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Sponge Rat Sex Mania

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hey all this is my return to spinoffing after a good 6 or 7 years.  the last spinoff i wrote was named futurdrama so read that. twas good. but read this.


It's a calm day in sponge buddy mania land. Everything sits silently in the palm of a hand in which emulates a beach. We are all circlejerking talking about Spongebob and how we love it. I look ssjgogita straight in the face. I love him.

"ssj" I say, tears in my eyes, hand on my deck, "i love you cracker"

ssj looks at me. looks down then looks at me again. "you too you dumb bitch."

we kiss for five hours but it feels like a solid six. after a raucus spongebob roleplay sex session i recede to my room and read some texts about videogames and their influence on modern media. after about a half an hour of reading i made a chart of western videogames vs modern videogames. it was clear. anime was deprevity and what americans were making were plain movies. "fuck it" i said to myself. and i made a bath and dropped a lush bath bomb and quietly counted all the tiles that weird mybe spanish guy installed in my apartment. i was content.


i missed ssj. more than anything, i missed the feeling of being with ssj. thats when i called him and he answered. "hey". i said. shaking to the bone. "we should make this real." 

i could practically hear his muscles shaping into a smile.

"let's go." 

i went over to his house and he fucked every oriface on my body for about 72 hours. after about three weeks settling i was pregnant. my name is spongebob squarepants and this is the birth of spongebuddy mania.



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season finale is the best part where u get the emergency c-section and then ratrick stat from spongerat cheesebob abducts the tumor baby to be the future sex god of underwater world, usa but only to impregnate you yourself and eugene h, crabs . and the cycle of ur fetuses impregnating u continues on for a millennium until sex mania closes its forum doors forever on 8/6/2017.   ?/10


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