a straight face.

“You’re demoted. Meaning you’re now ‘Private S’.”

Hearing his demotion, Patrick started sobbing, and the PlankEvil bots led everyone out of the Krusty Krab. While everyone tried to remain brave in the face of danger, SpongeBob had a depressed look on his face as he followed everyone.


When they arrived at the Chum Bucket, they saw Plankton standing on a small levitating platform. “Well done, DarkTaser.” He congratulated his apprentice.

“‘DarkEvil’.” DarkEvil corrected him, crossing his arms in annoyance.

“And SpongeBob…” Plankton got in front of SpongeBob and spoke to him straight in the face, “How does it feel to get a sneak peek of what lies ahead in your life?”

“Well, I have to admit, it is not very good.” SpongeBob answered tearfully before crying out, “But this is all wrong, I’d never join you!”

“As if you don’t know,” Plankton replied with a smirk. “You already did. Don’t you remember? Twenty years ago, after you lost your last job, you gave me the call…”

Suddenly, SpongeBob remembered calling Plankton on the phone back in the past before he came here to the future. “Yes.” He quietly answered with a guilty face.

Everyone gasped in shock, now knowing that everything Mr. Krabs said was true and that the SpongeBob they knew didn’t exist anymore.

“Ha! You see? And there’s nothing you can do to change it.” Plankton snapped his fingers. “Oh Dark…apprentice!”

“Yes, Lord Plankton?” DarkEvil asked as he stood next to the one-eyed organism.

“Take them to the prison hold.” DarkEvil began to walk the group to the prison hold, and Plankton shouted out, “And make sure to give my future evil doer anything he wants,” after this, SpongeBob was about to speak out and take this offer to help his friends, but his hopes were dashed when Plankton immediately added, “Except being let free of course.” As SpongeBob depressively turned around to follow the others, Plankton took this moment to laugh evilly.


When they reached the prison chamber, DarkEvil opened the door and SpongeBob looked up to see Sandy standing inside. Seeing her unharmed after having been kidnapped, he got his usual excited grin and sparkling eyes.

“Sandy, you’re okay!” SpongeBob immediately ran over to Sandy to hug her, but she reacted with indifference and sidestepped, causing him to run into the wall.

SpongeBob groaned in pain as he stood up. He looked at Sandy in concern and asked, “Sandy, is there something wrong?”

With a frown of disappointment and her arms crossed, Sandy coldly answered, “Oh, I think y’all know what’s wrong.” She turned her back to him and said nothing else.

SpongeBob’s smile disappeared and realized that the only reason she could be so upset with him now is that she had to know his identity as the evil sponge who ruined her life. With no idea of what to say to her, SpongeBob just gave a small, “…Oh…right.” And bowed his head in shame and sadness.

Though he enjoyed the reunion between Sandy and his past self, DarkEvil pushed everyone else into the cell. Despite that they were all essentially prisoners with no chance to escape, SpongeBob managed to put a small smile on his face.

“Hey, at least we’re all together.” SpongeBob said to his friends, trying to look on the bright side, but everyone just walked right past him with scowls on their faces. “Right...Mr. Krabs?” Mr. Krabs stopped and hit SpongeBob on the head with his cane again before walking past him.

SpongeBob rubbed his aching head and said, “Mister DarkEvil sir, can I move to a different cell?”

After getting the request from his past self, DarkEvil responded, “Well, since Lord Plankton said to give you whatever you want, sure.”

Without a word to his friends, SpongeBob quickly walked out and went to the next cell as DarkEvil locked the doors to both cells.

When the group was alone, they had a conversation, “I can’t believe y’all didn’t tell me anything about this!” Sandy angrily shouted at Squidward. “I mean, SpongeBob and DarkEvil are one and the same?!”

“I can’t believe you went and got yourself captured and got me arrested!” Squidward shouted at Sandy in the same manner.

“I can’t believe the prison chamber doesn’t have good food!” Patrick shouted in panic, causing an awkward silence between everyone.

Finally, Squidward spoke in a dull voice, “I can’t believe he made it to the rank of commander.”

“Excuse me, everyone!” Gary intervened. “We shouldn’t be wasting our time blaming each other.”

Their faces drop in guilt as Sandy adds, “He’s right.”

But Gary continued, “When we should spend our time BLAMING SPONGEBOB!”

“Yeah!” Squidward excitedly shouted, lifting his fist in the air.

“Why don’t we just send him back to the past?” Sandy suggested before dropping her voice, “When DarkEvil destroyed my home; I managed to salvage my old time machine, and hid it away so I can fix it up. If’n we use it, we can send SpongeBob back and be rid of him.”

 “No!” Mr. Krabs shouted while pounding his cane on the ground. “If we send the boy back to the past, the same thing’ll happen all over again.”

“Well, what are we supposed to do?” Gary bitterly asked, “Let him destroy our lives all over again?”

“We have to…destroy him.” Mr. Krabs explained in a serious tone, causing everyone’s eyes to widen in surprise.

“Destroy my master?” Patrick asked nervously.

“Aye, if he’s gone, DarkEvil will cease to exist and none of this will ever happen.”

The room fell silent and no one seemed to be thinking of anything else they could do to stop this horrible future since DarkEvil’s past self was here. But in the cell that was right next to them, SpongeBob was listening to everything through the wall. He was shocked and depressed of how much his friends hated him and how he grew up to be such an evil tyrant that had hurt his best friends deeply. He stopped listening and walked over to the other side of the cell and sat on the bench as he fell into his thoughts of everything he had experienced.

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Chapter 12: Awkward Time Together


Late at night, everyone was asleep in the cell where Plankton and DarkEvil were keeping them prisoner. Mr. Krabs was sitting on the bench, Patrick was lying on the floor, Sandy was using Patrick like a pillow, Gary was inside his shell, and Squidward was leaning against the wall. He woke up upon hearing SpongeBob crying loudly through the other side of the wall.

Squidward got annoyed and started banging on the wall to quiet him up. He banged so hard a little secret compartment opened up on the wall, revealing colored wires inside. Squidward stood up and looked inside it.

“Hmm.” Squidward wondered to himself, holding his chin. “If I can rewire these, I can get the door open and we can escape.” He tinkered with the wires in the box and the slide door next to him opened. He laughed in triumph, “They don’t call me a technical artist for nothing.” He said proudly as he walked through and saw SpongeBob on the bench crying.  He quickly realizes that he is now standing in SpongeBob’s cell while the wires on the other side of the wall sparked in the box.

“Who makes a door that connects to another cell?” Squidward asked, irritated. He was about to walk back to his cell, but the door closed in front of him. “Oh no.” He started pounding on the door to open back up, which got SpongeBob’s attention.

“Squidward?” SpongeBob asked, surprised to see him, “What are you doing here?”

Squidward answered in an annoyed tone, “Out of horrible inconvenience, I am now stuck in here with you.”

“Oh.” SpongeBob replied sadly, bowing his head.

“Now scoot over.” Squidward demanded before marching over towards the sponge.

SpongeBob moved to his right on the bench and Squidward took a seat on the far left of the little bench. Then Squidward moved his tentacle across the middle of the bench. “Now that’s your side and this is my side.” He turned his head to the ceiling and crossed his arms before looking away from SpongeBob.

“Okay.” SpongeBob quietly responded as he looked at the floor away from Squidward with his hands on his lap.

After a minute of silence, SpongeBob suddenly said, “This is terrible, Squidward.”

“You’re telling me.” Squidward dully replied, not even looking at SpongeBob, but obviously referring to the fact that he had to share a cell with the one who would become the most dangerous and despised villain in the sea.

But SpongeBob didn’t take the hint and just continued, “This future is horrible. I lost my house, my friends…EVERYTHING!” Then he started sobbing loudly again. Squidward then looked at SpongeBob, now feeling a slight pity for him. “And now you guys want to destroy me.”

Squidward’s frown disappeared and tried to look a sympathetic as he possibly can. “Oh come on, SpongeBob, no we don’t.”

“Yes, you do. I heard you.”

“I mean, not everything is as bad as it seems.”

SpongeBob calmed down a bit as he looked up at Squidward with tears in his eyes, “Really? Like what?”

Squidward scratched his head, trying to think of something positive from this bad future that might cheer up SpongeBob, “Well, there’s…um…uh…no, that’s bad too…um.”

But seeing how long Squidward was taking to answer, SpongeBob understood that there was obviously nothing good that would come out of a future where he would become a horrible villain. It was enough to make SpongeBob start sobbing again. “See? You can’t think of anything good!” he yelled before loudly bawling.

Squidward cringed at SpongeBob’s ear-grating crying, and though there was one thing Squidward could think of that might cheer up SpongeBob, he didn’t really wanna admit it. But with the choice of having to listen to SpongeBob’s crying while stuck in the same cell as him, Squidward finally had enough and shouted the answer to him, “ALRIGHT! YOU!”

SpongeBob suddenly stopped screaming and asked in a quiet voice, “What?”

“The only good thing that came out of this is you.” Squidward quickly confessed, looking a little embarrassed by what he just said.

“What’re you talking about?” SpongeBob asked, looking confused. “I’m supposed to be the bad guy.”

“I don’t mean that. I mean…well, it’s kinda hard to explain.”

“Tell me, tell me.” SpongeBob urged, tugging on Squidward’s shirt, but stopped when he realized he had crossed sides.

Squidward frowned in defeat before explaining, “Well, you see, the past twenty years have been nothing but you and Plankton causing pain and misery where ever you go- more than I’ve ever had. You hadn’t annoyed me at all or have been my neighbor and I still wasn’t happy. But the whole time I spent with you today, it kinda felt like things were returning back to the way it used to be.” Squidward took a sigh before continuing, “It sure was nice to hear your annoying voice instead of the chilling evil way you talk through your mask.”

Despite what sounded like a compliment, SpongeBob remained depressed and simply responded, “No problem.”

“Sure.” Squidward stated the same manner.

There was an awkward silence between the two and they both had their heads turned away from each other. Squidward started tapping his tentacle on his lap, and SpongeBob started whistling a tune for no apparent reason.

Finally the silence was broke when SpongeBob attempted to make conversation, “Uh…nice beard.”

“Thanks.” Squidward dully responded.

“…You finally got some hair.”

“Uh huh.”

They both had another two seconds of silence. Only this time, SpongeBob was the one tapping his lap, and Squidward was whistling. SpongeBob added to the awkwardness by clearing his throat.

“Uhh…nice outfit.” Squidward said, trying to start up a conversation this time.

“Thanks.” SpongeBob dully replied just like Squidward did last time.

“It’s just like I remembered it.”

“Mm hmm.”

Afterwards, they both sigh at the same time, both looking equally miserable. “Listen, SpongeBob,” Squidward said, breaking the silence. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” SpongeBob asked, wiping a leftover tear he had in his eye.

Squidward explained, “You know, when we met and I attacked you when you had no idea what was going on.” Squidward still frowned miserably and laid his head on his tentacles.

SpongeBob softly replied, “It’s okay. You had a good reason. Oh!” he shouts as he remembered something and reached into his pocket, pulling out the beamsword hilt Squidward let him borrow earlier. “Here, it’s yours.” SpongeBob held it out to him.

When Squidward was about to take it, he just closed SpongeBob’s hand back up. “You can keep it. I have another one anyway.”

SpongeBob put it back in his pocket. “Thanks.” he replied, still feeling depressed.

“Don’t mention it.” Squidward said in the same tone as SpongeBob.

They both took another deep sigh, but this time, SpongeBob was the one who broke the silence, “I’m sorry, Squidward.”

“What are you sorry for?” Squidward asked, looking at him in confusion.

“Nothing now. But I will be, and I’ll probably be too evil and cold-blooded to say it. So, I’m saying it now. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to Bikini Bottom, and I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you.”

“Uh…SpongeBob?” Squidward tried to say, but SpongeBob continued in a bold voice.

“And I’m also sorry for everything that happened to Sandy and Gary. I’m especially sorry about everything I did to Patrick, and if Mr. Krabs would let me come near him without having to beat me up. I would say, ‘I’m sorry’.”

Squidward gave a small smile. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.”

SpongeBob smiled as well and they both looked away from each other again. But Squidward smiled again as he added, “You know, there is one good thing that came out of all this.”

“What’s that?” SpongeBob asked curiously.

“I’m Squidward the Technical Artist now. Years ago after you…I mean, DarkEvil LaserPants broke into my house and destroyed my artwork, I found a magazine article and it gave me tips on how I can expand my artistic style. After a bit of self-learning, I can now make anything out of machines, like Gary’s collars, those beamswords, and I can take apart a computer and put it back together new and improved.”

Hearing this made SpongeBob crack a small smile. “Wow, that’s fascinating…Squidward Technical Artist.”

At first SpongeBob sat there silent, but then he let out a little giggle. Squidward stared and saw SpongeBob just sitting there with a blank look on his face, but SpongeBob let out another giggle a bit stronger than the last one. One second later, SpongeBob started giggling harder and longer, and Squidward couldn’t help but laugh along too. Then it all turned into pure laughter.

“Ha, ha, ha! Why are we laughing?!” Squidward asked between laughs.

“Ha ah ah ah! You tell me, Squidward Technical Artist!”

They both continued laughing joyfully as Squidward asked, “Hey, ha, ha! That is…ha, ha, ha, pretty funny! Why didn’t I think of that?!”

“I don’t know!”

They both kept laughing at the joke, until they finally settle down. Squidward gave a relaxed sigh, “I can’t remember the last time I laughed like that.”

“I can’t remember you ever laughing like that at all.” SpongeBob happily said, making Squidward frown, but it quickly went away. “Thanks for cheering me up, buddy.”

“No, I should be thanking you.” Squidward put his arm around SpongeBob as he said, “So uh, thanks…SpongeBob.”

“You’re welcome…Squidward Technical Artist.”

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Chapter 13: Changing the Past


An hour after spending some quality time with Squidward, they both fell asleep on the same prion bench. Squidward leaned against the wall, and SpongeBob leaned against Squidward.

In his sleep, SpongeBob reached into his pocket and felt something inside. He woke up and took out the item, seeing that it was the photo he found earlier in his abandoned house. It was wrinkled from being in his pocket so long, but he was able to recognize it as the photo he took before this whole event started. He stared at him and his friends (except Squidward) smiling in the picture.


SpongeBob laughed cheerfully while stating, “These will be the memories we’ll remember years from now.”

“How many?” Patrick curiously asked.

“I don’t know, ten? Twenty?”

“Oh…we’ll be old.” Patrick realized, looking a bit shocked.

“Yes, we will. But we’ll always be together forever.” He responded with a warm smile.


SpongeBob remembered this conversation like it was yesterday. Well, it was yesterday to him.

“I wish I hadn’t come here.” SpongeBob told himself as he hugged the photo to his chest. “I wanna go back to the past.”

Then SpongeBob’s face suddenly lit up with an idea. He ran up to the wall and started knocking on it as if trying to get it open. It was so loud that it woke up Squidward. He walked up to SpongeBob and grumpily asked, “SpongeBob, what are you doing?”

“I have an idea on how we can stop my future self.” SpongeBob explained.

“That’s great and all, but the door’s locked and there’s no way to open it.”

“But you’re Squidward Technical Artist. Work some of your ‘techi magic’ on the door.” SpongeBob excitedly urged, waving his fingers around like a pixie.

“In case you haven’t notice, there are no wires anywhere. The only one is on the other side of this wall.”

SpongeBob became frustrated, “Aw barnacles.” He cursed before pounding on the wall in frustration and causing the wires sticking out of the box on the other side of the wall to spark and the door to slide open in front of them. “Hey, it’s open!” SpongeBob exclaimed and ran inside. Squidward crossed his arms and frowned before following him, annoyed that he opened it and he himself had to spend the night with SpongeBob.

Hearing the commotion, everyone else started waking up. “SpongeBob?” Sandy asked, a little drowsy.

“What are you doing here?” Gary asked with a frown.

SpongeBob smiled and explained, “I figured out a way to stop me from turning into DarkEvil LaserPants.”

“Does it involve me smacking you upside your head?” Mr. Krabs bitterly asked, swinging his cane.

“Does it involve rope and a picture of a krabby patty?” Patrick asked hopefully.

“Uh…no.” SpongeBob answered, a little confused by their guesses, but turned to the squirrel. “Sandy, you still got your time machine, right?”

“Yeah, I do.” Sandy answered, raising an eyebrow at how he could’ve known and what he could be planning.

But SpongeBob continued explaining, “So if I can go back to the past using your time doohickey, I can prevent all this from happening and the future will be safe.”

“Hmm, that’s actually not a bad idea.” Gary admitted.

“I bet this is a trick, just like last time.” Mr. Krabs said, still suspicious and untrusting of his former employee.

SpongeBob became frightened look as he started to panic, “No, I wouldn’t. I…I…”

“Wait!” Squidward shouted as he stood in front of SpongeBob. “SpongeBob is the only one who could finally put an end to all this and I believe in him.” Everyone stared at him in surprise, but Squidward dully frowned and added, “Yeah, I said it. What about you guys?”

“I do!” Sandy shouted as she stood up.

“I do!” Gary shouted also.

“Uh…I do!” Patrick shouted, and then looked at SpongeBob with a smile, now seeing him as his best friend and not as his overlord. “…SpongeBob.”

SpongeBob put his hand on Patrick’s shoulder happily. “Thanks for not calling me ‘Master’, pal.”

Everyone waited for Mr. Krabs’s answer, but they soon heard footsteps approaching. “Oh no, someone’s coming.” SpongeBob panicked as he bit down on his fingers.

The slide doors opened and everyone glared as DarkEvil LaserPants stood there in the doorway. He leaned back on the wall and stated, “Lord Plankton wants to see you fools.”

They all walked out and DarkEvil led them into the main lab of the Chum Bucket. Two PlankEvil bots each stood next to SpongeBob’s friends to keep them in line, and DarkEvil pushed his past self toward Plankton, who was once again on his tiny floating platform.

“So, how was your night?” Plankton asked with a smirk. “Mine was just perfect. Thinking of the glorious future I have and always will have.”

SpongeBob gritted his teeth in anger until he shouted, “You don’t have a future, Plankton! Now that I know what awaits me, I’ll do whatever I can to make sure it never happens!”

Plankton got in front of SpongeBob’s face and responded, “Oh, I think I will; and DarkLaser’s gonna make sure of that. He’ll slap on a mind control device to your head, you’ll forget everything you experienced, we’ll send you back to the past, and everything will go as it should.”

“What?!” SpongeBob cried after hearing their plan to make sure he turns into DarkEvil LaserPants. “No!”

“Yes! DarkLaser’s a genius.” Plankton gleefully whispered to SpongeBob, and took out a small device that looked like a round implant chip.

But SpongeBob cried again, “NO!”

DarkEvil got behind SpongeBob and restrained his arms while Plankton tried to put the device on.

“‘No’ is right!” Squidward took out a beamsword and sliced the two PlankEvil bots down. Then he aimed his beamsword at Lord Plankton and DarkEvil. “Let the kid go.” He furiously demanded.

A mystified SpongeBob smiled with his eyes twinkling, but Plankton did not seem intimidated. “Oh no,” Plankton sarcastically said. “An old guy with a pink laser sword, what ever will I do?”

But a laser suddenly shot at the platform Plankton was standing on and he fell to the hard ground. SpongeBob took this momentary distraction to quickly run over to his friends.

“Wow Squidward, I didn’t know you were telekinetic.” SpongeBob smiled at Squidward.

“I’m not, that wasn’t me.” Squidward replied.

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Chapter 14: New Betrayal


Plankton was lying on the floor after being mysteriously blown up, but managed to stand back up, yet looking angry. “All right, who did that?” Plankton demanded to know.

But to his surprise, it was DarkEvil LaserPants who stood in front of him, clenching his fists. It all soon became clear to him and everyone what was going on.

“DarkSabor WeaselPants!” Plankton asked in shock and hurt. “Why?”

“I’m no longer taking orders from you!” DarkEvil shouted in anger. “You haven’t remembered my name for twenty years and everything we’ve done together has been concocted by me!” he bent down and swatted Plankton away before adding, “I’m through ruling Bikini Bottom with you, I’m going back to the past and I’m gonna take over Bikini Bottom alone this time!”

The group all watched in shock as DarkEvil turned on the one he had been serving all these years, but the evil sponge wasn’t finished. “And the only one standing in the way of that…is you.” DarkEvil pointed at the confused SpongeBob.

A hint of nervousness took over SpongeBob’s face. “Who? Me?” he asked in a small voice.

DarkEvil began approaching SpongeBob with malicious intent, but SpongeBob backed away in fright until he stepped onto a jet sled that was lying on the ground. He accidentally stepped on a button on the jet sled, and went flying through the ceiling, screaming as he hung onto the sled. DarkEvil grabbed the next jet sled and followed him.

SpongeBob was flying through the sky screaming and holding on for his life. But he looked behind and saw DarkEvil following him, riding the jet sled perfectly as he chased after his inexperienced past self.

“Oh no.” SpongeBob muttered to himself, he looked forward and saw he was gonna crash into the Krusty Krab sign. “OH NO!”

SpongeBob quickly used all his strength to pull the jet sled upward and he managed to miss the sign. Except DarkEvil didn’t have time to dodge and he ended up crashing into the sign, causing it to fall to the ground on top of him.

SpongeBob managed to fly right back in the Chum Bucket, but due to not knowing how to stop, he crashed on the floor face first. His friends rushed over to him in concern.

Sandy picked him up. “SpongeBob! You okay?”

His friends held SpongeBob up as the sponge looked dazed and felt like he was going to faint. “Yeah…never better.” he said in a dazed voice before fainting on the ground.

Squidward quickly picked him back up as SpongeBob regained consciousness. “SpongeBob, you’ve got to get to the past and fix this mess.”

“That’s just what I plan to do.” SpongeBob said heroically.

“My time machine is hidden deep in Jellyfish Fields.” Sandy said, instructing him where to go. She then whispered, “I’ve kept it in a cave all these years so DarkEvil or anyone else would never be able to find it.”

SpongeBob nodded, “Got it!”

“And one more thing!” Mr. Krabs suddenly said in his bitter voice.

SpongeBob looked a bit nervous at what Mr. Krabs was gonna do or say this time. But for the first time since they reunited, Mr. Krabs spoke in a warm calming voice, “Be careful…SpongeBob.”

SpongeBob got a little happy look on his face, but the moment was spoiled when DarkEvil blew another hole in the wall, standing back on his jet sled, wanting to destroy SpongeBob even more.

“Get going! Now!” Gary shouted to SpongeBob.

SpongeBob obeyed and stood on the jet sled, he pushed a button with his foot and the jet sled took off like a rocket, almost leaving SpongeBob behind, but he grabbed it with his hands and held on like last time.

When he left, Plankton had just woken up from his state of shock. He saw DarkEvil getting ready to follow SpongeBob, but the one-eyed overlord quickly ran over to him.

“Wait, I can make it up to you!” Plankton told DarkEvil in a desperate tone. “I’ll write your name on my hand.”

But DarkEvil wasn’t listening or acknowledging him, and the evil sponge took off on his jet sled and flew past Squidward, spinning him around. Once Squidward recovered, he reached for his side pockets. “My beamsword!” Squidward exclaimed, noticing it was now gone.

Plankton coughed from the smoke trail the sled left behind and made one last futile attempt to get on his former apprentice’s good side by shouting, “I’ll put post-its on the walls!”

Once it was clear that DarkEvil was not coming back, Mr. Krabs walked up to Plankton. “Well, Plankton, it looks like you trained your apprentice a little too well.” He said in smug satisfaction, pointing his cane at Plankton.

“And now you have no one to protect you anymore.” Gary pointed out, slithering over to Plankton with a smirk.

Squidward, Sandy, and Patrick walked up to Plankton as well with smug grins on their faces.

“Uh, hey guys,” Plankton nervously greeted with a weak smile. “No hard feelings about the past twenty years, right?” his smile quickly disappears to a look of panic, “Right?”

“I’m gonna enjoy this.” Mr. Krabs said with a smirk, cracking his knuckles before taking what would be retribution for the past twenty years.


Meanwhile, DarkEvil was chasing SpongeBob through the skies of Jellyfish Fields on jet sleds. SpongeBob was screaming in terror as he held onto the jet sled; screaming that DarkEvil was going to kill him or that falling off the jet sled will. Down below, SpongeBob saw a cave that he hoped contained Sandy’s time machine just like she said it would.

“Sandy’s time machine must be there!” SpongeBob smiled, but frowned when he realized he couldn’t get to it. “Oh, how do I land this thing?”

SpongeBob pushed a random button and the jet sled immediately slowed down. He gave a sigh of relief until his eyes widen in realization to what was going on.

DarkEvil, still going fast to chase him, crashed into SpongeBob, and both jet sleds exploded in the sky. Flames and pieces flew everywhere in Jellyfish Fields, raining down onto the ground. SpongeBob was lying face down, scratched but still alive. He groaned in pain and when he lifted his head up. But suddenly, his eyes widen and he was shocked to see the mask of DarkEvil LaserPants lying right in front of him.

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Chapter 15: Back to the Past


After seeing DarkEvil LaserPants’s discarded mask lying on the ground in front of him, SpongeBob stood up and looked ahead to see DarkEvil lying face flat like SpongeBob was a moment ago. When DarkEvil looked up, SpongeBob saw his face for the very first time. It looked a lot like SpongeBob’s, only darker looking. He spoke in his normal spongy voice, but it was a bit deeper. (Note: DarkEvil’s regular voice sounds like SpongeBob did in early Season 1 episodes.) “My mask!” he cried out in panic.

“You look like me.” SpongeBob said in astonishment.

“Of course, fool,” DarkEvil replied with an annoyed frown. “I am you from the future!”

“Aww, I wanted a beard too.” SpongeBob groaned as he looked at the ground in disappointment.

But DarkEvil glared at his past self in anger, “I haven’t removed my mask in twenty years. Do you know what I’m gonna do now?”

SpongeBob grinned nervously and hopefully guessed, “Uh, forget all about this and get a true look at what’s left of Bikini Bottom?”

“NO!” DarkEvil screamed at the top of his voice, “I’m gonna finish what I started.” he suddenly jumped into the air and landed behind SpongeBob, giving him a quick kick in the back, sending SpongeBob into a large rock, and knocking him unconscious. “And you’re the only one standing in the way of that.”

DarkEvil smiled in triumph and walked over to the time machine, turning it on and creating a portal that he walks through.


Back in the past of Bikini Bottom, a time vortex opened up and DarkEvil landed on Conch Street. He looked around and saw Patrick’s rock, Squidward’s island head, and SpongeBob’s pineapple.

“Barnacles,” DarkEvil cursed under his breath. “I landed here near my old house and my old neighborhood. I’d forgotten how colorful it used to be…” a bit of nostalgia seemed to swim through DarkEvil’s eyes, but whatever sentimental effect it might’ve had on him quickly dispersed. “Meh,” he scoffed, “I don’t have time for this junk. Now which way to the Krusty Krab?” he wondered, clearly not remembering how things were back then.

“Hey SpongeBob!” Patrick yelled from afar, and DarkEvil turned to see the starfish running towards him.

“Patrick…” DarkEvil sneered as he narrowed his eyes, “…my former friend.”

Patrick circled DarkEvil as he stared at his outfit, clearly amazed by who he thought was his best friend. “Wow SpongeBob, nice costume. Are we gonna play Space Pirates?”

DarkEvil rolled his eyes and spoke sarcastically, “Yes, Space Pirates.” But then his eyes light up with an idea, and he puts on a friendly grin, “Say…pal, why don’t we talk more on our way to the Krusty Krab?” He said in a voice mirroring his past self while putting his arm around Patrick. “I could really go for a…uh, krabby patty right about now.”

Despite how DarkEvil was struggling to imitate the way he used be when he was younger (and “dumber” in his words), Patrick of course saw nothing strange about this. “You got it, buddy.” He replied, winking and giving a thumb’s up. “So where did you get an outfit like that?”

As Patrick led him to the Krusty Krab, DarkEvil took an exasperated sigh and explained, “It was Plankton’s idea and I was pretty dumb back then…as I’m sure you’d know.”


In the treedome, Sandy was working on her time machine, trying to fix it so she can bring back SpongeBob after he fell through it and disappeared. “I wonder what could’ve happened to SpongeBob.” She wondered, looking very concerned. “He could be anywhere in the time stream.”

Then without warning, the portal suddenly glowed and SpongeBob came flying out as he landed on the grass.

“SpongeBob!” Sandy cried as she ran over to him.

SpongeBob groaned in pain as Sandy helped him up, his vision was blurry at first as he caught glimpse of the squirrel. “Sandy?” Then it became clearer, “Sandy! You’re in your treedome and you’re not as good-looking as you were before!”

“What?!” Sandy shouted, confused.

“Duh- Never mind.” SpongeBob stammered until he spoke in a heroic tone, “Put on your air helmet, Sandy, we’re heading to the Krusty Krab!”

“Why?” Sandy asked, still confused.

“I’ll explain on the way, let’s go!” SpongeBob grabbed Sandy and headed off.


At the Krusty Krab, Squidward was at the front counter, reading his magazine since there were currently no customers to serve; and Mr. Krabs was putting a “Help Wanted” sign on the window.

“Y’ know, Squidward; it’s not gonna be the same without SpongeBob around.” Mr. Krabs sadly stated.

Squidward chuckled in amusement, “Well, it’s just fine with me.”

“I hope he’s not too upset.”

“Oh, get real. It’s not like he’s gonna come bursting through the front door, wearing an evil outfit, swearing vengeance.”

Right on cue, the doors of the Krusty Krab suddenly blew off and there stood DarkEvil LaserPants with an evil grin on his face.

“SpongeBob?” a shocked Mr. Krabs asked, recognized the sponge by his face.

“Very good, Patrick.” DarkEvil told the starfish, who was standing behind him with a stunned look. “I may just re-promote you to the rank of commander.”

Patrick then got an excited grin, “Wow, I’ve never been the commander before, Wahoo!” he cheered as ran into the Krusty Krab.

“And now, Krabs,” DarkEvil continued as he glared at his former boss. “I thought I’d ruin your life a little ahead of schedule. Only this time, I’m gonna destroy you.”

“What?!” Mr. Krabs yelled in shock. “Now hold on a sec, boy…”

DarkEvil slowly approached Mr. Krabs and took out the beamsword he stole from the future Squidward. He swung it at the crab, who ducked out of the way just in time, and he ran behind the front counter with Squidward.

“What’s going on?” Mr. Krabs asked in fright.

“Are you out of your mind, SpongeBob?!” Squidward shouted, equally scared.

“Just taking care of a little business before I take over Bikini Bottom all by myself this time.” DarkEvil answered with a calm smirk. “And I also might as well kill you too, Squidward, then I won’t have to worry about you trying to meddle with my reign this time.”

DarkEvil pulled his beamsword back, and both Mr. Krabs and Squidward screamed in horror as they held each other when the sponge prepared to swing it at them.

“WAIT!” SpongeBob yelled as he entered through the hole in front of the Krusty Krab. Everyone had their attention to him as the good sponge yelled, “Mr. Krabs, watch out! Thats not me! Well, it is me, but WATCH OUT ANYWAY!”

“There’s two of ‘em?” Mr. Krabs asked, confused to see one SpongeBob that was attacking him and another that was doing just the opposite.

“Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse.” Squidward groaned miserably.

Patrick saw SpongeBob and waved happily. “Hey, SpongeBob, it’s SpongeBob!”

DarkEvil turned around with an angered frown when he saw his past self. Sandy was right behind him, staring at the older sponge in shock.

“SpongeBob, you weren’t kiddin’ when you said you grew up to be a no good feller.” She whispered to him.

“I’ll explain everything else later,” he whispered back to her. “Just hide somewhere.”

“He looks dangerous, so I should help you.”

But SpongeBob pushed her aside, “No, Sandy, I’ve seen what he can do to you in a fight. This is something I have to do alone.”

Despite feeling uncertain about it, Sandy obeyed her friend and stood in the corner, watching SpongeBob and DarkEvil face each other with determined looks on their faces.

“You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” DarkEvil asked coldly.

“Whenever my friends need my help, I never quit.” SpongeBob boldly replied.

“Oh, how sweet,” DarkEvil mockingly said, “I’m just gonna have to get rid of that.”

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Chapter 16: SpongeBob Strikes Back


DarkEvil began the fight by running toward SpongeBob, holding the beamsword above his head.

“Oh no.” SpongeBob muttered as he ran behind tables and chairs as DarkEvil kept slicing it all in half to attack SpongeBob. When SpongeBob was out of reach from DarkEvil, he reached his arm toward SpongeBob to reveal a laser was on his wrist. He fired it and SpongeBob ducked outta the way.

“You have a laser?” SpongeBob asked in surprise.

“How do you think I blast doors open?” DarkEvil responded with a shrug before firing at his past self again.

Watching from behind the cash register, Mr. Krabs whispered to Squidward, “Any idea what’s going on here?”

“How should I know?” Squidward whispered back, “My money’s on the guy in black.”

To avoid DarkEvil’s shots, SpongeBob hid behind another table and shook in fear. “What am I gonna do?” He asked himself.

Then Squidward’s voice suddenly rang in his head. ‘Use your gift, SpongeBob.’

SpongeBob dug into his pocket and took out the beamsword hilt that Squidward gave him in the future. He pushed a button, and the beamsword came out. SpongeBob jumped out of his hiding place and deflected DarkEvil’s ray in another direction.

SpongeBob smiled at Squidward and called out, “Thanks, Squidward Technical Artist!”

“Squidward what?” Squidward shouted confused.

DarkEvil fired more lasers at SpongeBob and he deflected them all, unintentionally causing one to nearly hit Mr. Krabs and Squidward, another to hit a bag of popcorn Patrick eating while he watched the fight, and another to nearly hit Sandy as she moved out of the way. During all the chaos, Plankton just happened to walk into the Krusty Krab. “What’s going on…Oof!” One of the lasers SpongeBob deflected hit Plankton, sending him out of the restaurant.

DarkEvil and SpongeBob lunged at each other and started clashing their beamswords together. SpongeBob was walking backwards and fighting off DarkEvil at the same time, and DarkEvil in turn walked towards him, not holding back in the slightest. But SpongeBob was soon boxed into a corner, and DarkEvil began pushing SpongeBob back with his beamsword as SpongeBob held it back with his own.

“I don’t understand. If you destroy me, what’s gonna happen to you?” SpongeBob asked while trying to hold DarkEvil back.

“Fool, don’t you see?” DarkEvil coldly replied to the trapped SpongeBob. “I already have a past, and you don’t yet have a future. Everything I’ve done is already set in stone, so no matter what you do, whether it’s smart or stupid, I will still exist.”

SpongeBob gritted his teeth in fright as DarkEvil’s words and actions started to get the edge over him and his right foot started to slip from underneath him as DarkEvil overpowered him. Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Sandy all watched anxiously, fearing the worst outcome for this fight.

DarkEvil then added, “The only thing I have to do now is get you outta the way, so I can take over Bikini Bottom all over again! And just to make sure nobody gets in my way, I’ll destroy your friends afterwards.”

SpongeBob looked shocked at DarkEvil’s words, but then his fear turned to anger as he shouted, “NO!” and gathered enough strength to send DarkEvil flying onto the window. Mr. Krabs, Sandy, and Squidward all looked awestruck by this sudden turn of events.

“Man, this is getting good.” Patrick said excitedly, now sipping on a drink.

SpongeBob walked to the middle of the restaurant and stated, “Back in the future, I promised my friends that I would stop that horrible future from ever happening, and that means I’ll keep myself from turning into you!” He held his beamsword up and started charging toward DarkEvil.

DarkEvil quickly got up and kicked SpongeBob back to where he started. “You think you have a choice?” DarkEvil asked in frustration. “You’re forgetting what I said before about stones! You’re gonna turn into me no matter what!”

“Never!” SpongeBob retorted as he slid between DarkEvil’s legs.

DarkEvil turned around angrily, but SpongeBob wasn’t behind him. He growled in frustration until he felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned around, he saw SpongeBob jump in the air.

“Even you don’t know this one.” SpongeBob said with a bold smile as he gave a karate kick and sent DarkEvil into the wall, causing a bunch of boxes to fall on top of him. Another box fell on his head knocking him out. Then one more fell, burying him except for his feet sticking out.

SpongeBob stood there proudly and spun his beamsword around. “Don’t mess with SpongeBob SquarePast.”

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Chapter 17: Happy Ending


After the defeat of DarkEvil LaserPants, SpongeBob’s friends came up to him.

“Wow, SpongeBob.” Sandy said in awe. That was SOME stuff that just happened.”

“That was the best game of Space Pirates ever.” Patrick said excitedly, still thinking it was all a game.

“SpongeBob!” Squidward yelled. “What just happened?!”

“I demand an explanation about this, boy!” Mr. Krabs shouted as well.

“Well, you see, I…” When SpongeBob was about to explain, Plankton came inside the restaurant.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Plankton asked. “Who’s the crazy guy in the evil costume?”

SpongeBob snapped his fingers as he remembered what he had to do. “Oh, speaking of evil…” he leaned down to Plankton and shouted, “I quit!”

“What?!” Plankton yelled in surprise.

“What?!” Mr. Krabs and Squidward yelled in surprise, more about the fact that SpongeBob was actually working for Plankton.

“What?” Patrick just asked in a dull voice.

An angry Plankton then yelled, “You can’t quit! You haven’t even started!”

“And I never will!” SpongeBob then kicked Plankton out of the restaurant. “That’s for almost hurting my friends!”

As he flew back to the Chum Bucket, Plankton yelled, “You’ll pay, SpongeBob!” when he landed inside, a loud thud was heard along with a meager, “Ow.”

Though SpongeBob was happy with himself, he saw that his friends weren’t as happy for him.

“You started working for Plankton after I fired you?” Mr. Krabs asked in disappointment.

“And you didn’t stay there?” Squidward asked as well, more disappointed that he didn’t know that SpongeBob was out of his life for good at some point.

“Yes, yes I did.” SpongeBob solemnly spoke, “But that was before my life changing journey that I realized that my friends are more important than having some stupid job. The next time I get a job, it’ll be one that won’t turn me into some evil dictator, and if it does, I’ll stop it all over again.”

When SpongeBob was about to leave, Mr. Krabs called out to him, “Uh…SpongeBob?”

He stopped in place and turned his head back to his former boss, “Yes, Mr. Krabs?” SpongeBob asked in a small voice, his eyes on the verge of tears.

“For doin’ the right thing and saving the Krusty Krab, I herby award you with your job back.”

SpongeBob gasped with a large smile. “Really?” he asked in a squeaky voice.

“Yes,” Mr. Krabs answered with a smiled, “Besides who else is gonna make me as much money as you do?”

SpongeBob jumped for joy. “Yippee!!” Then he ran over to the pile of boxes and saw DarkEvil was gone and so was the beamsword in his pocket, which could only mean that the future wasn’t set in stone like DarkEvil claimed it was. ‘Gee, I wonder if things are back to normal now.’


SpongeBob looked behind him and saw his pet snail. “Gary, you’re not talking!” SpongeBob picked up Gary and started hugging him.

“Meow?” Gary asked, looking concerned.

“I’ve never felt better, buddy.” SpongeBob replied, but soon remembered something, “Patrick!”

SpongeBob dropped Gary and ran toward his best friend. “Patrick, we’re still best friends, right?”

“We sure are, SpongeBob.” Patrick replied with a friendly smile. “Why wouldn’t we be?”

They both hugged as SpongeBob adds, “I think I’ll buy you a cool t-shirt that has a good influential message on it.”

Squidward walked up to them, probably prepared to make some sarcastic comment, but SpongeBob beat him to it with a friendly gesture.

“And Squidward, I’ll hang out with you everyday for the rest of our lives.” SpongeBob walked away, leaving Squidward with a dreaded look on his face.

“Oh, what did I do to deserve this?” He asked himself.

“Hey SpongeBob!” Sandy called. “How about showin’ me that karate move you did to beat that scary lookin’ varmint?”

“Sure thing, Sandy.”

“Uh, SpongeBob.” Mr. Krabs said, pulling SpongeBob away. “You’re actin a bit strange…er. Did something happen?”

“Something did happen, and I can’t wait to tell you about it.”


20 years later…

“And that’s how I saved the future- which is actually now.” said old man SpongeBob, telling his story to everyone at the Krusty Krab.

“SpongeBob!” Squidward shouted in annoyance. “You’ve been telling that same story over and over again for the past twenty years. Give it a rest already!”

“Well…” SpongeBob said, thinking it over.

“I like it.” Patrick said excitedly. “Tell it again!”

Knowing how much his friends did like hearing the story, how could he possibly resist telling it again? “Okay!”

In response, Sandy, Squidward, and Gary groaned in annoyance.

“It all started twenty years ago…” SpongeBob began.

“SpongeBob!” Mr. Krabs yelled as he emerged from his office. “Get cookin’ those patties, the lunch rush is a comin’!” Mr. Krabs went back into his office.

“Sorry, guys. Gotta work.” SpongeBob apologized as he went back into the kitchen, earning a sigh of relief from everyone since he would be too busy working to tell his story once again

But SpongeBob couldn’t deny them of a classic tale. “I’ll just tell the story from in here then!” SpongeBob shouted from inside the kitchen, causing everyone to hold their heads and groan in annoyance again.

“It all started twenty years ago…”


The End

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